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  1. I like the fact that the tanks don't rotate their chassis anymore. It sucks to setup an ambush and have your tanks randomly turning in all directions. Then when the enemy rolls through they get a rear shot on your Tiger because it was turned the wrong way.
  2. I noticed some of my tanks that had turrets not firing when I used the dont move command. I had to manually target stuff to get it shoot. Is this the desired behavior?
  3. - What are the max number of units you can have? Is it determined by the unit type and its worth, or is there a hard limit? I always want as many units as possible. - Has anyone been getting "undefined unit type" or whatever that message is even though all the attributes for a unit are defined? I sometimes do and I am not sure why.
  4. Doh! Somehow I missed the don' :eek: t move button.
  5. Oh awesome. I remember that if you used anything but the difficult version, that some of the realism was turned down in terms of the damage model? I guess that isn't the case anymore?
  6. I dont know if this has anything to do with your problem, but I had to install the patch as "administrator" on Vista before the changes actually got applied to the game. I also made all the files in the game directory read/write.
  7. I noticed with the new patch that if I tell my units to halt, that a lot of the time they will still decide to wander off somewhere. Is there anyway to get them to stay put? It is frustrating.
  8. Is there an official explanation of what the different difficulty levels do? I think they changed in a patch awhile back and now have different meanings than when the game was first released?
  9. YancyFry

    Dev blogs

    Wow this would be awesome. I want to be able to edit maps as well.
  10. Well hurry up so I can start my awesome River Crossing map. :cool:
  11. I did a search and didn't see a direct answer for this. Also I don't see a way to do it in the editor. Is it possible at all? If not why isn't it? That seems like one of the first things you would add.
  12. I read the manual but didn't see anything that would solve my problem. I didn't play the tutorial though.
  13. How do I tell if they have the launch module and launch tubes? I've just been looking at the special weapons icon in the display. Also how to you tell vehicles to use them?
  14. This is probably the worse aspect of the game for me. I have yet to see a javelin used or a Stryker use any atg capability it has. I don't understand why they decided not to allow you to choose what weapons your units should use. It seems a tremendous waste as well as not being fun. What is the reasoning behind it?
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