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  1. Thanks Destraex I downloaded the russian demo, installed in russian (in english it crashed) and with the keys you gave us I can run it quite well. The game is very good, great graphics etc... BTW eastern games are fantastic. T72, Lock on, Front roads Kharkov 1943, Chech and Hungarian routes in Train Simulator, the amazing russian airports and the TU 154 in Flight Simulator 2004, etc.. etc... Also Silent hunter V is being developed in Romania, so we can wait great things for the near future, provided these demos become commercial games and overcome the distribution problems that seem to be there in the western world. Best regards Walter
  2. meimes

    Windows NT 6.0

    The program calls it self ..."PT_Boats_DX10_RollingDemoSetup"... and asks for Windows NT 6.0 or higher to be installed in XP. I tryed in another machine with Vista basic and it installs but doesn't run anyway. I saw the film and the photos, but I'd like to try the demo, for the game seems to be very good. I have SH3 and SH4 but I'm tired to run from destroyers so I think there is in the navysimmers comunity a great expection for a game in the line of Destroyer Commander, and this seems to be closer. Best regards Walter
  3. meimes

    Windows NT 6.0

    I downloaded the PT Boats demo and it refuses to install asking for Windows NT 6.0 , that as I saw in the web, is linked to Windows Vista. I have a Windows XP home edition. What can I do?
  4. Thanks gentlemen. Missions in English and Uchronic complete!
  5. a) I patched my TOW up to JSH 1.3.5 and all the single missions, and their explanation texts (by now useless) show up in Russian. Untill 1.3.2 it was English, but now it's all in Russian. Only the missions I made are in English. Can anyone tell me where to find Uchronic campaign part 2? Many info are missing and I had this stuff in the past and remember there were two parts. Thanks Walter
  6. Gentlemen I have a dual core 2.6 , 3GB RAM, Nvidia 9400 GT and still can't play the full battles. I'm using Mission Generator to buld my own small squirmishes (4 panzer x 3 guns plus infantry etc...) and it runs very well with good slide settings. But the full campaign battles are realy unplayable. No great loss, because I like those small encounters much more than big unpersonal battles, but with this I have no access to the campaigns. I also have TOW 1 that runs fine even in big scenarios.
  7. I agree 100% with the Vietnam idea. I'm 61 and by that time that war was very present to us. In fact, I don't like to see this game in Syria. I live in Israel, and it might be good to see IDF modeled in a game, but not in Syria. Besides that, the whole thing becomes too ...assimetrical... I vote Vietnam, the Tet offensive, close support from F4s Phantoms, B-52, rainforest with tigers, things like this.
  8. I'm having a problem to download two italian missions from the repository. Comes a message in red stating that I have to use anothet browser, because Internet Explorer 8.0 is useless in this case. All other files in the repository are downloading whithout problems. Isn't it there any form to download these things whithout switching the browser? Frankly, I don't feel ver comfortable to change my browser with all settings and favorites etc.. etc.. because of two game files , no metter how good I might suspect they are...
  9. Great!! Thanks a lot. That music is very boring!! Thanks a lot!!
  10. Please, someone tell me how to deactivate the music in CMSF whithout deactivating the sound? I just can't stand that music anymore, but for sure don't want to play the game in deadly silence. If that damm music doesn't stop I'll have to stop playing the game!! It's driving me mad, that music!!!
  11. Thanks Gnasher, for the attention. Regards Walter
  12. Madmatt I installed this resource but when I open a campaign I keep on having the same and only option to play. Does this realy work? Don't I have to activate something in the game? Thanks Walter
  13. Thanks people. I found a new mission.zip posted in the forum, replaced in Cheux, it showed up in Mission Editor and now the whole Bulldog Campaign is working, or at least Cheux oppened... Walter
  14. Sorry, I installed the Typhoon to no avail but... I opened in Mission Editor and Cheux is (or seems to be) the the only mission that doesn't open correctly. All's in gray, and it doesn't show no lanscape or trees or anything. Just a few lines and dots against a gray bottom. Could it be that? And the Oudy's mod, do anyone know where can I find it? Thanks Walter
  15. Sneaksie Updating the events. I downloaded JSH 1.3.1, activated it with the Jane's stuff but Bulldog keeps on crashing when loading Incident at Cheux. Is it Oudy's mod missing? Walter
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