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  1. CMN and the expansions and CMFI and the expansions. Tks!!
  2. Hi, It´s been years since I don´t play. Something I forgot. After activating the game to 3.0 which version should it read on the beginning screen? It reads 2.20. Thanks!!
  3. Hi, Hope you are doing fine. im having these shadow lines when you move the camera to some positions. Anyway to set the game on any way to avoid it? I have all settings at max and a Nvidia GTX 660 Ti https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63107621/Shadows%20lines.png Many thanks!!
  4. Hi, Is there a difference between Juju´s UI Desktop Gral Edit 2.0 and Juju´s UI Tweaked UI v2.0? Many thanks!
  5. For a moment it worked on windowed mode but now I have the following error: Failed(make): 0x80004001 not implemented. Any clues? Many thanks Federico
  6. Hi, I´m trying to run SCWWII Global Conflict v 1.07 on Mac Book Pro. The game runs till the opening splash but when I try to start a new game or even go to settings nothing happens. I have to kill the game to go back to desktop. Any idea? Many thanks for the help. Regards Federico
  7. Hi, im playing the global conflict gold version world at war campaign. When I press the S key to see the supply on the current turn it works ok, but when I press it for the second time it doesn't show the numbers for the next turn. The numbers just disappear. Any clues? Many thanks!
  8. Unit Swapping: Hi, has anyone know how to use this new feature? Tks
  9. Hi, Is the hotfix shaders still needed for a Nvidia GTX 660 Ti? Could someone drope me a link or tell where to find it to try? Many thanks!
  10. What about 1st mission of The Road to Montebourg? Do we have enough smoke to advance? Im with some guys on the river that comea across. But with no C2 with their leders. Going to have to restart I think.... Clues? Cheers!
  11. Many thanks George! I assume they work with 2.01 version of the game right? Cheers and thanks again!
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