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  1. Hey where are the 9+ shots of my inept Bazooka team finally getting the kill on that Stug with a shot up the tail pipe!
  2. I use Shadowplay without issue to record. Shadowplay also does not induce any performance degradation like FRAPs or similar products. The trick is to enable desktop capture in the settings. Manually start recording before you start CMBS. All of my CM videos were captured using Shadowplay with a GTX 780 Ti. I also use Sony Vegas to render and Adobe Creative Suite for other things like graphics/art.
  3. They died well Bud and made Mother Russia proud!
  4. Not sure but would like to know as well. I would also like to know why we can't "Loose The Goose" with the Carl Gustav? I had read an article a few years ago about the US Army having made provisions to purchase and kit out combat units with the Carl G due to the ineffectiveness of the AT-4 in Afghanistan.
  5. Hmmmm I don't know, would be interested to find out though. I would think that a smaller target would technically be harder to hit IRL but in game terms who knows if something like this is modeled.
  6. Doesn't a units morale effect their accuracy as well? Again I am not sure of your units status but with everything that has occurred these past few turns I would think that they have taken some sort of morale hit. Probably not as severe as the UKR are when they lose units though.
  7. Bud, I do believe that supression is the most influential factor in our current game as I do believe your AT teams are "under indirect fire". I'm not sure what their individual suppression levels are but even the slightest would explain why some go off course.
  8. Does anyone know if weather play a part in accuracy of these types of weapons?
  9. The M1 that you killed did not have APS.
  10. Sorry if this was already posted but I did not have time to look through all 60 pages. Apparently during that "Dog and Pony" show a T-14 crapped out and needed to be towed away. https://www.facebook.com/434446579940833/videos/938957019489784/
  11. Bud, I thought for sure last turn that my M1A2 was toast. I watched 4-5 missiles from your AT-13 team fly across the battlefield only to be swatted down by the APS one by one. I am curious to know how effective these systems are IRL.
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