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  1. Still have the old CDs but had to pick them up from GOG, feels good to have digital copies. Great games even though the series have come such a long way since then. Going back and forth between CMx1 and CMx2 during the last two days have really messed with me. Took a while to get used to not be able to use the scroll wheel for elevation in CMx1.. and once I was back in CMx2 I wast trying to use the + and - for elevation to no avail Thanks to BFC for two decades of great gaming and to be continued for years to come!
  2. I was also hit two weeks ago. Thanks CG for starting the thread, and thanks Steve for the info.
  3. I applied the patch but the game still says v2.00. Anyone else get this? Any Idea what I might have done wrong?
  4. Wow.. it just got even better! Where were you able to find that information? The samples look amazing.
  5. Im a big fan of your portraits mods, the insignia of individual units really adds to the immersion for me. These new ones really blows everything else away! A must have mod.
  6. Anyone that can recommend the Stalingrad Battle Atlas series by Anton Joly?
  7. Thanks for checking. I left a turn based single player scenario running on my computer just now, only played a few turns then let it sit for a few hours, and came back to a CTD. Never seen this before either. Really sucks to see my favorite game stop working, especially with so much new stuff just around the corner. 😭 GTX 780M, driver 398.36, Win 10 version 1803, OS version 17134.112. Shaders on. Whats the mouse input part? Whether the mouse is moved/used on during the test?
  8. Looks like this might be whats happening to me: i.e. new Geforce drivers not compatible, and to revert I also have to downgrade my win 10 installation.
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