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  1. SoopSandwich

    173 ABN 'Rock' Vets

    Any updates on the status of this campaign? Looking forward to playing it when it's released!
  2. SoopSandwich

    [WIP] Juju's TweakedUI v4 (final)

    Juju, love your mods. Thanks for doing this. Can this be used for CMFI also?
  3. SoopSandwich

    CM Helper 1.6.1 available

    Yes Thanks for this! This little program is a godsend!!!
  4. SoopSandwich

    173 ABN 'Rock' Vets

    great news! I enjoy the infantry scenarios!
  5. SoopSandwich

    Need a Little Help

    I got the problem too. Windows 7 professional (64 bit) intel i7-2600 AMD Radeon HD 6800
  6. SoopSandwich

    Update on Black Sea release

    great news! although I wish I had it today while sitting in the house during this blizzard....
  7. SoopSandwich

    Master installer and DVD

    Just curious when you believe the master installers will be available for CMFI?
  8. Michael, From what I understand you now download the master install (large file 10GB) which includes everything. Then you just activate the modules by typing in the serial numbers for them. I did this for the CW module and was painless and didnt have to uninstalll and reinstall everything in order. Soop
  9. It was 9.93 GB but who's counting..... I think this new system is excellent
  10. Adding the CW module was very simple and easy with this new method. The only problem I had was downloading the big master file which took three attempts but once that was done adding CW was simple. Thanks!
  11. great thanks! CW purchase coming up!
  12. Hi, I've been waiting to purchase the CW module because I was afraid of having to re-install everything. I have CMBN with the MG module at the 3.11 version. I just read about the new master installers. Does this mean if I purchase CW now I will not have to re-install everything? Thx
  13. SoopSandwich

    Finding PBEM Opponent

    Thx for the replies. I started a game with stevenh5545. Wildcard thanks for the recommendation. After I posted this thread I saw the "Opponent Finders Forum" at the very bottom (duh!). "Few Good Men" and a couple of other sites were recommended there as well. I'll be checking them out. Thx
  14. Hi, I was wondering if there is a place to go to find people wanting to play a PBEM game. I have played Combat Mission since Shock Force but have never tried a PBEM game. I would still consider myself to be at a beginner skill level as I don't play that much. Is this the place to seek an opponent on the forum or is there somewhere else I should go? Thanks *I only have the base game and Market Garden module