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  1. Thanks for the kind words Peter and bruce. You're welcome; hope you're enjoying 'em! @Luke - Thanks man! Yeah, I've started toying with the idea of doing the same thing to the Germans since they look too clean compared to the GIs now .
  2. Finished up the US uniform mod I've been working on for awhile. It enhances and adds dirt/mud to the stock US uniform textures. There's two versions in the download; clean and dirty. If you opt for dirty, I highly recommend using Mord's War Ravaged US Faces, EZ's M1 helmets from his uniform mod and Rambler's Weapon Skins with it. It's uploaded to the repository and will be live whenever it gets posted, and it's available for immediate download at CMMODS here: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4578/details Here's a comparison pic: http://i.imgur.com/ysfZQ.jpg Here's a preview pic: Enjoy.
  3. I haven't played Pro PE, but I have played the original Steel Beasts. I'm sure there are some similarities between the two. It was well done and I can tell they did their homework on the functionality of the tanks they modeled. It wasn't really my thing though. I found it to be kind of boring tbh. I couldn't justify spending $125 on Pro PE due to my SB experience. If you can find a copy of the original SB, that might be a good indicator as to whether or not you want to drop the change on Pro PE. You may love it.
  4. Nope, the pdf manual will install into its own folder when you install the game.
  5. afaik A-10C has always been around 60 bucks. I haven't seen it any higher anyway. Maybe you're thinking of Steel Beasts Pro PE? That one's over a $100. Anyway, A-10C is available for $40 right now over at their website . Money WELL spent. Can't recommend it enough. It's difficult, but there are training missions that ship with the game, a bunch of vid tuts on youtube and a lot of supplemental guides available at their forums that are invaluable when learning. The manual that comes with it is also very good.
  6. Yeah, even Eagle Dynamics puts their sims on sale periodically. I bought DCS A-10C during one of their two weeks sales. I was on the fence at $60 wondering if it would be something I would enjoy, but at $40 I couldn't refuse. I think it's interesting BFC is still selling TOW for nearly full price when you can get it on Steam for 10 bucks... However, I like BFCs bundle deals. In fact, I'll probably hold off on the CMBN modules until they're done to see if there will be a deal when buying them all together. I still have the majority of CMSF and CMBN to play through, so that should keep me busy until then. I think that money will instead go towards the A-10C expansions coming out soon (Combined Arms and Nevada).
  7. Juju mod = automatic download. Thanks for these!
  8. Awesome, thanks for uploading this. Missed it when you first released it because my comp at the time couldn't run CMSF. By the time I got a new one and bought CMSF, I couldn't find Hasrabit anywhere. Glad I'll finally get a chance to play it!
  9. I'd just like to have working shadows and the ability to load a previous save without having to exit out of the game.
  10. Failed Counterattack Mods: Aris Panzer IV v1, Vein's Skies, Flames & Smoke
  11. Awesome job with your sound mod stephsen! I'm really enjoying it. It really adds a lot more atmosphere to the game.
  12. Have you taken a look at Combat Mission: Shock Force? I highly recommend that game suite. Truth be told, as much as I love WW2, I think I like CMSF a little better. It's a modern era wargame that deals with a fictional invasion of Syria. If you buy the base game plus all the modules (USMC, Brits and NATO) you'll have a huge selection of forces. There are a TON of missions that will keep you busy for quite awhile. If modern isn't your thing, then the only other choice you have is CMBN, and it's a good one as well. You can download the demo for CMSF and CMBN on battlefront's main site to take them for a test drive.
  13. Yeah, for sure. Saw it happen the other night. One of my guys got tagged by small arms fire and was in the bright red state. Enemy mortars started coming in and one hit right on top of him. He screamed and turned to the KIA dark red. IIRC it doesn't really matter if there are more KIA than WIA since they are all counted as casualties for scoring purposes.
  14. Wolfe created a subdued button color mod that goes great with Juju's GUI. Sounds exactly like what you're looking for. Download it from the repository here: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1303
  15. Ranger pretty much nailed it. I would also add that the battlefield is a little more forgiving in CMBN than it is in CMSF.
  16. I like the idea, but somewhat confused. If I download a mission that is "AIA_Dig a Foxhole" I'll be playing as the Germans, correct? That is pretty counter-intuitive having Allies in the header for a German mission. I would recommend something along the lines of: SPG - Single Player - Germans SPU - Single Player - US SPC - Single Player - Commonwealth SPB - Single Player - Both (Axis and Allies) H2H - Head to Head ALL - Everything That way it's clear what you'll be getting. Just my $.02.
  17. Are there any plans to fix the shadows in the CM series, ever? It's been nearly half a decade since the CMx2 engine debuted, and we still have the sawtooth/striated shadows (for those who never played CMSF, they are in that title too). Case in point: We have the striations/sawtooth on the tank, and the halftrack has the shadows of the troops inside rendered on the outside. Sure, shadows can be turned off, but if the game has the feature it should be working correctly at some point. It's just disappointing to still see this issue alive and well after so long.
  18. Yeah, looks like a M1917 Enfield. We used it along with the '03 in WW1. Most famous for its use by Sgt. York.
  19. Is that for an alpha channel? If you can do that, you can most definitely put it on the vehicles yourself . Hopefully you have a RGB version of it if that is indeed an alpha. If it isn't an alpha, All you have to do is open up one the german vehicle bmps and open up your logo file. Click and drag the layer the insignia is on to the german vehicle bmp window (Photoshop image window, not vehicle window). This will automatically create a new layer with the insignia on the german vehicle bmp. Now just go to Edit>Transform>Scale and shift click a corner of the scaling box and size it to the appropriate size. After you are done with that, click on the select arrow button in your toolbar. The program will ask you if you want to keep the transformation; select yes. And there you go, you have now added your insignia to a German vehicle! As an aside, you inspired me to come up with a few fictional symbols. A lot of them seemed to be nonsensical simplistic geometric shapes that really didn't mean anything outside of what unit it was, so that's what I did. Here they are: Feel free to use one if you like it (I can give you a hires version). If not, that's cool too. It was a fun exercise.
  20. I think 73% is a very fair score. That's probably around what I would give it. I really enjoy the game, but there's quite a few issues, gfx and functionality wise, that leave a lot to be desired. The CMx2 series are some of the most bi-polar games I've played. In some areas, the game is up to current day standards, if not more so, and in many others it feels like it's stuck in 1995.
  21. Thanks Luke! Unfortunately there isn't a way to get the markings on the heel of the M1 receiver and the k98 rear sight leaf. The way those models were unwrapped has the texture stretched across those areas. That's why you see those lines across them. For instance, the only part of the M1 receiver texture that you can work with is one side view of it. The top of the reciever has what appears to be the topmost row of pixels from the side view stretched across it. It's a very annoying "feature" for sure.
  22. Just uploaded a slight update to the weapon skins. It's now version 1.1. I added a third M1 Garand variation with a slightly more red and lighter stock for a little more variety among the GIs. I also fixed the M1903A4 stock to have the correct C stock without the finger grooves. Something had been bothering me about that rifle, and when I realized what it was I facepalmed myself; had to fix it. Below is a pic that shows the change to the A4. The file should be updated probably by tomorrow on the repository, and it's immediately available at CMMODS.
  23. These buildings look fantastic. Really like the detail in the windows as it certainly adds a lot more character and llved in look to the houses. Great job Tanks a Lot, and I'm definitely looking forward to when you release them.
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