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  1. Dragonwynn, Did you get my PM with the AAR for the last battle? Heinrich505
  2. Warts 'n' all, Hang on to your helmet. It gets really hairy as the missions progress. I've played it all the way through and it was well worth the effort. I haven't seen Dragonwynn around lately, but I did send him a PM of an AAR of sorts for the last battle - he didn't respond so I don't know if he is still following things here.. I'll not give anything away. This is a very well done campaign. Heinrich505
  3. George MC, Yikes, what a crazy battle this one is. I enjoyed the heck out of it. Quite the challenge, as you are screwed if you go too fast, and you'll lose if you go too slowly. So, here are my observations and the course I took. SPOILERS * * * * * Per the briefing, I never considered the left flank (green) route. The briefing also noted that the red route had a road block, so I didn't work that one either. I split my forces into two groups, with equal amounts of BMPs to each, but more tank heavy on the far right (yellow) route. The infantry stayed with the blue route group. The FO stayed behind and the unmounted infantry did some initial scouting ahead. I had the arty start dropping on the really high apartment buildings to the right of strongpoint 2 as soon as possible, to try and blunt any attacks on that strongpoint from the right side. They also had the drone up as soon as possible and covering the right half of the map. And...one of my tanks bogged and was immobilized within the first 3 minutes. Great!!! I left the attached infantry mounted for a while, as I moved the tanks up slowly (but not too slowly) and had the BMPs pretty close behind for covering fire. I tried to keep the two columns moving at the same pace. This worked for the most part, except that one column or the other had to stop and address the ambushes. Some were pretty wicked, and my foot sloggers paid dearly by blundering into them. I had to move BMPs and tanks in quickly to suppress and then blow the enemy up fast. I actually found that the BMPs were very good at ripping apart the ambush positions, but I still had to have tanks leading. Between the red and blue route I pushed three BMPs down that area, which was more of a wide alley. I stumbled on some more ambush spots and reduced them, but at a price. But, I managed to uncover some more enemy positions before they could fire on the blue and yellow routes. So, I guess it was worth the casualties. Once my columns hit the main cross road, they had to deal with a whole host of enemy troops trying to ambush them. I had one tank immobilized in the intersection on the yellow route and another took a gun hit that left only the driver and no gun. But, the enemy paid dearly and the cross street was now controlled. I did a very poor job of managing the strongpoint troops. I was so intent on working the columns that I neglected the strongpoints and left them to their own devices until things were really dire there. Some of the strongpoint 1 survivors fled into nearby buildings so I had lost that position. Strongpoint 2 was very much reduced but holding on. This was close to the 1 hour left time. I decided to take some chances at this point, and the streets were really dusted up badly from my columns blasting the enemy positions, so I started running BMPs through the dust and rushing them into the heart of strongpoint 2. I rushed three BMPs and the tank with no gun into and around strongpoint 2, and cut up some enemy troops still near it. Then I started to rush more BMPs and one of the tanks past strongpoint 2 and out onto the red route to try and clear strongpoint 1. I took some more casualties but I was finally able to retake strongpoint 1 with the breach teams. With the time mark at 57 minutes remaining, I had to decide if I should load up the survivors and scamper back to my lines or consolidate my position and hold. I had two tanks positioned on the yellow route to protect my right flank. I had a boatload of BMPs and tanks around the two strongpoints. The enemy didn't seem to be pushing forward any longer. I chose to stay and hold. With a ceasefire at 57 minutes left in the game, I ended up with a Syrian Tactical Victory. I was very pleased to have eeked that out. This was a really cool battle. There were so many nail-biting situations that I lost count and track of all of them. If I had managed the strongpoints better, I might not have risked rushing the BMPs down the dust-clouded streets when I did. But, since things were so critical there, I figured I had to take the chance. Lots of critical decisions are called for in this battle. I never felt rushed by the game time, but I did feel rushed by the developments of the battle. In that respect, George, you make the player change his plans on the fly and sometimes uncomfortable or aggressive decisions are called for. When I saw my guys bailing out of strongpoint 1 and the guys in strongpoint 2 getting ready to run, I had to rush my columns and take extra risks. I just couldn't leave them in the lurch - so I ordered the BMP guys to risk all. My stomach was already tightening up when I read the briefing, and I just knew things were going to get ugly fast. I think you did a masterful job of having the AI triggered in such a way as to have the battle rise in pitch and then ease back a little for slight lulls in the action. This really ratcheted up the tension level. Clearly this is vintage George MC magic. A wonderful battle, filled with tension and suspense, and tactical puzzles to be solved without losing too much of your troops blood in the process. Thanks George for another amazing experience. Heinrich505
  4. George, Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to having a go at this one during the weekend. Too much real life during the week. Ugh!! Heinrich505
  5. That's cool Erwin. No hurry. I can wait. I did a quick look-see at the scenario and it looks crazy. I watched the video that George mentioned a while back, and this map looks about as close to that as can be gotten. I don't have time right now to start plunging in, but I'm really looking forward to it. All of George's scenarios are classics.
