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  1. Just what I needed, Ian, many thanks for going to the trouble to respond to a rusty veteran's plea.
  2. Hi gents. I need to redownload, update and reinstall CMBS. I have figured how to access my original license key and download files but before I plunge in, can someone please advise re. the following: i. My original purchase of "CMBS 1.03 Full Windows" shows up as 8 files, many with .brz suffixes plus .bin and .exe files. Do I download all of these to a folder and then just let the installer do its work? And will I get the option to install to my E: drive? ii. I have forgotten how to update this game. Obviously I want to get from 1.03 to the latest version (2.10, I believe); what is the best way to do this? Many thanks. I have an ability to mess this kind of stuff up so I'd appreciate advice.
  3. I'm looking for a good, balanced, tactical PBEM, nothing too huge. I find that hand-made battles, the good ones anyway, offer an extra dimension and a friend and I have played through a few of the scenarios that came with CMBS. However, until it is possible to filter the files in the Repository properly, I am not sure how to find such a thing efficiently, so I am asking for recommendations. US vs Russia or US vs. Ukraine please, daytime preferred. Thank you!
  4. If Shane is kind enough to fill a large hole in the scenario database support currently offered by BF's own web site, then he is performing a valuable service. I do not regard his attempts to popularize this service as spam and I intend to support it fully.
  5. Many thanks for responding, Steve, much appreciated. In the meantime, announcements on this forum of new content by its creators seems to be the best way to identify scenarios, etc. that one might want to download.
  6. Thanks, guys. Amazing. I am not going to trudge through the Repository without being able to sort by type or even stars given by users. This is a pity as I was looking forward to finding great new scenarios but they'll have to bring the database search function up to the bare minimum standards first.
  7. How do I access the folders for type: scenario? I am astonished that the database is not searchable by type.
  8. The answer to this must surely be staring me in the face but I cannot figure out how (or even if) the BF Repository allows the user to filter uploads by type, i.e. in my case, scenario files only. And is it possible to refine a search further (i.e. too identify scenario files designed for PDEM, etc.)? I will delete this thread and go stand in the corner if I figure it out before anyone gives me the answer. Thanks!
  9. OK, here is a little video of a Bradley vs tanks. As you can see, the Brad tries to use his cannon but it's the last thing he gets to do. Of course I realise there are many mitigating factors here; the cannon shot is frontal therefore ineffective, it's 1 vs 2 and the range is probably far too close for a TOW shot but please believe me when I say that three Bradleys have had a target aspect on two tanks at TOW range for the last ten minutes but never took a shot with the TOW2. One more thing: Can anyone confirm L0ck&Load's statement that Cavalry Bradleys which arrive without embarked infantry squads, can equip non-attached infantry squads with Javelin launchers and missiles? I know L0ck is much more expert than I am but I wonder if this is true and I just missed it (and therefore lost the battle) or whether he might be mistaken. Thanks! https://youtu.be/dFtc_SPpCM8
  10. Those cannon were wonderfully effective against the enemy light armour but it cannot be sound tactics to wait for a side aspect or a close-range shot against tanks instead of using the TOW2. I will be a very happy camper if (or hopefully when) this is tweaked in 1.03.
  11. Well, in that case I must stand corrected, L0ck. Will check this out ASAP.
  12. Womble, I am not sure that the Cav M2s carry these weapons like the equivalent IFVs do and I doubt that the player can deploy the vehicle crew to operate weapons acquired in this way. I will check and will stand by for an informed response.
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