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  1. Sorry about that link @BletchleyGeek, I didn't see that shipping was restricted to Sweden from that page. I'd really recommend you send him an email as per the description below and I'm sure he'll get back to you in a couple of days and explain how international orders are handled. "Please ask anyone interested in the Black Cross/Red Star series to just send me a short e-mail with the header ”Want info on Black Cross/Red Star”. The e-mail should be sent to me at vaktelforlag@gmail.com"
  2. The Black Cross / Red Star series is getting a reprint (vol 1-3). And this summer the 5th vol will be released. https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/black-cross-red-star-air-war-eastern-front-volume-1-operation-barbarossa/ "Please ask anyone interested in the Black Cross/Red Star series to just send me a short e-mail with the header ”Want info on Black Cross/Red Star”. The e-mail should be sent to me at vaktelforlag@gmail.com" http://www.bergstrombooks.elknet.pl/bc-rs/
  3. I had to try this one out as well, never gotten around to do so earlier. Nice little campaign I might have gotten a easier rout to victory with the AI plan. In the final mission (spoilers), two of the PzIII charged forward straight up the hill to the paras defensive positions. They where quickly dispatched with grenades and a bazooka. It didn't take long for the panzers to button up with a lot of small arms fire and the 105 artillery mission hitting the hill and areas around the "German base of attack" objective( I used a slow ROF to keep the enemy attack broken up for a bit longer). Then as the PzIVs moved forward, one drove up the slope to the house close to "German base of attack" objective. It never spotted the pack howitzer that killed it turret front from 470 meters with two HEAT shells. Once I got the Sherman reinforcements I maneuvered three of them to my far right by the small house and orchard, from where they could get hull down positions. The remaining two where positioned in hull down positions on hill 1056. With the help of the infantry i spotted a second PzIV on the slope to the right (my right) of the "German base of attack" objective. It was buttoned up and I soon had all five Shermans with LOS to the position. One finally got a spot and shot it up from 450 meters (firing from an elevated position it scored a hit on the hull top armor), the PzIV never spotted its attacker. Soon after I spotted a third PzIII just to the left (my left) of the "German base of attack" objective. Hull down and with a lot of trees between it and my two Shermans on hill 1056. My initial plan was to move the two platoons of supporting infantry up the respective side of the enemy objective and take out this tank with a flanking maneuver. But before this could happen one of the Shermans on hill 1056 got a spot and could kill the PzIII with a turret front penetration from 600 meters (I didn't expect that with the nice hull down position and much foliage in the way). It was also buttoned an didn't get a spot on its attacker. I could then proceed with the infantry pincer and tanks in overwatch to capture the "German base of attack" objective, no more panzers to be found. I think the overall lessons here are to not rush in with the tanks, make sure you have solid spots on the enemy tanks with your infantry before you move in so you know you can get good positions to engage from. Try to have the enemy buttoned up so you have a spotting advantage. And use superior numbers when ever possible. No cakewalk to be sure and its important to take the time to attack in a coordinated manor. To many times I have thought a battle is all but over to rush in and suffer horrible casualties.
  4. I don't think the WP rounds are intended for offensive use in CM, only as smoke. That's just how its been modeled. So I'm guessing that's why that message pops up. WP rounds will however cause casualties if they land close to infantry if I'm not mistaken. But I don't think its very effective. HE will do the job better in the confines of CM.
  5. Dropping a link to a AAR and some explanation to how we fused CM and John Tillers PzC. There where lots of variants used by different umpires and players, and can be found with a quick search. I really enjoyed it
  6. WOW! Thanks for sharing and explaining how you do it Aquila. Amazing..
  7. Still have the old CDs but had to pick them up from GOG, feels good to have digital copies. Great games even though the series have come such a long way since then. Going back and forth between CMx1 and CMx2 during the last two days have really messed with me. Took a while to get used to not be able to use the scroll wheel for elevation in CMx1.. and once I was back in CMx2 I wast trying to use the + and - for elevation to no avail Thanks to BFC for two decades of great gaming and to be continued for years to come!
  8. I was also hit two weeks ago. Thanks CG for starting the thread, and thanks Steve for the info.
  9. I applied the patch but the game still says v2.00. Anyone else get this? Any Idea what I might have done wrong?
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