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  1. SeinfeldRules

    New Terrain Mod for CMRT

    @ebphotoTry this link! https://www.dropbox.com/s/tr4lgsdlo6sehnl/AD CMRT Terrain Mod.zip?dl=0
  2. SeinfeldRules

    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    This map looks fantastic - one of the very few urban settings I've seen done well. Most look sterile and repetitive, you've really taken it to the next level!
  3. SeinfeldRules

    New Uncon Models?

    Those uncons look perfect to model US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces up against pro-Assad Regime forces. They've clashed a couple times in the Deir ez Zor region, would probably make perfect CMSF2 scenarios.
  4. SeinfeldRules

    CM Community Map?

    I'm going to offer my own, un-solicited advice on map making... Use the light forest tile under trees, fences, hedges, roads, buildings, any sort of man-made "divider" - its represents well the undergrowth that builds up on these less traveled/less maintained areas. Look at pictures of rural fences and such and you'll see shrubbery/grass growing taller then the immediate surrounding foliage It also serves as an eye pleasing way to "break up" large chunks of terrain, especially when you're zoomed out - where most players actually play the game - and the fences start to blend in with the surrounding grass. Alternate between yellow grass, tall grass, green grass, extra tall grass, etc when building large fields. Breaks up the color tone that looks unnatural when zoomed out. Same goes for dirt - mix in dirt, red dirt, hard dirt etc when building lots for your buildings. These large lots - either grass or dirt, or whatever - should look like a Jackson Pollock painting in the editor. Just splashes of different tiles everywhere. Dirt footpaths serve as a great way to break up terrain as well - simulates the many different ways people cross fields, and the paths they create. Also works great in residential dirt lots. Combine different buildings to make a realistic looking residence. I like to use the half tile barn on the end of an independent one story house. The half tile barns also look good between fences, and when they form an "L" at a 90 degree angle to a house. Really pay attention to how homes are setup for the area you are modeling. They are often tighter and more "intimate" then you think. Remember, tiles are 8 meters by 8 meters, which is absolutely huge. I would say most Eastern European residential lots are maybe 3x3 or 4x3 in CM terms. Use street view when you can to see how they look from ground level. Satellite imagery can be deceiving. When it comes to forests, less is more. I almost never use the two or three tile tree lots. Single trees are enough. In fact, drop your block of trees, and then go back and remove some trees from random tiles. Creates a realistic patchwork effect. Also, use different types of trees in a forest. Trees of the same type in CM are universal in height - no forest is like that in the real word. I like to use Tree D - a fairly short tree - and mix the taller A and C trees into the mix. Creates a more natural forest. Avoid painting solid lines of height elevation. There is nowhere in this natural world where you have a universal flat area or a universally sloping area (bar maybe a salt bed, I guess..) Purposely leave gaps in your contour lines, and then drop random points in between contours that are one higher or one lower then what the game "calculates" it should be. It will create very pleasing, very natural, undulating terrain. Failing to do this is probably the biggest sin when it comes to map making in CM, in my mind. Elevation is much more difficult in CM2 then it was in CM1, which is why I think people have a hard time with this. But if you take the time to hand craft your elevations, it will pay off big. It makes your map look 100x more realistic. Don't tie yourself to an overlay! The real world is much more angular then what CM can handle. Have fun with your map - no one will care if this street had 7 houses instead of 5. What matters is the look, and how it plays, Additionally, the height data in Google Earth and other public programs does not have the fidelity to make a realistic map. It's great for a starting point - ie, this town is on a hill - but the nuances of height elevation in real life terrain can not be captured in an overlay. Go for a walk and look for the micro terrain that is out there. Most of it is well within CM's ability to model.
  5. SeinfeldRules

    [WIP map/scenario] Taming the watchdog

    @Kaunitz, don't stress the details man. No one is going to armchair quarterback the likelihood of the background for your scenario, because no one actually knows what would happen... The scenario you have is plausible. The enemy is guarding the woods, whether it be for recon purposes or to provide direct fire over a minefield, it doesn't truly matter. The enemy has their own reasons for being places and you can't understand it all the time. But the enemy is there. Your commander wants you to take it out. Maybe they are calling for fire on the decisive effort. Maybe the battalion commander really hates the idea of an enemy in your rear area. Maybe he's is drunk. Anything could happen, even in training nothing ever plays out the way our brilliant military masterminds expect it to, believe me on that one!! The enemy is there and they must die, that's all that matters to the players. If you are worried about play balance, I can tell you that 2:1 in favor of the player is a good ratio for an attack. So you can do two friendly platoons with APCs or IFVs, vs one reduced enemy platoon, whio are sans vehicles but with guided ATGMs. That would make a balanced scenario. Take away vehicles or raise the casualty percentages in the editor to get the numbers closer, if needed. Easiest way to justify changes to the TOE is casualties or hasty field substitutions... just because big Army doesn't think your troops need RPG 7s, doesn't mean the ground commanders agree! The exact details (ie recon vs infantry, BMPs vs BTRs) of that force can be shaped by the background of your missions.
  6. Your "Amongst the Ruins" map for CM:RT is truly brilliant. :wub:

    1. SeinfeldRules


      Thank you! I hope it has inspired you. :D

  7. SeinfeldRules

    [WIP map/scenario] Taming the watchdog

    First - Combatintman, thank you for the plug, I appreciate the kind words. Second - Kaunitz, if this is your first map, 2.5km x 4km is biting off way more then you can chew! Trust me on this one! You need to scale it back! 1000x1400 would be a much more suitable size for your engagement, and is much more manageable in the editor to boot. The narrative you've built for your scenario is excellent. Just enough background detail to get the point across. The minefield is a very credible threat, severely impacting the ability for wheeled vehicles to use that avenue- maybe not worthy of a set piece attack, but enough of a concern to send a platoon to deal with it. This kind of stuff happened all the time in World War 2 and would happen in a modern conflict as well. Don't sweat the small stuff, that is easy to hand wave away. Don't have artillery support? Eh, it's busy elsewhere, you ain't important enough (as suggested above). Why not at night? Eh, timeline is too tight, war waits for no man. Third - If you do end up cutting your map size down, I've attached a map with a red box around what I think is a suitable looking area you can cut out and model in game. Scenarios set in open farm land can be tricky as the extremely long sight lines can make it difficult to come up with credible attack plans. Having the main road, fence lines and what looks like a dry stream adds multiple avenues of approach for the player without "scripting" the scenario. It also makes setup of the defender more interesting as you have to account for all possible player choices! You can never get it 100% right, which is good. It's supposed to be a scenario, not a puzzle, IMO.... Another hint for map design... don't have your height map be based only on contour lines... add fixed height boxes of 1m difference between the lines to create more rolling terrain. The amount of realism (and tactical nuance) you can add by this one action alone is unbelievable! Download some of my maps, and you'll see what I mean. Also, paved roads and fence lines tend to be "built" up, and create natural barriers that troops can hide behind. Ditch lock these terrain features 1m higher then the surrounding ground and watch your map pop with detail... dirt roads and paths do the opposite, ditch lock those 1m down from the surrounding terrain. The number one thing that I believe makes maps look more realistic is this use of varying height. It can take a bland looking map and make it one that is full of realism. Also, don't be afraid to change reality... Google Earth makes it easy to copy real locations, but sometimes that just ain't fun! I always use a blended approach of reality and my imagination. Just my 2 cents of course, I am happy to see other scenario designers participating in this great hobby and don't want to discourage you! I hope you have fun!
  8. SeinfeldRules

    Artillery (in)accuracy

    With US artillery, assuming you've accounted for all non-standard conditions, you will still have a "beaten zone" or around 80-120m long and 40m wide. This for a point target, both in game and in real life. A while ago I did some tests, and the game results were actually quite similar to data pulled from the US TFTs for a range of around 12,000-15,000m. I had the exact data written down, but it's gone now. I don't know what your "beaten zone" looks like in this particular case but modern artillery isn't a sniper rifle.
  9. SeinfeldRules

    SeinfeldRules Scenario Thread (CMFB)

    Anyone have any feedback on the above scenario...?
  10. SeinfeldRules

    AD CMFB Terrain Mod

    Fall foliage is one of the hardest things for me to mod. I believe it has to do with the way the LODs are drawn in this game. At close distance, a multi-colored tree looks great and super realistic... but as soon as you back off and start actually playing the game, the LODs start kicking in and it's almost impossible to get the art to match color wise... and hence you get that super distracting POP as trees come in and out of LOD distance and the color changes. So I settled for the multi colored look by just giving every tree a different fall color. The coloring for fall foliage is also extremely hard for me to get right... either the color is too bright and trees look like lollipops, or everything is too drab and it looks like plastic dipped in mud. Hopefully someone more skilled then I will come along and make a kickass fall foliage mod, because the more I play with the art, the more it looks worse.
  11. SeinfeldRules

    AD CMFB Terrain Mod

    Thanks Zveroboy, always good to hear from the people who use my stuff!
  12. SeinfeldRules

    SeinfeldRules Scenario Thread (CMFB)

    A new scenario! East of Aachen v1.0 http://bit.ly/2imjAVC You are a German infantry commander, caught in the ever tightening noose that encircles Aachen. Your Volksgrenadier Regiment is responsible for the eastern portion of the defense, and has been slowly pushed back towards the edge of the city. American gains are steady, but we counterattack wherever we can to give the defenders of the city more time to prepare. Just this afternoon, American infantry and artillery pounded our battalion's position, pushing out our sister company from their foxholes and taking the ground for themselves. Your company, the regimental reserve, was quickly assembled and sent towards the position, in an effort to throw the Americans out before they can consolidate the ground and dig in.
  13. SeinfeldRules

    Separatist push/Ukraine shove back

    As others have stated, a gripping account of the fighting, and one that shows a first hand view of what I've read elsewhere... using older technology to avoid effects of Russian EW, soldiers choosing to ride on the top of APCs, etc... and again hitting my point earlier about the use of vehicles in a fight of this scale, it seems that they are being used solely as a logistical transport asset, and not a fighting vehicle. When the soldier mentioned asking higher for more people/weapons/thermal sights, it seems the perfect answer to me would have been sending up an APC to reinforce the position. Why are the leaders on the ground not getting these vehicles into the fight? Are these vehicles more vulnerable then we think? Is the ground/terrain not adequate for employment of vehicles? Do they just turn into big targets? @Haiduk I would love your input on this one.
  14. SeinfeldRules

    Separatist push/Ukraine shove back

    This is turning into something that I think would make an interesting basis for a CMBS scenario, often the smaller infantry fights that would occur on a regular basis during a large conflict are ignored for the large set piece tank battles. I'm curious about the role of vehicles in this fight... this seems to be a dismounted infantry fight, and I would expect more vehicle casualties mentioned if they were pulling a lot of weight. Modern units are very heavy on the vehicles compared to previous wars and I've always wondered how that would look tactically in a smaller fight, compared to the massive tank battles envisioned in a Fulda Gap scenario (and a lot of CMBS scenarios).
  15. SeinfeldRules

    AD CMFB Terrain Mod

    Thanks! Right here is my mod for CMRT: Try this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9om5odr0jp8rw2i/AD CMFB Terrain.zip?dl=0 The only tags I used were Autumn, Cold, Snow. Autumn is October and November, Cold is December/January with no Snow, Snow is self explanatory.