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  1. Hello again, folks! The Map Converter seems to me cool, but... I think there could be a more specified tutorial, more "step-by-step" or a sort of "wizard". The question is the scenario's map I want to turn into an operation's is size 400X240 mts., but the operation's map editor allows me to size only 1200X240 mts. How could I fixed this? And how could I "copy & paste" the map i want to convert? Sorry if I sound too clumsy Greetings from Spain, and thanks for all your help!
  2. Hi! Thanks for your answer but what's that "map converter"? It's the first time I hear about this one. Is it specifically made for the CM series? Where could I get it? Any info or help is very appreciated! Thnx again a lot!
  3. Hello there! I'm new to this forum, and I'd like to know if you could help me with the next matter: I've been making a map for a CMBO's Operation but when I tried to set the parameters of the game, I realised that I made the map for a Battle. How could I fix that? Changing the file extension ".cmb" to ".cmc", maybe? I thought the maps were compatible between campaigns and battles. I've been making that map for a week and I don't want to start it again! Thanks for your help!
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