  6. George, Your work never disappoints. It is always a challenge and the enemy are positively beastly!!! I couldn't find Long Left Flank's Damaged Building mod. Where might that be located? Heinrich505
  7. Yes, this is a really tough one. I, too, love the challenge. First time through I managed to rush into the town from the right flank road towards the end of the game, but then had nothing to move forward with as my guys got beaten up pretty good once there. Most were shaken or broken. I took a ceasefire and ended up with a draw. I'm replaying, like everyone else, haha. This time I am taking a lot more time. I've positioned two strikers along the road facing into the town. I've been real careful to only give them target briefly orders. The one is looking right down the throat of the road into the town, and the other is on the left hillside, about halfway up. I've had some really good shots so far from the left one, and blew up two of the BMPs in town. I then briefly hit some houses with the 105s, and this actually caused one BMP to back out of his hiding place on the other side of the bridge. Then my sniper squad took it out with a Javelin. I ran the sniper boys as a half squad way off to the left flank, looking towards the bridges. They've tagged two BMPs with their Javelins. I'm trying to bring in some 120mm on the suspected houses across from the buildings on the right flank. Then I'll try to rush more troops into the town. I'd still say coming in from both flanks is a good play, but I'd be very curious to see if Slysniper coming in on one flank with everything works better. And the sound of the strikers when they fire is...amazing!!!
  8. niall78, I've had two crash to desktop on a scenario, the ATGM Ambush. I have not played any campaigns yet, but it is troubling that I keep having this happen for this particular scenario. I've been saving games, but I get caught up in the action and forget to save after each turn, and then I get the crash and have to go back to the last save. The other scenarios I've played have not done this...so far. Heinrich505
  9. Bootie, Well played. Impressive victory. I drove straight towards the bomb factory and reduced the enemy there first. That meant that I had to rush the attack on the stronghold, and managed to just take it with a quick rush from my Lavs to overwhelm the holdouts. I only had the sniper and one other unit up on the hill. I had the big victory too, but had one or two more casualties and lost one of the scout cars. I enjoyed your video. Very nice. Heinrich505
  10. Mord, Really great shots. The first one looks kind of like a picture taken of a model in a diorama. Very nice effect. 😎 Heinrich505
  11. MarkEzra, There were plenty of "nasty" surprises. A very well designed and highly enjoyable scenario. Heinrich505
  12. Bootie, Enjoying all the action. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to your next turns. I approached things a bit differently, so it is very interesting to see how your approach works. Heinrich505
  13. Bad luck that. The green troops did frustrate me a bit on their spotting and accuracy at first. As the battle went on, I didn't really notice their green experience affecting things too much though. It was really fun. At first, I was having flashbacks to CMAK, with armored cars racing across desert-like terrain, throwing up clouds of dust. I have expected to see Afrika Corp armored cars as I topped the ridge.
  14. Bootie, Cool DAR. I'm enjoying it. It's always interesting to see how others approach the same scenario. I just played Canadian Club last night (turns and elite like you), and approached things a bit differently than you are. It's a very cool little scenario. I enjoyed the challenge. Very interested to see how things turn out for you. Very nice job on the DAR. Looking forward to more turns. Heinrich505
  15. Happy Thanksgiving Steve. Enjoy your family. Heinrich505
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