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  1. New CM player here, saw something odd during the advanced training campaign, second mission. I think this bunker got left behind.
  2. Has no one ever completed Unexpected Reserves? :confused: ---> Wireless Mouse
  3. I just purchased DropTeam after... oh... a year of debating! I enjoy the game, but I'm stuck on Unexpected Reserves. After several attempts, I can now capture all three depots in about 10 minutes. I use Shrikes to down most enemy dropships before they land, then pick off the rest of the enemies. With about 15 minutes left on the timer I'm awarded with 2000 points. Nothing happens for 15 minutes while I scour the map in a Shrike looking for enemies I missed. I fail the mission every time in spite of this, and it's getting frustrating not knowing what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help me? ---> Wireless Mouse
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