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  1. Sybma

    Activation of modules for CMBS

    You are my hero Behemoth. Took me some time but yours was the solution. why is this nowhere mentioned when one installs the latest CMBS..
  2. Hey, I found my old SF CD, CD cover and Fieldmanual. Everything complete and original but.. where is the license code placed?? Further more I had all SF modules but can retrieve only one in M account.. best, Harold
  3. Sybma

    Loading times ?!

    Same thing here, takes over 5 minutes with 1.01, it was significantly faster with 1.0!! Also ATI
  4. From where the will the game be shipped? Last time (CM Italy) the bill was just too high with 45 + shipping (Netherlands) + customs. If it is again from outside Europe it will be download only for me. Can't wait to play!!
  5. Sybma

    Monte Cassino

    Triggered by Chek's story, what are good books to read on Monte Casino, or broader Gustav? I've read Peter Caddick Adams recent book. More tips? Like to read from both sides and all Allies (Rick Atkinson focuses to much on US for example (to my taste)). Any good suggestions? Best.
  6. License Error There was an error with your license. Please contact your vendor for assistance. After patching too 2.01 today. Wonderfull the license concept. Not the first time. And now? Can't play.
  7. Sybma


    Sh*t. Tnx for quick reply!
  8. Hi there, I own Shockforce including Nato patched with the latest 1.32. Now i want to buy the module Marines. When i add this is it automatically patched with all most recent patches? Tnx! Harold
  9. When one uses an optional Axis or Allied flavour HQ object, is only this object used with every HQ one uses from then on? Or is it used only with the correct unit? Tnx so far!
  10. Sybma

    How bout some 2.0 reviews???

    Played way too long this evening. Favor Normandy over Italy (and awaiting MG) so very happy with 2.0!!! thanks BF
  11. Now and then in my enthusiasm I select, by accident and unknown, to much units (set up fase). When placing the unit intended I screw up the set up of the rest of the company / platoon etc. Would be great to have an undo button to reset the last move. I know when I select to much units it's my fault but nevertheless... Best all
  12. Sybma

    Disc arrived!

    Received disk today, Netherlands, also 25 euro extra for customs.... Never had this before with Battlefront. Didn't Europe ship from Germany?
  13. Hi all, Seen this one, same producer as Brotherhood of War:
  14. Sybma

    Book Recommendations

    Anyone read Monte Cassino, Peter Caddick Adams already? Willing to buy it but no reviews available yet. Thanks, Harold
  15. Sybma

    "Achtung Panzer Operation Star" Just released

    @Para, don't know, just meant the screenshots...