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  1. Bad luck that. The green troops did frustrate me a bit on their spotting and accuracy at first. As the battle went on, I didn't really notice their green experience affecting things too much though. It was really fun. At first, I was having flashbacks to CMAK, with armored cars racing across desert-like terrain, throwing up clouds of dust. I have expected to see Afrika Corp armored cars as I topped the ridge.
  2. Bootie, Cool DAR. I'm enjoying it. It's always interesting to see how others approach the same scenario. I just played Canadian Club last night (turns and elite like you), and approached things a bit differently than you are. It's a very cool little scenario. I enjoyed the challenge. Very interested to see how things turn out for you. Very nice job on the DAR. Looking forward to more turns. Heinrich505
  3. Heinrich505

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Happy Thanksgiving Steve. Enjoy your family. Heinrich505
  4. Heinrich505

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Scenario A Day at the Beach, and what do we find? Captain S. Burke, in command, but what is he looking at? The enemy is in the other direction. Is he checking out some beach bunnies that got confused and ended up on this slab of coastline? "Hey, Captain, over this way."
  5. Fritz had a really bad feeling about this place. It didn't work out for the Texans, he recalled from history books. He wondered what tactical genius decided to have them hold up in this forsaken spot. And then the shooting started... Heinrich505
  6. Heinrich505

    Mord's Mods: Red Thunder Edition

    Mord, Sheer genius!! Your work is amazing. I love your attention to detail. It is pretty cool seeing how you worked from version to version, and then ending up with your final. You had to be going cross-eyed many times over with all these portraits. Really great job. Thanks for all your detail work. Heinrich505
  7. Heinrich505

    Mord's Mods (Special Announcement)

    Mord, I am stunned!!! Those new portraits are simply amazing. I think they are great. Just don't burn yourself out...again...😳 Really stellar work. Thanks for all your hard effort. It is always appreciated. Heinrich505
  8. AtheistDane, I’m not near my computer at the moment but I think it is Vein’s from my screenshots. However I am guessing and could be wrong. 😯 Heinrich505
  9. Heinrich505

    CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears

    Dragonwynn, Sent you a PM. What a struggle. Nicely done. Heinrich505
  10. Heinrich505

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    Fix Bayonets, Boys. It's the swinging gate, just like Gettysburg. Any part of your troops in the Irish Brigade, Bil? I, too, like the move. Risky, but something I'll bet your opposition didn't see coming. Looking forward to this developing. Heinrich505
  11. Bud, He could, of course, have a trusted member of his unit hand-carry those letters when going back to the home country on leave and thereby avoid the censors altogether. Or, hand-carry them himself. This was not uncommon. But, couldn't he just skype in the downtime? Great stuff indeed. Enjoying every bit of it. Heinrich505
  12. Bud, So cool. Another one of those amazing moments in this game that leave you staring in shock and sends a shiver up your spine. After seeing and hearing the devastation wrought upon 3d squad, that rifleman from 2nd squad must have had ice water in his veins as he waited for the right moment. A true jäger. Great story telling Bud. You took my breath away with the last series of panels. Heinrich505
  13. Arrrggghhhh!!!! Cliff Hanger. This is cruel and inhuman, Bud.
  14. Bud, A freaking charge - sans bayonets - no less. I had visions of all sorts of bad things happening. This just gets better. Heinrich505
  15. Bud, Enjoying this so much. I concur. Very poignant shot of the scout and his fallen comrade. I've seen that happen over and over in the AARs I posted. The screen shot is so telling that you have to use it. Really nice job here. Heinrich505