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  1. Well folks it seems that 1C had the server up for almost a week. Now it is down again. PLEASE 1C keep the server up and keep ToW alive. I lov this game and we need the server to find others who wish to play. Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter. JMayer
  2. WOW I just tried the online server for ToW and to my suprise it was UP. Thanks 1C I only hope it is still up when I am able to play. I am going to be playing around 2pm PST today hope to see you all there. Thanks agian for starting the server 1C.
  3. Server is not up. This is not right 1C please correct this now. Thanks
  4. OK what's going on?? Is this the way 1C is going to treat ToW2 also?? I have been a suporter of this game from the start and now it seems that not even 1C will back it up. This game is getting really good with the JSH mods and now there is no Server to locate any players. So if this is the way ToW 2 is going to be I may have second thoughts of buying it. Sorry but I believe you should keep your games up to date and keep you server up as well. Thanks for letting me rant.
  5. Ok it has been about a month since I posted the locating server was down . IT IS STILL NOT WORKING???? Please will 1C put it back up and Keep it up so that ToW may be played by others. Thanks alot for your quick responce to this request. JMayer aka Mushhead
  6. Thanks Moon, but when were you going to ask them to fix it? We now have a few players but can't play due to not seeing games. I still lov this game and want others to enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks again for getting it back up .
  7. Hello all, 1C please set up the server so we can play. We finially get people to play online and your sever is down again... We love the game and are trying to get more involed in the game but your server is going down more and more and isn't helping to keep people interested in the game. Thanks for you prompt attention to this matter. JMayer aka Mushhead
  8. Hello to all who wish to play multiplayer ToW. My MSN is Mushhead1@hotmail.com. Add me to your MSN and lets play. I have a team speak server we can use to chat while playing and it helps to coordinate games. Hope to hear from you all soon.
  9. NEW IP FOR TEAM SPEAK.... All feel free to join up when you like. Lets play online....
  10. Hello Soldiercrush, I have a team speak server up that if you join it I would be happy to test your skills out on ToW. The team speak server is there for anyone who wishes to join it. Team Speak is free to use so if you don't have it go to WWW.goteamspeak.com and download the client. My ip for it is Hope you join up soon so we may do battle either co op or mano e mano...lol Jmayer aka Mushhead
  11. Not there but oh well keep trying Gnasher....
  12. well I am not sure but I don't see any campaign called bulldogs in my game? I put the bulldogs folder into my missions folder but looked ingame at all missions and campainges but still no bulldog? Please tell me why that is?
  13. Thanks trying it now... Keep my fingers crossed just in case.
  14. Gnasher, I put it into the main folder of ToW. I now see a bulldogs folder in main. I doint see a campaign though when I play the game. Is that right?
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