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  1. @agusto Sounds like he's still working on it and hasn't released it yet. However, I did one about a year ago that may tide you over.


    @HerrTom How did you get the horizontal and vertical black lines in your nvg shader, or is that something done in PS? I don't recall seeing any option in the shader file that does that. Looks cool.

  2. On 7/26/2016 at 11:59 AM, zinzan said:

    Hmmm, anyone tried recording using this (Win10 Game DVR) and if so how have you found it.

    I plan to give it a try later tonight - but have little to zero experience using video capture on PC so my impressions may be wrong/useless. :)


    TBH it wasn't as great as I thought it would be. I found it to be disappointing quality wise, even on the supposed "quality" setting or whatever. The video was still compressed all to hell. Here's the video I recorded with it if you want to see for yourself. The fuzzy text was in the recorded video file and not a product of youtube.



  3. On 4/27/2016 at 5:35 PM, Bulletpoint said:

    No offense, but the moment I start playing the game like that, I will stop playing it.

    No offense, but the moment I put a self imposed rule set on myself and delude myself into thinking I'm playing a "simulator," I will stop playing it.

    On 4/28/2016 at 7:14 PM, MOS:96B2P said:

    I know your probably joking but this reminded me of something I have read on the forum .................  Tank crews have a higher point value so some players are careful to move the dismounted ones to safety.  I'm not sure of the mechanics of this.  Maybe in scenarios where the designer assigns the points??  But in any case something else to think about and maybe investigate.      

    I'm actually not joking. No twiddling thumbs in my army. You either fight or you're dead/incapacitated. I use everything at my disposal. Crews from knocked out tanks are used to fight or for other purposes where I don't want to sacrifice infantry, like scouting or going across suspected minefields. Their original usefulness is gone, so why not put them to a good alternate use?

  4. What can I say? I'm a dyed in the wool minimalist and utilitarian. :) Tbh I don't mind the Russian unit markings or Ukrainian ID stripes/flags. It's really just the Ukrainian symbols/artwork that makes the minimalist in me go "noooooooooo!" :D

  5. point about pc requirements is not valid since only textures are being changed (and they can change performance up to 10% even on a pc from 1860s ,and its not like many ppl actaully have those kind of pcs, i am seeing her r9s and gtx 970s )  ,also vanila sounds like pkm pkp, are just pure lazyness theres no excuse for such evil. other vanila sounds are ok-ish, but not good

    haha +1 dude. If our rep button hadn't been taken away, I'd give you some for that. Unfortunately, BFC designs for the lowest common denominator so those running 12 year old computers can play. That's why they're too afraid to add new sounds. Oh noes! We might break it for Mr. SingleCore 512RAM! Seriously, if adding sounds is going to break the game, they have much bigger problems. For whatever reason, this is the only genre in gaming where its players expect to be able to run the latest game on their P4s.

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