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  1. I just ran a test. 20 SPW 251/1's crossing 1 Kilometer of soft ground mud in reverse and 20 SPW 251/1's crossing the same ground in fast. 11 of the 20 crossing in reverse bogged and 7 were immobilized. 8 crossing in fast bogged and 3 became immobilized. I ran the test twice and the numbers never varied by more than 3 and those crossing in reverse always did much worse than those crossing in fast. Bottom line, reverse does not prevent bogging. Have fun, Von Schwendeman
  2. I figured out how they did it, the map is an operation map not a scenario map.
  3. George MC was able to generate a 4K x 6K map for his scenario "Strachwitz at Kharkov". Does any one know how he was able to do this? The biggest map I can make in the scenario editor is 3K x 3K. Thanks, VS
  4. Thanks Ken, He is the master at these kind of monster scenarios so I will wait on his advice. I just wish bigger maps were possible in CMBB, I can live with slowing down the processor but it is hard to fit a 10K X 10K fight into 3K X 3K. Have fun, VS
  5. George MC, I would appreciate any information you have on this battle. Send me an email if you don't want to post it here. Thanks, VS
  6. Thanks for the link Big Duke, I found the map, it was 38- 135, # 71 on the list. It took a while, the pain of dial up modems. Tartari, the reading you referenced by Scheibert, is it in a book or is it an article? Is it in English? Can I get it off the web? Thanks again for every one's help, Von Schwendeman
  7. Tartari, I think you got the right location. The town just to the west of the small lake looks like VerkhneKumskiy. However, the resolution is too low. Can you give me a link were I might find the same map in higher resolution? Ritgen says only 24 PzIV longs. I can understand how Col. Hunersdorff and Maj. Dr. Baeke defeated nearly 400 Russian tanks with 160 Pz IV longs, but with the force mix sited by Ritgen it is going to be very difficult to recreate the historic outcome. Thanks for your help.
  8. Verkhne-Kumskiy is about 65 miles south west of Volgograd (Stalingrad). I hope that is eneough information, let me know if you need more. Thanks, VS.
  9. Help, I am trying to make a scenario of Gen. Raus's Revolving Tank Battle fought in and around the town of Verkhna-Kumskiy on 13 Dec. 42. Does anyone have or know where I can find topo maps of this area? Coordinates are N 48"05' E 43"26'. The map on page 148 of Panzer's on the Eastern Front by Tsouras indicates the 11th Panzer Regt involved in the battle had 160 Pz-IV's, all long barrel. Can anyone verify this? Thanks, Von Schwendeman
  10. Heinrich505, great review. The proper place for the review is in the review section at TSD2. If it is there others who upload the scenario can read it. Here it will just get lost. I'm sure BannonDC would appreciate the review at TSD2. If the scenario is still in playtest at TPG then that is the proper place for the review. Scenario authors always appreciate reviews, it is amazing how few are written. Thanks, Von Schwendeman
  11. Axel what do you mean "ignite"? Are you still looking for a game? I've been trying to find someone to play PanzerBlitz #7 with. It is at TSD2. Take a look at it and if you want to play send me an email. I did not design it and I haven't played it. I have looked at it in the editor so feel free to look and see if it interests you. Have fun, Von Schwendeman
  12. You should give "TankosskeyH2H" a try, it is at TSD2. For 2 v 2 play one commander could take the armor and another the infantry. Another possibility: one Russian commander could take the Soviet recon forces and the other Russian commander could take the attack force, while one German commander could take the force in the town and the other German commander could take the relief force. There are lots of possible ways to divide the forces. The scenario has been well reviewed and would be interesting as a multi-player game. If you use it let me know how it works out. Have fun, VS
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