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  1. Thanks! hehe, it is a photoshopped CMBN screenshot . I was messing around with some screens I had taken, and turning them into black and white made them almost look like period photographs. I went the xtra mile and tried to make it look like an old photograph that was taken in a hurry. It's really a testament to the game's graphics that you can make them look like photos. The story and screen is what happened in the scenario I'm currently working through, Carbide Carbide.
  2. Found this picture recently. The story behind it is that the photographer, T/5 Harding, was following the US advance toward Coutances. This column was crossing over a river into a village fortified by the Germans when the halftrack pictured below was struck by a Panzerschreck round. Unfortunately, no one in the halftrack survived. Harding later stated that it was by pure coincidence he was able to capture this hellish moment on film. What he thought would be just an intresting picture of units on the move turned out to be a shot that captured the last moments on earth for the GIs in the doomed halftrack.
  3. Will the templates for the tanks be uploaded to the repository at some point in time? Just curious and thought I'd ask.
  4. I guess I'm just ruthless. The only time buddy aid is administered while I'm playing is when it's done automatically by the AI. Other than that, I just leave them where they are and hardly ever go after anyone. IIRC it doesn't really matter score wise since kia and wia are counted together as casualties for the points you are awarded/not awarded.
  5. Thanks! As stikkypixie and mjkerner stated, you use the x and z keys to zoom in/out. You can get some great shots using those keys .
  6. Who cares? It's a game, not real life. The whole thing is "gamey." Sure, it's more realistic than other games, but it's still a game. If someone wants to use kubels as scouts and pummel your set-up zones in the first minute, so be it. Perfectly valid options to both you and your opponent.
  7. Thanks guys, and you're welcome. Enjoy 'em! Edit: They're now up on CMMODS too.
  8. Just uploaded these to the repository, so they'll be available for download soon.
  9. Thanks for the tips y'all, it's a big help! I downloaded MikeyD's pdf tutorial and it seemed to answer a lot of the questions I had, but I'm sure I'll have more as a go along.
  10. I have what is most likely a dumb question, but for the life of me can't figure it out. How are you able to add camouflage to the templates MikeyD uploaded without totally painting over the details already on the texture? I saw where he mentioned on the included color swatch jpeg to use the colors on a Color/Hue layer. In Photoshop, I select the layer blend mode as Color and I get the results below. Changing the mode to Hue does about the same thing: As you can see, the red-brown color is now very faint and almost a light purple. I've tried all the other layer blend modes, but none of them allow you to paint the correct colors. How are y'all doing it? Thanks!
  11. Started the Road to Montebourg campaign today (thought it would be fun to follow along in real time), and I must say, your voice overs added a sense of urgency to the combat. Intense! You're right, they do sound even better when you hear them in context. I had a firefight at Beau Guillot, and it was a pretty immersive experience hearing the caucophony of shots and guys shouting under stress. Well done, and thanks! Here's a little clip for anyone who wants to hear what it's like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcnX4viAHSI
  12. Just so y'all know, you can listen to the complete NBC broadcast day of June 6, 1944 here: http://www.archive.org/details/NBCCompleteBroadcastDDay And CBS's coverage here: http://www.archive.org/details/Complete_Broadcast_Day_D-Day It's like a time machine.
  13. Oh hell yeah! Been waiting for this. Sampled a few and they sound great so far. I'll try them out in-game tomorrow to get the full effect. Awesome job dude; insane amount of work for sure!
  14. MG42 w/ wood stock and red grips: MG42 w/ bakelite stock and default black grips:
  15. Thanks Mord. Yeah, you can have more than one weapon texture in the game. You just add a 2, 3, etc. at the end of the filename. Pretty cool to see different weapon variations on the battlefield.
  16. Well, looks like I missed the cut-off to edit a post, so I'll just add one more pic. Type II lock bars for the M1's rear sight. Unfortunately it will be on both sides of the sight since the receiver texture is mirrored, but it still looks cool.
  17. Yeah, still working away on them . I actually went back and redid a lot of what I had already accomplished, and I think the results are better. The K98s, M1 carbines, M1918a2s and the Thompson are pretty much finished. Currently redoing the M1. I'm hoping to get everything finished up and out to y'all in the next couple of weeks. Here's some update pics for ya: I added a stamped floorplate to a couple of the K98 variations. Probably a little overkill on the detail since you can't even really see it, but I couldn't help myself. Here's a variant of the BAR with a bakelite stock. Thanks! The blonde and reddish-brown stock currently in the game are colors you find in laminated stocks. I'm using both of those, although a little edited, but also added a darker walnut colored stock. Unless you mean seeing the color of the glue? It's impossible to actually texture the laminate lines, since the scratches you see in the pics are already at 1 pixel . I'm hoping to start a Marder skin after I finish this weapons project. Hopefully MikeyD will upload the templates for the other tanks sometime in the near future as well.
  18. I prefer RT, but I like both tbh. It really depends on what mood I'm in. If I want to play hard and fast I'll play RT. If I just want to be leisurely and watch the replays ad infinitum to catch all the cool scenes, I'll go wego.
  19. Well, I'm hoping for something having to do with China/PLA. Something different for a change. Russia vs. rest-of-world is so cliche.
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