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  1. CAS

    New features curiosity

    - a cinematic mode without transparent buildings and crosses for casualty s - a new advance movement order where a unit advances until contact, engages until contact is lost, waits a choosable amount of time and continues the advance. Preferably the advance state could be toggled on/off for all movement states. - boarding rearming and disembarking vehicles in the same turn.
  2. If i have the time I like the big scenarios. Mechanics like flanking, recon and long distance stand-offs work better on the big maps. WeGo is essential in the big scenarios because the game performs better and because it is easier to maintain control.
  3. The reason why I play more WEGO lately is that the game performs way better in the big scenarios. (on my system at least) And I enjoy the replay feature which unfortunately not is possible in Real time. And yes in real-time there are phases in the battles where i hit pause bottom every 10sec. (i do not have replay, so I have to know what is going on) Having played both Real time and Wego I do not think that the implementation of the fog of war from real-time to WEGO would have any down sides (you only have to click once to get the big picture) But well it takes programming time and probably it is not essential. In my opinion the combat mission series has one of the best C2 systems I have seen in comparable games. It is a hidden gem that I would love to see improved upon. In no way I wish a game that is more clumsy to play or more cumbersome to select units. I do not have the time or interest to have a stack of papers besides the game with self limiting rules (used and proposed by other players) My wish is to use the implemented C2 system to full effect. A unit out of C2 should not even be able to react to the threats it does not see. (that´s why you should not be able to give orders to them) A unit out of C2 should not be able to give you (as the commander of the operation) information about the enemy. In the modern games loss of C2 is not as big an issue as everyone has radios -but in the WW2 era it would make a big difference. Just to round up the discussion from my side, as I do not think we are going anywhere. And if Steve does not even play in iron himself I think we have a lost case... And of course I am still supporting your product as it is still unique on the marked. (just a shame for the hidden gem)
  4. Thanks for the answers. I tried playing a bit without deselecting units. Did not really work: In WEGO you can always see all units while giving orders anyway. In real time it worked better but if you cycle throe the units you will still select the units out of C2 and see what they see In RT it works better if you only click on units your HQ can see, but it does not work for voice and radio contacts. In between you try to select a unit but you miss it and immediately you get the big picture and can see all units. Would have been an easy way to make it work ... unfortunately it does not seem to be the solution.
  5. Hi Steve, I know we discussed this before and I do not want to take too much of your precious programming time for one of my favourite games... But you seem to seem to be quiet active on the forums the last days and I feel I have to support the argument for a "improved fog of war" while the discussion came up again. I know from my kids that sometimes they do succeed in getting their will after asking me multiple times because i can see the issue is really important for them. -and their arguments get better and better. Two questions: 1.Can you actually see or estimate how many players play in which difficulty mode? 2.Can you see or estimate how many players play in SP or MP (sometimes I am worried with games shifting more and more to MP) I ask because I would expect most players to be interested in the most realistic difficulty setting. They chose to buy a game that is proud to be one of the most realistic and well researched games on the marked. It is not the easiest game to buy / install and understand and there are many games on the marked that have a similar setting and are more accessible. The biggest difference is focus on realism and detail, which is best represented in iron mode. Maybe the naming "iron" is a bit confusing. Often in computer games the higher difficulty settings mean more enemies and unfair advantages for the AI. This is not the case in "iron mode" and maybe "realistic" would be a term that would motivate more people to play this mode. Concerning the MP / SP aspect of the game: If you still want to invest in the SP aspect of the game, all improvements to the tac AI should be a good investment. The argument that you need the player for every decisions of a small teams /squad works best in the MP environment. In SP you want your AI opponent to react reasonable too! I think that it is important that the AI can react appropriate when coming under fire so I would not mind if some units with broken chain of command do their own "AI thing" (of course there is room for improvement still... did you not say it is on top of your list for the next patch ) Probably your military contract would also be interested in more realistic representation of broken comms and the ensuing loss of control and confusion. I would love to see what the missing radio would do to my T34 platoons or if I would succeed in commanding a Italian battalion with the few radios they have. Maybe I would understand that it was neither the Italian soldiers nor the Italian officers that failed but the problem was that the soldiers never found out what the officers wanted them to do Just as a reminder what I would like to see: -loss of chain of command: unit greys out and becomes unresponsive/ continues orders, no updates to intel from the unit. - after a certain time without orders/ out of contact the unit try´s to re-establish contact. - a new, more robust waypoint order where a unit advances until contact, fights and continues to the waypoint as soon as the contact is lost. (would make it possible to make battle plans for units without comms in the beginning of a scenario) - an after action review where all units are visible (so we can see what the AI did while we could not see them) Remember such an update would make it interesting to play ALL the games again (oh wait - I do not have the time to do that...) Hope you can accept that I had to push for my favourite topic again. (hope you do NOT stop all work on comms and AI in protest )
  6. CAS

