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  1. Thought I'd preview a few of the weapon skins I'm currently working on. I'm giving them some wear and tear, fixing small inaccuracies here and there, making variations and changing the color tones of the wood stocks, especially on the walnut for the US side. M1: Interesting note - if you look closely you'll see BFC have the safety on on the Garands ; ) M1 Carbine: Vanilla skin had a post war two hole upper hand guard. Changed it to a war time one hole upper hand guard. Can't do much about the rear sight and bayonet lug, which are mainly post war. Tried to alpha out the lug but it just made the whole model disappear. k98: Walnut stock with early "H" milled front band: k98: Beech stock with mid war "speed" milled front band: Planning to do a variation with the stamped front band as well, and you'll also be able to use them together in-game: Comments/Criticisms more than welcome.
  2. How were you able to get so close to it? They always disappear before I can get that close.
  3. Hmm, interesting. Just checked out the bmp write options in Photoshop. The default settings for saving the bmp with an alpha are as follows: Basic Mode File Format: Windows Depth: 32 bit Advanced Mode 16bit: A1 R5 G5 B5 These settings seem to work for the bases at least.
  4. You are adding an alpha channel and not working on a layer or the bmp itself, correct? You shouldn't be seeing white and black backgrounds if you have an attached alpha. Also, I'm not sure how gimp works, but in Photoshop there's an alpha channel check box that needs to be checked in order to keep the alpha with the bmp.
  5. I love Shermans. If we were able to award medals, this crew would be getting them. Hell on wheels indeed. Knocked out M10 These guys took out the panther crew after they bailed. Dead Pumas
  6. Do it I don't think it's possible to have the bases displayed all the time. I'd be willing to bet that the activation/deactivation of the bases is coded into the game. The image files don't contain any information that would tell the program under what circumstances they should be displayed.
  7. You have to edit the alpha channels (these are integral to the file itself). That's where the shapes you see come from. If you're using Photoshop, when you open up one of the base .bmps (for this example I'll reference the green one) look at the Layers palette. There should be a tab that says Channels. Click that, and the very last channel is your alpha. It's a black and white channel. How this works is the the more you go to white the the more opaque the color in the .bmp is. The more you tend to black, the more transparent the color goes. For example, if you open up the alpha channel and paint it all white, you will see an opaque square green base in the game. If you make the whole alpha black there won't be any base. Different shades of gray determine the level of opacity. Shoot, using the alpha channel you can do whatever you want for the base, like so:
  8. Dang nathan, how'd that happen? Couple shots of a panzerschreck round heading towards one of my shermans. It survived the hit but it's 75mm gun was knocked out .
  9. Very cool. Getting 1.5Mbps right now. Can't wait to play it!
  10. @bisu Uh, Steve said CMx2 in that statement. That doesn't mean CMBN only. There's CMSF before it which is a CMx2 game.
  11. There's two: Battlefront Gamers & Combat Mission Battle for Normandy
  12. No screenshot thread yet, so I thought I'd make one. Post what ya got! Here's a few as I'm playing through "Busting the Bocage." That's gonna hurt! I love how you can see the mortar round launch from the tube (Top left edge of image).
  13. Just so you know, the free demo version of Fraps does allow you to record 30 secs of footage at a time. I've used it to grab some short scenes to share with friends.
  14. pg. 167 Should not M1903A1 be M1903A4? The profile is definitely an A4.
  15. I see where you're coming from, but that's what I really like about CMSF; how "today" it is. This stuff is happening now. Look at the front page of the Wall Street Journal online today. The main headline is "U.S. Seeks to Raise Heat on Syria." Yeah, it's a hypothetical conflict in the game, but one that is turning out could be very real. The precedent to intervene militarily for "humanitarian" reasons was set in Libya. Who's to say this couldn't extend to Syria next? Just to clarify, I'm not trying to get political. I'm just merely pointing out that even though CMSF is a hypothetical setting, it's not really that pie in the sky.
  16. Thanks for the vid! I have a question though. Can we turn off the hit texts when a tank is hit?
  17. He means that if you get the 1 additional activation per year, but don't use it, can you save them up? I'm not a fan of this new scheme since you are basically telling us how we can use our machines. It shouldn't matter if we want to reformat our hard drives 20 times a year or do major upgrades 6 times a year. Frankly, it's really none of your business, but with a system like this you make it yours. And yes, several of EA's games have featured de-activations. activate.ea.com/deauthorize I'd like to urge you to rethink your position on this.
  18. Tanks for the AAR! Very well done, and the discussion was really educational as well. Learned a lot between this and the German armor thread!
  19. I first heard about the CM series in the late 2000s/early 2001s on various online forums, I think SimHQ mainly, but pretty much dismissed it since it was turnbased and I prefer realtime. When CMSF was announced with realtime play I started following the development of it. In early 2007 I decided to try the old CM series to see what it was like, so I downloaded the CMAK demo. I thought that the game was ok, but WEGO turned me off since it felt cumbersome and made the scenario last a whole lot longer than it should have, e.g. a 30 minute scenario could take a couple hours. When the CMSF demo came out, I downloaded that as well, but was bummed to find out my computer at the time couldn't run it at all. In late 2008, I built a new system and promptly downloaded the CMSF demo only to find out performance, for whatever reason, was horrible. Bummed out again. When the NATO version of the demo came out, I decided to give it one more go. It ran flawlessly, and I had an immensely fun time playing it. A couple weeks ago I finally bought the whole CMSF suite along with pre-ordering CMBN. I'm starting to dig into the game and am continually amazed by it. And yes, I tried WEGO again. It has sort of grown on me. It sure makes handling large forces easier, and I like the replay ability. Definitely looking forward to CMBN and future titles.
  20. My only beef with the graphics has been the atrocious shadowing seen in CMSF. It's horrible with the flickering and jagged edges. Really inexcusable in this day and age. Is this by any chance fixed in CMBN?
  21. Yeah, you have to unrar them. Rar is like a zip file. You can download winrar, the program used to open rar files, here: http://www.win-rar.com/
  22. Couple of my favs: Don't Kill Your Friends Kill or Be Killed
  23. I asked the question regarding Steam awhile ago, albeit in the CMSF forums. Battlefront explained their position on it in there. I still think it'd be great to see it on Steam, but I respect their decision not to do it. Here's the thread: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=92956
  24. The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) There's no fighting, but I think it's a powerful film that portrays what those guys must have gone through upon returning home from the war. My favorite scene is toward the end of the movie, where Dana Andrews is walking through the boneyard filled with aircraft waiting to be scrapped. It makes you realize, even though they were only machines, they carried the lives of those men through hell. A Walk in the Sun (1945) Directed by Lewis Milestone, who also directed All Quiet on the Western Front. This film focuses on one platoon and their mission to take a farmhouse after hitting the beach at Salerno. It really drives home the small picture in an operation by just focusing on this one group. You don't know and aren't informed of what else is going on. You see it from this platoon's perspective the whole way through.
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