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  1. giovanni705

    4.0 help!

    Thanks a lot for your interest! I am playing the same game for sure and the files simply do not show up on the incoming games list. I am at a loss...
  2. giovanni705

    4.0 help!

    Hello Friends This upgrade is driving me crazy. I did all by the book and now I have Version 2.0 and game engine 4. However the game does not read incoming files from my opponents, even if they are from game engine 4 and newly made. Suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance Giovanni
  3. giovanni705

    4K problems

    Thanks a lot Yes a display port for 60 mHz. If I change monitor resolution the game refuse to start at all. I'll try to disable sli. Why do I get only a couple of options for screen resolution from the game menu? Is it normal?
  4. giovanni705

    4K problems

    Latest Nvdia drivers and 2 sli nvda 780. One monitor Samsung LED Monitor U28D590D. No video resolutin utility. The taskbar never goes away, I moved it on the side though ...
  5. giovanni705

    4K problems

    Hi all I just moved to 4K and I have problems. First I tried to run the game native and windows taskbar always stayed on making it unplayable. I that tried to lower the resolution and now it did not start at all saying I have not 1024/768 32m colorors resolution, which I did put on the monitor. I have windows 7. suggestions? Thanks in advance Giovanni
  6. giovanni705


    Hi all I was just wondering if someone has played the game in 4k resolution. My nw super fast pc is on the way ... Giovanni
  7. Hi Collingwood plase tell us more, were you in Iraq? Giovanni
  8. giovanni705

    Saferight's Mods

    Thanks again. Do yuo make the Z folder in the Mods one?
  9. giovanni705

    Saferight's Mods

    Hi can I ask you guys a silly question and have somebody tell me EXSACTLY where mods are to be copied in RT? Thanks in advance Giovanni
  10. giovanni705

    CMH 1.1.0 (Custom dropbox folder fixup)

    Silly question, how to get it and its future update? Giovanni
  11. Hi all I am interested in some feedback. I am being killed by my opponent in the Passage scenario. I have the germans and I accepted a long range battle. I had all the advantage, high groung and stationary, but a disaster nontheless. Now it is cler that my tanks are inferior, but else could be done there? It looks to me that you are doomed as the germans, am i wrong? Thanks
  12. giovanni705

    Has anyone got H2HH working with CMRT?

    please tell me how you figuerd this out¨! I cannot make it work ..
  13. giovanni705

    H2HH 2.11.2 Available

    Hi I took the liberty to make a small donation to thank your work, but please let me offer you the reward to tell you that witouth your program the game would be unplayble for me. Too much e mail work. I really think it should be somehow incorporated in the main game release .... Giovanni
  14. Hi all Have you noticed that the game plays very differently when you are in a campaign than if you are in a QB against Human or even the AI? And I mean that TACTIS are different. In a campaign it it is much more of a puzzle, where you replay at leasure the mission and try to achieve the perfect score. Otherwise you really do not not what opposition plans and placement is and play much more as a real commander, generally more prudent and trying to just best your opponent. I have seen messages that say that mission are beatable with very small losses, but playing how? It is not just a problem of AI smartness, it is the "a priori" knoweledge that we posses that makes a huge difference. That is, to me at least, the main reason why solo player is less fun. Your toughts?
  15. giovanni705

    Windows 7 64

    Hello will the game run on Windows 7 64 bit? I am planning to upgrade... Thanks a lot