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  1. Well, that's the second tank that Gorokhov and his men have looked down the barrel of...and survived (well, some of them)! For now... I'm hoping this isn't your shortest comic yet. Crazy stuff Bud. I'm pretty sure "Piz-Dets" doesn't translate to "Where's the Tube Guy?" And, you leave us huddled in the smoke while facing down certain death once more. [Cut to commercial...Limu Emu...And Doug...] Hungering for more! Heinrich505
  2. HaHa. Sorry, couldn't resist. They always seem to blow up with incredibly visual effects when I am controlling them. But yes, they can put out some real serious firepower if protected correctly. Looking forward to more!
  3. Bud, Wow, the attrition rate is pretty brutal. I'm surprised they even knew Oleg's name, as he was a new guy to a tight-knit squad. Gorokhov has to be feeling sick. He started with 6, lost two in the woods near the tank, and now lost Oleg. That means there are only 3 of the original squad left. Sheesh! At least he can fold his survivors in with a new group. More targets mean better survival rate, right? Hah, not on this meat grinder. But it's better than taking a chance on jumping in the BMP and getting more ammo...and dragging their feet...while someone else gets gunned up. Those BMPs are rolling explosions just waiting to go off. I'm surprised they didn't name them TNT instead of BMP. Gorokhov shakes his head and wonders how they assign BMP crewmen. Are they volunteers? Who would want to crew them? They explode if hit hard by dirt clods. He and his men put distance from the death trap and catch up to the large group. [Sorry Bud, couldn't resist...it's the storyteller in me, haha] Great story line, Bud. Heinrich505
  4. I'd be guessing that Gorokhov was already wary of "getting too far ahead," as relates to his narrow escape in the earlier incident. Things don't look too cover friendly up ahead. He might want to slow down just a bit and let someone else buck for Hero of the Soviet...er, I mean, Hero of Mother Russia. Bud, if all all possible, would you periodically keep us posted on Bakhtiyarov and what he is up to as well? It doesn't have to be storyline panels, but I'm curious. If it complicates things too much, then you can disregard. As usual, your story-telling prowess leaves us wanting more! Heinrich505
  5. Well, you had me holding my breath through the whole rescue operation. Nice job!
  6. Oh yes, I'd forgotten - there was a bombardment being called in right on top of them. Wow that was tight! I was waiting for some hidden tank to blast the Tigr just as the squad jumped inside it. That would have been my luck... Nice extraction there - a little too close for comfort. I'm sure the Serzhant has a warm and fuzzy feeling about how valued he is by his officers in the grand scheme of things. "What? Those bastidges were calling artillery right on top of us?" Did you have the Tigr driving fast or quick? Just curious. Heinrich505
  7. Bakhtiyarov drives like a wild man towards the trapped squad survivors while hoping/trusting/praying/having blind faith that the supporting tanks will take out an enemy tank that he is essentially driving straight towards. Sheesh! Did he marry the Serzhant's sister or something? Or is he afraid of the officer that ordered him on this stunt? I like this guy - he's got chutzhpah (or however you spell it)! If he didn't need two hands on the wheel, I'd guess he was swilling Vodka one-handed while singing some crazy Russian Techno-pop song. Thanks Bud. Now we are following the sniper driver too. Keep him safe. Someone's got to go back to get ammo and vodka soon.
  8. Bud, Whenever I started those vignettes, my biggest worry was that all the guys would get wiped out so quickly that there wouldn't be any story. That's why I always used several groups of soldiers or different tank commanders, just in case some of the story characters got wiped out quickly. The game is unpredictable at times, so you take your chances and hope for the best for your pixeltruppen. It had me holding my breath so many times during a storyline. You are mighty brave, focusing solely on a single squad. I was holding my breath with you as that tank swung the barrel onto your squad. Heinrich505
  9. Bud, i see them now. Thanks! Whatever you did works. I'm following with interest. They got real lucky that the tank didn't fire - maybe the crew was overcome by fumes. They also got lucky their own guys didn't open fire on them when they came busting rearward out of the smokescreen. So, bad luck is they lost two guys. Good luck is they didn't get blown up by the tank and didn't get gunned down by friendly fire. They are breaking even so far, haha. The modern battlefield is so deadly, as you noted. I'm wondering how much longer these crunchies are going to last, dashing around the big tracked monsters in the smoke. Heinrich505
  10. Bud, Oh Yes! This is soooo cool. Thanks for yet another graphic adventure. I stumbled on this and it is just as neat as the others. For some reason, I can't see the previous three posts though. When I had more time, I'd do storylines like these, but just with screenshots, not comic versions. I like your new software, but I never got reader boredom from the standard comic book boxes, so either version you choose works for me. I remember back when I waited anxiously for my Sgt. Rock comic to arrive. I'd just look at the cover for a few days to enjoy the anticipation, knowing that as soon as I started, I'd be through very quickly, and then have to wait for the next one. I'm sure the mail deliverer read them before putting them in the mailbox. I'm glad you stretch these out a bit, so we have to take a break before your next post of actions. Love your work, Bud. Gorokhov needs to school his men not to cheer too soon, haha. As the US squad leaders say, in game, "Let's have some noise discipline here.: Heinrich505
  11. My troops had been advancing on an area, with lots of air support swirling around above, and they'd shot up this building complex fairly well. What my Brits didn't know was that a whole HQ team of the enemy had taken cover behind the building to avoid being spotted and shot at. Corporal Niles had considered sending a two man scout team around behind the building, but in the two story adjacent, a heavy MG unit was spotted earlier. Niles decided to keep the scouts around the front and pin down the MG if they popped their heads up, while he'd lead his squad around the back and into the one story, and then shoot into the ground floor of the two story. Niles and the lads came whisking around the back and ran right into the middle of the enemy squad. It was over in seconds, and none of the enemy had a chance to surrender. Total annihilation. They then dashed into the one story, and immediately opened fire on the MG team hiding there. Niles decided right, as he was pretty sure the two man scout team would have taken casualties if they'd run into the middle of the HQ team. Heinrich505
  12. Bud, The scout that was killed wasn't Kurt's brother-in-law was it? If it was, there will be Hell to pay! ;-0 Always look forward to your work. Heinrich505
  13. Bud, Wonderful story as always. Loving all of it. The map looks great and your storytelling mixed in with screenshots of battle progression are really working well. These battles always come to life when you start including some personal details for the characters in your screenplay. A quick question. It looks like your arty will come down on your advanced scouts in the woods. Were you going to pull them back? Remember, Kurt's brother-in-law is up there...unless he's the one that "found" the mine from earlier. Maybe it's best that Kurt doesn't know about that, hmmm? Always a treat to read these Bud. So nicely done. You've a large following even though it seems quiet - we are hanging on your every move! Heinrich505
  14. It’s a good read and the pictures are nice! It’s always a nice surprise when your troops on the far side of the battle get target lines on the enemy flank pushing forward on the near side 👍. Following this with interest.
  15. Not a problem Ian. 😁 As an aside, when I started the battle, for some reason it did not have trees visible, and I didn’t realize this. I played about a third of the way into the battle with just barren desert and some head-scratching about why my LOS was so bad from the high ridge. After viewing your turns, my game also defaulted to trees on, and I was treated with a much greener view, lots of trees and orchards, and the reason for my LOS being obstructed somewhat. Hah! Go figure. Your defaults turned out to be a good thing too. 👍 The struggle for the last city was really savage. It is a really fun and very challenging battle.
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