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  1. I'm talking about using the mission generator to generate missions in which I defend the river crossing either as the Russians or Germans. I thought it may have been the result of the experience setting. But I have played a couple of missions using elite for both sides and the AI armour still drives into the river instead of crossing on the bridge. Although in the last mission I played, 3 German armoured vehicles drove into the river, 2 stayed there, another came out on the German side and stopped there, while a fourth drove across the bridge.
  2. I've been using the battle generator in the demo for the last 2 days and I'm quite impressed. The only map available in the battle generator has a river crossing. I have not seen an ai tank even try to cross the bridge. Instead, they either stop at the river bank or drive into the river ands disappear. I have to place my tanks exactly at the start of the bridge and then they can make it across. But I have seen ai infrantry cross the bridge.
  3. I've successfully downloaded from the repository before, but I just tried for this one and got the following: The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An invalid character was found in text content. Error processing resource 'ftp://.../5th_Italian_mission.387.zip'. I can't remember if my successful download was before I installed IE8. It may have been.
  4. I forgot to mention that you have to enter a server name for the continue button to activate.
  5. I just picked this out of the review at ArmChairGeneral: "The player can start a multi-player game with only a computer opponent, basically a random skirmish." Tried it for a few minutes on Multiplayer LAN and it seems to be true. Maybe the AI has the same troops each time. I didn't try it for long enough to find out. But there are enough variables (maps, selection of nations and force mix, battle type) to allow the generation of lots of battles against the AI.
  6. I think it's an important question. I play IL2 and enjoy shooting up ground targets, and have wondered a number of times how I can lock onto a plane in this game and watch the action. Thanks for asking and I hope there is a good answer.
  7. Try opening it with Notepad. Right click, Open with, select Notepad. You might want to save a copy of the file before you start editing it.
  8. I received mine yesterday. I live in Vancouver, Canada
  9. There are still a lot of players on the multiplayer servers, and a lot of them seem to be from eastern Europe and a few from Russia. There are also a number of players from Britain, which is really no surpise because they're a bloodthirsty lot. They really got the game play just right and I haven't seen any better since then. I wish they would upgrade the graphics a bit and I would buy it again. People are still doing mods for it.
  10. Oops. Too big. Like the icons for crewmen. How about this one?
  11. The point I was trying to make earlier is that, at least for me, the size and graphics of the crewman icon is too large compared to that for the infantryman (which I like as is). Here's a screenshot of what I am trying to convey. At this point in the battle, enemy crewmen are less important to me than enemy infantrymen, but their icon is much larger than the icon of the attacking infantrymen. I would be happier if the icon for a crewman was smaller and simplified, such as a square or dot, simiar in size to the infantryman icon. What is a "hitbox"? I don't play many RTS, but instead tend towards simulations, such as Pacific Fighters/IL2, and Take Command. OK, I'm still hooked on Hidden & Dangerous 2 for a third person shooter. http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k35/jetsetsam/grab_2009_05_11_18_15_54_640tga_000.jpg
  12. "Icons for ordinary soldiers (who don't have special abilities like: machine gunner, AT soldier, sniper, officer, driver) are way too small. It's a real hassle to select these soldiers from a distance, in the heat of a battle". I don't agree with this statement. The smaller icons are a great improvement over the party balloon icons in TOW1, which really detracts from the immersion. They are far too big. Looks like a battlefield full of smilies. I think the small triangular icon for an infantryman is a good size and effective for gameplay. I don't have any trouble using it. Please don't change it. However, the icons for vehicle crews remain too large when you zoom out. Midway through a battle, the icons for the crews of disabled/destroyed vehicles tend to dominate the battlefield image and are reminiscent of the party balloon battle image of TOW1. They aren't so important that their icon should be larger than the icon for an infantryman. Perhaps you could simplify the icon by making it a small dot or a square, to diffentiate them from infantrymen. The icon doesn't have to be a simplified image to help players understand that its for a crewman. To respond to people who like playing with large coloured party balloons or smilies, perhaps you could have an option to select icon size, and even colour. I changed the icon colour for the allies in TOW1 from green to blue and I thought it was a big improvement.
  13. I don't agree with putting all units on "hold". I also play Take Command, and unless you take command of your units, they act with some independence, just as would be experienced in battle. It gives a greater feeling of reality, where units don't always do what you want, when you want. I want to continue to see the same unit independence in this game, unless I take command of them deliberately.
  14. It's in the game folder. I don't know how adept you are with computers and software, so I'll keep it very simple. Open up any folder, on your desktop or one you have in My Documents, etc. Go up to the top and click on Folders, over on the left, click on my computer, local disk ©, Program Files, Battlefront, Theatre of War 2 and you're now in the game folder. Click on the green square that has two white flowers or gears and is called options.exe. Double click on it and under the System tab uncheck smart pause under Game. Click OK, and then close out of all the folders etc with the red X in the top right of your desktop. Done.
  15. Ooh, ooh your answer is just so butch, It just chaps my ass when guys talk rough with me. I mean, really.
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