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  1. there are a couple panels facing up and out near the loader's hatch. Are they armor plates for the loader's MG or some kind of sensor?
  2. fyi: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/video/us-delivers-heavy-armour-to-baltic-states-to-deter-russia/vi-AA9zte3 Is that an SEP or just an HA?
  3. I hope Battlefront will consider historical facts when programming the tac AI. There are multiple, hundreds, if not thousands of documented cases of US troops coming under fire in Iraq and Afghanistan.... Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, An Nasariyah, Sadr City, Ramadi, etc, etc. To my knowledge, at no time did vehicle drivers under fire suddenly drive off the road and into enemy fire, nor did troops ever just stand up and run into a street into more enemy fire. This includes support troops. The same can be said for insurgents under fire. In most cases, in Iraq and Afghanistan, insurgents under fire held their ground and simply tried to take cover. If they ever moved, it was only when they thought they had a covered route and then only to get a better tactical position.
  4. hmmm... i think the forecast is cloudy with a good chance of T-72 turrets.
  5. It seems the scenario designer wishes to showcase the speed and firepower of the American equipment. But do not fear, the scenario can still be balanced via the victory conditions. Embrace the asymmetry. Live it. Love it. Its all good.
  6. I think a scenario design sub forum would also be good.
  7. Could you post a link? I can't find it on youtube.
  8. Well, mystery solved. I thought i was playing on a kindle fire HD, but it was actually a 1st generation Fire. Now i have upgraded to a true Fire HD (2nd generation) and it works fine, no problems. Played for over a half hour, no crashes. For those trying to play on a Kindle, it should be at least a 2nd generation Fire HD. I wish Amazon would name their Kindles more clearly. Amazon claims that CM touch should run on a 1st gen Fire, but mine got really hot then crashed. They claim it was due to a defective battery, but I'm not sure I agree. I think the older Kindles are just over taxed by CMT's processing requirements.
  9. I'm trying to run the latest version on my kindle Fire HD. It runs for a few minutes, 1 to 5 or so, then crashes. Is this new version working for anyone else on a Kindle Fire HD? Is there something i am doing wrong? Can i update my tablet software? Thanks!
  10. I think Jason has a point on one thing... In order to promote longevity of the game and broaden the scope... with very little additional programming CMSF could be expanded to allow recreation of any recent Middle East battle, from Gulf War I to the present. Most of the really great titles that had a continued large following had flexible scenario editors. This may be the key to continued sales... with people playing user-created scenarios long after the initial campaign was completed. I think it would make good business sense to make it easier to craft a custom TO&E in the scenario editor, and offer a wider variety of vehicles. An additional vehicle pack could be offered as an "expansion" pack. I think most of us would be willing to pay for that.
  11. YES! the M9 ACE... we want it!!! these threw up berms on the fly in OIF to great effect. You could just have the command "create berm" and then draw a line like the artillery targeting line and they would then create the berm... now that would be sweet...
  12. why don't you want to use the "hunt" command? With that, your unit will stop as soon as it gains LOS to a target.
  13. I just finished Jim Lacey's book, "Take Down: The 3rd Infantry Division's Twenty-one Day Assault on Baghdad". This was unbelievable, a fabulous account of the untold stories of the battles of OIF. There have got to be at least ten or twenty great ideas for CMSF scenarios. Here are a few I recommend. I'm starting on some of these. 1. Debecka Ridge. A squad of US special forces is attacked by an Iraqi mech infantry company, including 4 tanks and 10+ APCs in northern Iraq 2. Objective Monty: Elements of the 3rd Brigade of the 3rd ID try to hold a bridge north of Baghdad against a furious Iraqi counter attack. Only an emergency artillery strike prevented them from being overrun. 3. Counter attack at the al Qa'id Brigde (Obj. Peach)near Karbala: 10th Brigade of the Medina Division tries to retake the bridge captured that day by the 3rd ID. US CAS has other ideas. 4. Objective Moe: Task Force Gator (TF 3-15 IN) a mech infantry company of the 2nd BCT of 3rd ID is tasked with taking and holding the key intersection between the airport and downtown Baghdad to hold the lines of supply open for the 3rd ID's drive into Baghdad. They will be attacked by tanks, APCs, trucks, buses, taxis, suicide bombers and masses of infantry and irregulars and come within minutes of completely running out of ammo. 5. Objective Curley: a hastily thrown together mech infanty company is tasked with holding a key intersection south of Baghdad. They come within minutes of being over run before receiving reinforcements. 6. East Woody: after holding a key part of downtown Baghdad, TF 4-64 AR of 2nd BCT face a massive counter attack from across a bridge over the Tigris 7. As Samawah: lead elements of 3-7 Cav in the town of As Samawah, a lone Bradley and M1 tank, are surrounded and attacked by over 200 Fedayeen. Historical outcome: 200 dead Fedayeen, no US casualties. These are a few of my favorites. Some additional ideas include: Al Hillah An Nasariyah 1st Thunder Run The Four Corners (outside Baghdad airport) An Najaf I and II Obj. Rommel Obj. Murray Obj. Jenkins (Al Kifl) Obj. Montgomery (3-7 CAV protects the western flank of 3rd ID) ... and many others. I have a draft of the obj Peach counterattack scenario and am beginning work on obj. Moe. [ April 12, 2008, 06:19 PM: Message edited by: CommC ]
  14. 1.08 looks great to me. Better TacAI, more realistic targeting/damage model for small arms. I will be checking out the armor/gunnery model next.
  15. 1.08 looks great to me. Better TacAI, more realistic targeting/damage model for small arms. I will be checking out the armor/gunnery model next.
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