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  1. Bud, The scout that was killed wasn't Kurt's brother-in-law was it? If it was, there will be Hell to pay! ;-0 Always look forward to your work. Heinrich505
  2. Bud, Wonderful story as always. Loving all of it. The map looks great and your storytelling mixed in with screenshots of battle progression are really working well. These battles always come to life when you start including some personal details for the characters in your screenplay. A quick question. It looks like your arty will come down on your advanced scouts in the woods. Were you going to pull them back? Remember, Kurt's brother-in-law is up there...unless he's the one that "found" the mine from earlier. Maybe it's best that Kurt doesn't know about that, hmmm? Always a treat to read these Bud. So nicely done. You've a large following even though it seems quiet - we are hanging on your every move! Heinrich505
  3. It’s a good read and the pictures are nice! It’s always a nice surprise when your troops on the far side of the battle get target lines on the enemy flank pushing forward on the near side 👍. Following this with interest.
  4. Not a problem Ian. 😁 As an aside, when I started the battle, for some reason it did not have trees visible, and I didn’t realize this. I played about a third of the way into the battle with just barren desert and some head-scratching about why my LOS was so bad from the high ridge. After viewing your turns, my game also defaulted to trees on, and I was treated with a much greener view, lots of trees and orchards, and the reason for my LOS being obstructed somewhat. Hah! Go figure. Your defaults turned out to be a good thing too. 👍 The struggle for the last city was really savage. It is a really fun and very challenging battle.
  5. Thanks Ian. That's what I get for playing without my glasses - it's right there in the hotkeys list. Doh!!! Wicked battle this one. Paper Tiger authored this, I believe. Figures.
  6. Ian, Just as an aside, when I loaded your game it overrode all my game settings. It disabled my mouse move commands where you move the mouse to the edge of the map and it then moves the screen in that direction. I can only do that now using the right and left buttons on the mouse. Any idea on how to make the map edges work again? I've no clue. ????????
  7. Gremlins! I went back to a save point and just gave an enforcer a flat out move from one side to the other without properly aligning it up for the bridge. It followed the Warrior without a hitch. Then I ended the turn and for the next turn, I ordered a Challenger across the bridge that was nowhere near the bridge. I just gave it a fast move and put a waypoint well past the other side of the frigging bridge. The Challenger whipped over to the bridge, slowed to line up, and ripped right across the bloody thing, with nary a problem. False alarm I guess. Move along now, nothing to see here, move along... Thanks Ian. Nice moves. I've no idea why the gremlins suddenly attacked the bridge, but I can't replicate it in saved games.
  8. Hmm, interesting. I didn't know that winding back the turn and watching it again was problematic. I was watching the action on the one flank, and then going back to watch the action on the other flank. But, in this case I don't think that caused the problem. I'm pretty sure the vehicles were stuck during the first watch-through. Not positive though. Once the bug raises its head, does it interfere with all further attempts to cross, regardless of vehicle type or plotted paths?
  9. I am presently playing the scenario Cain and Abel. I'm fully and properly patched up to version 2.02, with game engine 4.0 There are only two bridges that can be crossed for this battle. Bridge "Eric" (on my right flank) is acting badly. I managed to get one of my Warriors (Wrap 2) across, after several tries. It took about 4 or five tries, if I recall correctly. I don't remember exactly what worked, but I think I just gave it a move order from one side of the bridge and the endpoint beyond the other side of the bridge. But, that was it. No other vehicles could cross. All the rest got stopped halfway across the bridge, and then jerked back and forth feebly, until I reversed them off the bridge (I'm probably lucky I was able to do that). I tried slow speed, move, hunt, and fast, but had the same result. I tried setting waypoints just before the bridge, in the middle of the bridge, and at the end of the bridge. I even just sent one of the Challengers across with one waypoint on the other side of the bridge and not lined up on the bridge at all. No dice. After that one Warrior got across, no more vehicles made it. I had to run them all the way across the map to cross the other bridge on my left flank, which was working perfectly. The briefing indicates that the canal is crossable at two points, bridge Eric and bridge Ernie. Ernie is the only one working properly for me. I wanted to check to see if anyone else had run into this problem. I thought the evil bridge bug had been squashed, but apparently it hasn't. The battle is a really hard challenge, and I am enjoying it, but I had to change my strategy to work around the non-compliant bridge. The lads were not happy with me when I was not able to get their armoured vehicles to cross with them for support. They had to go it alone on foot while I raced their vehicles across the map. If looks could kill....[shudders involuntarily...] Heinrich505
  10. Mord, Amazing work! Thanks so much for all this. They really look super. I hope you won't need a new prescription on your glasses after all the squinting and close work with your computer screen, haha. Thanks again for such super work! Heinrich505
