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  1. Your breach teams act like engineers. They can 'mark mines', which becomes possible after someone detects a mine. Good way or bad way ;-). Use engineers with move/slow and pauses to detect mines.
  2. Good to see you here! 🙂 PS: Enjoying the renovated TF Thunder campaign.
  3. @domfluff lol I literally just setup both game with someone that replied yesterday. Any other CMSF2 pbem game instead? 🙂
  4. strange, i got 5+8 which actually was indeed 13 :-). Maybe a browser thing, you could try another one.
  5. As a original CMSF1 customer: I'm very happy with the upgrade! My missing old CMSF1 license # was fixed by support in a couple of minutes, so I'm all set! And a well deserved thank you for everyone in the dev and beta team for this feat of hard work. BFC congrats with another release!
  6. I got as far as activating all old modules and the big upgrade bundle, just need to find out my old CMSF1 key. When I click play now I do get the empty license screen. But I guess that's correct since I don't have my license anymore. I'll open a ticket as suggested by Steve a while back.
  7. No worries! Indeed, thanks! Downloading now.
  8. Great! It is I just placed an order, it's now in 'process' status, is that correct?. Shipment # 1 - Download for InternationalShipment status: Pending
  9. I don't know or remember why the Dutch were chosen. Good reasons could be gear similarities with German and Canadian forces and track record of Dutch participation in international military missions; it wasn't unrealistic to include the Dutch forces. Although bitterballen could have added some weight on the scale too, obviously. PS: I recently found out about this translator: https://www.deepl.com/translator. It seems to work better compared to google.
  10. While I don't design CM scenario's myself, I don't think you have grasped what Mark said about 'vision'. When you design something, you need to have a 'vision' of what you want to achieve with you design. Otherwise you aren't designing anything, you are merely clicking around in the editor. The same goes for product development in general.
  11. Great advice (not only the quoted bit)! However I'd like to apply a slight nuance: I'd say make contact / recon with the smallest possible force, but engage with maximum force in order to gain fire superiority asap. That said, it's good to keep reserve's in place to respond to the unfolding action (no plan survives first contact with the enemy) and maintain good overwatch, but I'd say that's all part of the 'engage' process. Of course over committing to an engagement while neglecting flank/rear security isn't the intention of engaging with maximum force. Engaging with maximum force prevents feeding your assets peace-meal to the meatgrinder / enemy.
  12. The brit platoon CO does have the 51mm direct fire only mortar, which is intended in that role (look it up IRL). It's not a mortar team, more like a grenade launcher. They are different from 'normal' on map mortar teams, that can fire indirectly. You also have 81mm off map mortars available in this scenario. Regarding the building glitches: yes I noticed those too.
  13. Good point (hunt being bad for room clearing but not other tasks). To clarify my post, my HQ was moving into a building which one of their squads had occupied already for a couple of minutes. Given that the squad was occupying the first floor, I had the HQ moving up to the 3rd floor. Perhaps they fired a shot, not sure. Imo the best for stealth is move/slow coupled with 'hide' and a short covered arc. Edit: After getting a foothold in the city the scenario isn't that hard, given the available firepower. Don't wan't to go into spoilers here, but I got a Syrian surrender when I had surrounded the objectives, setup some bases of fire and was slowly pushing forward. 5 WIA, 1 KIA (and some more yellow bases). I did reload a few times when soldiers/vehicles moved into weird spots and I was lucky with a couple of RPGs missing barely and or hitting trees and a ATGM that hit a tree and then the ground in front of a warrior. Don't be scared to hit the objectives with 30mm or 120mm, just not lay waste to them with 155mm artillery.
  14. I feel you here. I lost my 1st platoon HQ (at least the CO and 2IC) from Syrian sniper fire, while they were (quick) moving into a position inside a building on the 3rd floor. I do think that hunt/move (or slow for best results) makes troops more difficult to spot.
  15. Luck is always necessary 😉 I made good progress on the flanks too. About an hour left and almost have eyes on buildings next to the objectives. I did came into a lot more contacts, but so far I was lucky too. An RPG just missed a warrior which proceeded to smoke the RPG team with 30mm, but I did take another casualty and some light wounds.
  16. @The_MonkeyKing, @domfluff, I would be up for one, no matter which side. I have played most of them from Blue perspective (although haven't finished breaking the bank, didnt start passage at wilcox.)
  17. Just realized (again) the infantry platoon leaders have 51mm with smoke rounds and the warriors do have some extra rounds stored. I already loaded some lol. The chally2s also have smoke shells. So far making progress on both flanks, I've reached the square on the middle while fighting for control over buildings near the square on the right. Taken one casualty so far.
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