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  1. The game that won't load is larger than the previous PBEM games. To further complicate matters as a test I opened the scenario as a new game on my system, saved it as PBEM, and sent it to the other player. The return file wouldn't load so it's a problem with the incoming file, not the outgoing file.
  2. I upgraded to WIN10 and am having an unusual file issue. The game is installed and running correctly. I can open and play all the games on my desktop. I played several turn based PBEM games with the same player, and now the game won't recognize the returning PBEM turn. I get the WIN 10 not syncing symbol next to the file in drop box, and when I drop it in the incoming e-mail folder it doesn't show up in the game menu. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. I upgraded my CMFB to the game engine 4, 2.0 version. The game opens, but I have a red rectangle in the middle of the screen that says: Base Game 4.0 OK When I click on the box that says 'OK', the game closes. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Eagerly awaiting the update. My one big issue was Russian\Ukrainian IFV's engaging MBT's at 1.5k+ with their 30MM chain guns instead of their ATGM's. At that range you might as well send flowers for all the good it will do.
  5. Ok, so to confuse things I built a quick battle with TOW and Javelin ATGW's and fired them at soft (infantry) targets. What gives?
  6. I'm currently playing 'Galloping horse downfall' and I can't get the US forces to fire their Javelin missiles against soft targets. I've tried area as well as direct enemy targeting. Any idea on what the issue could be? AFAIK US infantry should be able to use the Javelin against soft targets. Thanks.
  7. I use a Sprint 3g\4g air card for my mobile internet access. I've had a reoccurring problem with the game crashing as I enter the password for my turn. Sometimes the game does load, but it plays so slowly it's like stop action photography, then it crashes. Removing the air card completely solves the issue. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. What you fail to understand is it doesn't matter what part of the infantry you're in, you're still a rifleman first. TWATS, (tankers without a tank), are luckey if they all have a weapon if they have to bail out because of the tank goes up, there goes all your stuff. AT and towed artillery aren't infantry, but mortars are. They are indirect fire infantry just like bazooka teams are anti armor infantry. BTW, the 60mm tubes move with the platoon as organic fire support. The range of a 60mm isn't out of small arms range, so the crews know they may be fighting the battle with their rifles as well. Sorry of this came off as harsh, that wasn't my intention. If all you want is a game, get an X-Box. Given the level of detail than CM is striving for with this engine, I want more realism and less 'gaming'.
  9. Ever spend time in the infantry? I have. Even as an 11b I knew the basics of how a mortar worked, and I could put on into action if I had to. That falls under the catagory of a 'life saving' skill. The comparison to opetating a tank just isn't valid. As to waiting for more ammo, yea, that doesn't really work in a fire fight. Run out of bombs and the mortar section is a a platoon of reinforcements. It's either than or sit next to your tube and wait to die, your choice.
  10. My quest for improvements is thus: Onboard artillery should be able to take direction from any unit in voice range. This is particularly true of mortars. There is no reason that a 60mm tube needs an officer or FO to fire a mission. Mortar units need to be able to abandon their tubes. I've had units run out of mortar rounds but I can't get them to drop the tubes. Mortarmen without bombs are infanrty. I'd like to be able to toggle on and off the question marks that mark possible enemy forces. I played a CQB scenario and by the middle of the battle the map was full of possible enemy contacts. Very visually confusing and unnecessary. There is no control of how units occupy a building. They spread out to the point where it's impossible to remain unseen by enemy forces. This makes it impossible to 'sneak' a sniper or FO up into a structure. I should be able to direct a unit into a building without them being seen by every enemy unit within 20 meters. The old CM game had a 'sneak' command, this game should have one too.
  11. First of all I'd like to thank Lanzfeld, YankeeDog, and Winecape for their information. I had my original post set for instant e-mail and for some reason I never got a response. I didn't elaborate in my original post, but it was company HQ's calling in off board 105's. As others have posted I'm also having problems with organic 60mm mortars taking 30 seconds to set up, then needing 3 minutes to get the first round downrange. I spent some time in the infantry, and anything up to 81mm is quick on the draw. From a broken down tume you can have spotters in the air in 60 seconds. Lets hope they fix this in the first patch. To the few posters who seem to be more interested in my post count then anything else, the reason I haven't posted is up until now I haven't had a problem worth posting. Sorry, got a real life.
  12. Ok, I know that WWII artillery wasn't hooked into a modern FDC type setup, but 11 minutes for a US unit to call in 105's? On board mortars taking four minutes to start a fire mission? These times are aren't even close to reality, even WWII reality. Why the slow artillery?
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