  11. Your tweaks worked nicely. A big thanks goes to MarkEzra as well. This was a real nail-biter and quite a rush! Thanks to both of you. This is my first time through SF2, as I stayed with only the WWII titles previously. When BFC decided to re-release SF with all the bells and whistles, I jumped in with the big bundle. I love the variety that comes with the Brits, NATO, the Marines, and the Army. I have to be careful going back and forth between modern and WWII though. They both play so differently. With the smaller battles, like this one, you really get swept into the moment, and I was cursing every time I took a casualty, knowing I badly needed everyone. I split my forces and tried to hit each one separately, as there wasn't really time to do one and then the other. I had to pull guys from the one to help support the other attack. It was crazy. Thanks again to you and Mark. Wonderful job! Heinrich505
  12. I just finished playing this battle, and I've got to say that Combatintman did an amazing job putting this together! Thanks so much for a really cool and immersive struggle. I played it on Elite WEGO, and pretty much held my breath the entire battle. The battle came down to literally the last moment. If I hadn't taken some chances and acted more aggressively than I am used to (very much outside my comfort zone), I would have failed the mission and not rescued the hostages. The SAS motto "Who dares wins" came to mind as the dust settled and the rescue was successful. Yes, I had to write letters to the loved ones of those in my command who fell, and this greatly tempered my victory. The mix of troops and enemies seemed very realistic, the map was a challenge, there were all sorts of lines of sight that had to be covered, and even the blasted time frame (which kept me dancing the whole way through) felt accurate. I had to run my command staff (essentially my character in the game) into harms way to make the rescue successful. Thanks again for a really sharp battle. It is greatly appreciated. Heinrich505
  13. It's all well deserved. You did a fantastic job! I've been following the Vietnam mod with great interest. I will look forward to seeing what magic you can put together for that campaign. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work. It really shows! Heinrich505
  14. Puje, Well, I finished this amazing campaign of yours. Ended up with a total victory playing elite, but the price of 15 dead and 39 wounded tempered my excitement for the victory. Many of my casualties happened during the battle for the city in the hill, battle 10. RPGs seemed to come flying out like crazy. I tried to ease up to the outskirts, using the cover available, and blasting the town with precision arty. Still, when my guys made it on the far overlook, they took so much fire that I had to push my guys on the other side forward to bail them out. I never did see the tanks. I beat the enemy up pretty good, and they finally had too much and surrendered at the 3 hour mark. Fine by me! The campaign was so much fun to play. The missions were varied and you had to approach each of them in a slightly different way to be successful. Sure, the rush out of the compound was always tricky, especially when under fire. I used a lot of pauses and didn't push too many Hummvees out at the same time. It took a little longer but seemed less crazy - only got one vehicle bogged in the trench area but managed to rock him free. One of the most intense missions was the night mission where several enemy had been spotted climbing around on the top of the huge escarpment, to the east, if I recall my directions properly. They were possibly lugging missile launchers and the whole compound was in jeopardy. I rushed four Hummvees out with only one squad, hoping it would be enough. I just dashed them like crazy to the escarpment, two on one side and two on the other. Then I stalked my way up. It was an incredibly tense mission, and I half expected to see rockets start flying off the top towards my compound. Night vision equipment really saved the day for me, allowing me to spot and eliminate the enemy before he could see me. What a really cool mission. I was holding my breath as I eased my guys through the dark terrain. Excellent job! I have to say that the very last mission was another extremely tense one. I won't spoil it for anyone still playing, but I really was holding my breath during that one. PM me if you'd like to talk about it further. It is clear that you really thought out how to best put together this campaign. It was so easy to get drawn into this little valley of Hell. I was worrying about my guys and leaving the wounded squads and teams back at the base, not wanting to get them shot up more. Many nights I would go to bed after saving the mission, thinking about what strategy I was going to employ the next turn to get my guys out of a jam. You really succeeded - one of the best campaigns I've played! Thanks so much for your hard work with this campaign. It is really appreciated. Heinrich505
  15. Puje, There are certainly plenty of “Holy Crap!!!” moments to be had. I’m having a great time trying to keep my guys alive. When I start taking heavy machine gun fire in the compound from some freaking unknown location on the giant ridge way across the map, all Hell breaks loose, and I can hear my guys screaming “Where is it coming from?” I’m yelling back at them, calling “Anybody got eyes on them?” There are some really tension-filled moments to this campaign. You’ve done a really great job. I’m working through the third mission and already uncovered some unpleasant surprises. You’ve crafted the missions so they have a very realistic feeling to them. I can almost imagine myself in a Hummvee trying to coordinate the movements of the guys and trying to anticipate where the next ugly surprise is going to come from. This is great stuff!! Thanks so much. Heinrich505
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