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  1. Two more weird things, which my hotseat opponent used against me in the past: 1. in Red Thunder you can set lowest quality settings for a bunker to get it cheaper (doesn't work in Battle for Normandy); 2. in Battle for Normandy sherman firefly vc couldn't destroy german concrete bunker (old tests: 1x bunker vs 3x shermans, less than 200 m - shooting out whole ammo made no efect multiple times); Ad. 2: I didn't tested other shermans and other 75/76 mm allied guns, because we just banned bunkers for our games in CMBN. According to my opponent's tests - the same bunker was vulnerable to smaller caliber allied guns. And of course was vulnerable to bigger guns (german 88 mm in german vs german game). Today tests (less than 200 m): 2x firefly against 1x bunker, 3x typical soldiers inside, 3 tests - 3 times it took about 15 min. to kill them/make them go out; 2x firefly against 1x bunker, full of elite, fanatic, +2 soldiers, 1 test - 1 time literally no effect, end of shermans ammuntion; 2x stuart against 1x bunker, full of elite, fanatic, +2 soldiers, 2 tests - 2 times it took about 5 min. to kill them all/destroy the bunker; So it's still very hard for shermans, too hard in my opinion, what do you think?
  2. 1. Buy: a) infantry with highest quality settings (elite, leadership +2, fantatic, fit); b) expensive tanks (for example king tigers) with lowest quality settings. 2. Disembark tanks crews and hide them somewhere (or use as scouts xD). 3. Divide infantry teams to squads (5 soldiers) and put them on the tanks. 4. After short moment they will go inside the empty tanks. 5. Remember to close hatchets (to hide the new commanders with helmets instead of Schirmmütze - that's how I realized). Result: elite +2 fanatic king tigers for half price. Current opponent units: about two platoons (don't know exactly yet) of elite (he admited it) king tigers, scout units and artillery. My units: 5x SU-85 veteran, 2x 45mm AT gun regular, 2x 57mm AT gun regular, two platoons SMG veteran, 2x ATR regular, foxholes. Map: Angriff. What are my chances? xD Battlefront please do something with it in the next module/patch.
  3. Can't find specialist german flamethrower team in quick battle/scenario editor. There are flamethrowers only as a part of pioneer teams. But Soviets have their separated flamethrowers and in Baranavichy scenario there is one separated german flamethrower attached to straggler group. So am I looking for wrong or is this a bug or that is just as it should be?
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