    Battle for France 1939-1940

    France and the polish campaign would be nice!
  7. So true, would be a great feature, one of the most important ones for the entire series. I learned to love the 1min replays and they it would be greatly improved in a "true" cinema mode. Should not be too difficult to implement for the developer (what do I know...)
  8. CAS

    Command Friction 2.0

    I have been playing my last games wit a strict policy to keep my units in C2 and this is not impossible! (WW2) You have to keep the officers closer, take good care of them and recover all lost radios! With free line of sight the squads are allowed to move pretty far away. You can still move them further away than C2 and give them complex commands before they break contact. You will just not see what they encounter before they are back in C2. Obviously a squad is more fragile when out of C2 because it can not split up and react dynamic to new contacts with flanking manoeuvrers. Autonomously they can: - react with fast move (move order) - cancel move order (when suppressed) - stop (hunt order) - retreat (when suppressed) (additionally i would like them to stop and fire on contact, continue to the waypoint after a certain amount of time without contact) All this is not perfect but certainly not a game breaker! The problem now is: You send a squad or even a tiny recon detachment to the front. The soldiers (without radio) spot a enemy and you (as the commander) have instant knowledge of the situation and adopt the behaviour of the entire Company to the new situation. This situation encourages the use of small teams spread over the map as cheap and effective recon. This is not realistic at all! I would prefer degraded control over units out of C2 over this unrealistic "über" view. In reality a isolated squad without C2 would be pretty helpless and useless in the big picture. Of course this is not everyone cup of tea and it should be optional. Sorry Bil Hardenberger for hijacking your thread, at least I think we share some ideas.
  9. CAS

    Command Friction 2.0

    Just what I thought: I do not have the time and temperament to play it the way you do with all the paperwork next to the computer. But I really like the realism aspect of it! - no orders to units out of C2 - no feedback from units out of C2 - a more robust hunt order where units stop and fire on contact, continue to the waypoint after a certain amount of time without contact. - when idle for a prolonged time units should automaticly go back to the last known location of their commanding officer Would be the most important improvement for the series for me. And a step forward for wargaming
  10. What i would like to see is more advanced / realistic communication: A new difficulty mode would feature that you only can use the soldiers within comms range. Out of comm range you can not give them orders and you do not see what they see. A two man recon team would need an extra waypoint to get back to the commander to tell what they could see. Squads or tanks without radio would have massive disadvantages. Flares and cable comms could be implemented to compensate for some of it. I know we discussed it before, it is still the feature I would like to see most.
  11. I like the fleeing soldiers in 4.0 Played a German campaign where you play some scenarios with elite SS or Falschirmjäger troops and others with green Luftwaffe or Marine troops. The difference is huge! For the green soldiers it is essential to keep them in command range. And your enemy's will flee too! The fleeing soldiers seem to be especially happy for big shell holes....
  12. A new move (fx. Advance) Speed like normal move, when the unit gets under fire instead of changing to "fast" the unit should take cover and return fire. If the unit is out of contact it should proceed with the move order.
  13. CAS

    Skill Level: Iron

    Would be nice to have a official comment on the amount of work needet.... We can only guess. If you look at the first page of the threat you can see that the manual states: If you have a friendly unit not in line of sight or in contact with another friendly unit, then the only way to find this unit is by either re-establishing contact with another friendly unit..... Looks like the feature was about to be implemented? Problems with the Code? Bad Gameplay? Hard to Imagine the Ai could have Problems with the extra fog of war. The AI does not seem to react with dynamic movement orders to enemy Contacts in the first place?!
  14. CAS

    Skill Level: Iron

    I have been playing the game with these self restricting rules and it is possible with orders. What is not possible today is the extra fog of war you would get if units out of C2 would not feed you with informations about the enemy. All the talk about the insufficient AI... I think the units are good at taking cover, fleeing and shooting back! And that is all i would expect from a unit out of C2
  15. CAS

    Skill Level: Iron

    I really would like this to be implemented into iron mode! Looks like much of it already is in place. If you click on the units you get a realistic picture what the unit is aware of. If you un select the unit you should get a picture of what all units in C2 are aware of. The problem is mostly for WW2 games with low number of radios. I feel like cheating when i send a 2 men spotter team without radio into a outlook position and i instantly can see everything they see. Would be nice to give them a move order to a spotting position, a pause order and a move order back into C2 where you get icons for the spotted units. If units reach the destination of their move order they should stay there. If the order gets interrupted by the enemy (or they have to flee) they should eventually move to the closest known friendly position to get into C2. A sniper team should work just fine this way.... If friendly unit icons would be click-able you could use scouts as runners to give orders to units out of C2. Last week I was playing the FI mission where you as the Italians have to defend a beach: The Italians had no radios at all!!! This would need fixed cable communication to be implemented. It would add so much to the game! Imaging reestablishing C2 to a separated unit: you can hear a firefight in the distance... are they all lost? -is everyone OK? In the real world even elite forces can get lost when C2 ist lost as we can see in "Bravo Two Zero" link: Bravo Two Zero