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  1. Lethaface

    Use of vehicle mounted ATGM

    And the TOW WILL do 'a lot' of damage to the building.
  2. Lethaface

    PayPal order 'Process'

    I used paypal (coupled with my bank account through SEPA orso) without any issues. The order was initially listed as 'process', but I did receive an e-mail with download link.
  3. Lethaface

    Pbem with demo please

    I played all battles in the demo already (one ongoing). For fun could do Alamo, in which case I'd like to try out RED.
  4. Lethaface

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Have the modules seperate too, afaik you need to enter all licenses, at least that is what I did.
  5. Lethaface

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    Ok, strange. Did you try selecting an individual game ('battle X') and than point it to the correct dropbox incoming/outgoing folder? On pc it is right click a game, 'edit game' and then select the appropriate dropbox folder. If that doesn't work, there might be a slight difference between PC and Mac.
  6. Lethaface

    How to get the discount?

    I didn't have it in my orders page either, but that was due to the order being done in a legacy system (2007). A helpdesk ticket quickly fixed that. To answer your question: if you buy the CMSF2 upgrade, you will need both the new and the old keys. That goes for the main game as well as the modules. For example I bought the big bundle upgrade. Licenses entered: big bundle upgrade, old marine module, old brit module, old nato module and old main game. Although the last one I couldn't find anymore.
  7. Lethaface

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    It doesn't 'recognize' the installs here either, but it does work (if tha'ts what you meant by recognized). Screens of settings:
  8. Lethaface

    Civilian Density. Bug?

    Interesting find! If it is that easily reproduced and different from CMSF1 behavior, I guess there is either a good explanation or it's just a bug ;-).
  9. Lethaface

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I have allowed myself not to complain too much about computer games. I'm still trying to allow myself not to complain about RL stuff though
  10. Have started both drills with @BletchleyGeek. Done setup for Allies in drill 1 already, sure is an interesting tactical problem! Apart from a thumbs up for some nicely crafted scenario's, no real feedback yet. I have made a conceptual sketch of what I want to achieve and why. We will see how the execution fares and, later, whether my 'solution' makes sense to others 😉. Will think of how to share experiences without spoiling too much. The idea of both players having to figure out stuff themselves is a good one. It might bring new dynamics, we will see!
  11. Lethaface

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    1.75 also works i you manually add the install. Just make the install settings the same way as the other games (root dir and .exe).
  12. Lethaface

    CMSF2 Main Campaign First Mission Mines

    if you mark them it will help your troops avoid them afaik, but still don't go near them as the mines are still active (marked) mines. They 'just' marked them, not properly demine the area.
  13. Lethaface

    CMSF2 Main Campaign First Mission Mines

    Your breach teams act like engineers. They can 'mark mines', which becomes possible after someone detects a mine. Good way or bad way ;-). Use engineers with move/slow and pauses to detect mines.
  14. Lethaface

    Order completed!

    Good to see you here! 🙂 PS: Enjoying the renovated TF Thunder campaign.
  15. @domfluff lol I literally just setup both game with someone that replied yesterday. Any other CMSF2 pbem game instead? 🙂
  16. Lethaface

    CMSF2 Release Update

    strange, i got 5+8 which actually was indeed 13 :-). Maybe a browser thing, you could try another one.
  17. These sure look interesting! anyone up for a PBEM?
  18. Lethaface

    CMSF2 Release Update

    As a original CMSF1 customer: I'm very happy with the upgrade! My missing old CMSF1 license # was fixed by support in a couple of minutes, so I'm all set! And a well deserved thank you for everyone in the dev and beta team for this feat of hard work. BFC congrats with another release!
  19. Lethaface

    CMSF2 Release Update

    I got as far as activating all old modules and the big upgrade bundle, just need to find out my old CMSF1 key. When I click play now I do get the empty license screen. But I guess that's correct since I don't have my license anymore. I'll open a ticket as suggested by Steve a while back.
  20. Lethaface

    CMSF2 Release Update

    No worries! Indeed, thanks! Downloading now.
  21. Lethaface

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Great! It is I just placed an order, it's now in 'process' status, is that correct?. Shipment # 1 - Download for InternationalShipment status: Pending
  22. Lethaface

    Gauging Combat Mission Interest

    I don't know or remember why the Dutch were chosen. Good reasons could be gear similarities with German and Canadian forces and track record of Dutch participation in international military missions; it wasn't unrealistic to include the Dutch forces. Although bitterballen could have added some weight on the scale too, obviously. PS: I recently found out about this translator: https://www.deepl.com/translator. It seems to work better compared to google.