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  1. So what you are saying is that it could possibly be done but there is none available now?
  2. Is it possible to crete a 2 player campaign? If yes - has anybody done it? I would love to play one - not against the AI!
  3. I see similar problems below. I received a PBEM file which my opponent said he had switched to 1.01. It played fine - but crash to desktop on rewind or go to command phase. I did the turn on 1.00 and it worked
  4. The manual listing for self preservation states is incomplete - cautious, etc??? A clarification of the actual self preservation states would help and also an evaluation of how they impact troops at various experience and morale levels.
  5. If I give an uncommanded unit an order will he behave as well as one who is in command?
  6. Thnk you. Will they move as well as commanded unite?
  7. First, the game works GREAT. The manual section on command/control does not clearly specify the impact of no command on movement and morale for: A unit whose leader is killed and who is out of any control by sight or sound A unit whose leader is OK but who is out of sight/sound control A leader who is out of any communication 'up the line' When ordered to move how do they respond ?
  8. I recently got NATO (1.30) and am playing PBEM with someone still on 1.21. We are passig files BUT the file number is not being handled properly - and the game time is not changing. Please clarify : EXACTLY WHAT SHOULD BE DONE TO CONTINUE PROPERLY? (FROM EITHER SIDE IF POSSIBLE. Read your installation note but you don't SAVE in PBEM???
  9. Windows xp will not allow me to delete the demo .exe file i downloaded tho the game seems to function after install ???
  10. OK I see how to make a campaign BUT what I oroginally wanted to do was to edit an existing campoaign I had downloaded. Apparently after compiled not possible unless you have all the original files?!
  11. Thank you - I was trying to ediy an existing campaign. If the manual doesn't slear it up I will be back!
  12. I'm sure it is somewhere - but I can't find it! I can edit scenarios but can't find a campaign editor. I know it m,ust be somewhere?!
  13. wdraker

    CMSF pbem

    I am playing several PBEM games but have not found a group specializing in CMSF/PBEM. Are there any around? I too could handle another game, have 1.2 with Brits and Marines.
  14. It seems most are playing CMSF against the AI. I have had trouble finding balanced scenarios to play PBEM. The designers do not seem to rate their games and I have not seen much in the way of comment on PBEM balance.
  15. ALl well and good BUT nobody has answered the question on whether a PBEM CMSF group exists. I know BOB, they don't think CMSF is CM?!
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