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  1. And to be honest I for one prefer the 'when it's done approach'. I get it that people like new infos and like to have the toys in their hands asap. Of course, I like too. But I prefer quality and functionality over counting days and dreaming about future stuff. Like you said, enjoy the now!
  2. It probably started off as an inside joke, but unfortunately not everybody gets it 😇🤣
  3. Probably that's just due to the doctrinal differences between the Germans and the Soviets 😉 Have been following both of the DARs with interest. Question: do you think you'll be able on to hold the beers? I assume you're not going to try a push on Jaegermeister.
  4. Plus the weather get's released anyway! On more serious note, the weatherman actually has radar images and calculations to base his predictions on. I've not often come across a full product sized backlog with each item estimated based on evidence based prior experience. And that's not counting the 'non-functional' things that has to be done for a release. Usually people just stare in the void and come up with a date which they want to be finished and call that a release date. 🙂 Lol. I started my IT / sw development career in similar fashion. Or at least we were providing hosting etc to customers and doing some simple projects on the side. The first time we did such a side project, my colleague responsible for the quotation simply asked my other colleague 'when do you think this will be done?'. Then he went on to actually use that guesstimate in the actual quotation. I was sort of perplexed, as there was like 0 rational behind the guesstimate and from there the basis of the quotation. Later I was doing the quotation on the very empiric formula: 'guesstimate' x2 (because my colleague was always to optimistic) x2 (because he only calculated the programming work and forgot about testing etc in his guestimation. Than you have arrived at break even, so if you want to make some money throw it on top of that. It sort of worked good enough. But I've always found it funny how people just believe such predictions at face value while there is 0 rationale behind the outcome. Because project managers etc still be always asking 'when is it finished', I've come up with a new solution. Identify this continuing questioning behavior as the 'when is it done syndrome' and just give some silly answer like 2022-03-26 08:43 CET. That usually shuts them up for a while. Or just ask: 'when does it needs to be done'? We can work towards a deadline, but it won't be the same functionality and quality compared to 'when it's done'. If you only steer on deadline and or money, quality and functionality become the variables. So, turned around: if you steer on functionality and quality, the deadline becomes variable.
  5. Your not asking for a release date, but at the same time you are talking about the unreliability of release dates. I think Elvis just spoke his mind for a bit. You seem a little agitated. Chill out, it's only a computer game.
  6. Is estimating remaining development time easier than predicting the weather? 😉
  7. Is that also true for a hit on the barrel or for example the weapon mount? Still I think the representation with textures of types of hits is a visual approximation on the underlying 'physics calculation' and not to be confused with a real visual representation of what actually occurred.
  8. Been reading this discussion with some interest between work etc For a part it seems that some dialogues have been going past eachother. Personally I don't see what the game should fix, apart from it's always nice if the simulation becomes more fine grained. Yes in certain tactical situations in the game, it can be advantageous to not go hull down. More specific, when you are rolling with tanks and are in close range of several enemy which lack the ability to penetrate your tanks frontal/hull armor but can damage the turret (or gun/mantlet area). Many players still will choose to go for shoot and scoot hull down, because that's still the best thing to do. Others will go for hull up because in specific situations they know it can help their game. I think this is were the misunderstanding is focused. It's 'parameter X has too much influence on outcomes in situation A' vs 'situation A is not, or should not, be a desirable situation whatever parameter X is'. Personally I am happy that CM doesn't artificially reward a 'hull down' position. Yes, sometimes outcomes of battles can feel unnatural. In certain situations, being aggressive and or not caring for certain advantageous like hull down + shoot and scoot, can reward (which is not 'unrealistic' imo). The way how the ballistics simulation of CM compares to the real thing can sometimes be off. It's still a simulation. Also, afaik 'hit mark' visual representation is just a visual representation of the place where the impact occurred with a static texture for the type of round. It's just a texture bolted on a spot, not sure how accurate it is. So if we see 10 penetration textures on the barrel, it might not represent 10 actual APFSDS (or whatever) projectiles making a full penetration through the barrel/muzzlebrake.
  9. Fair enough, although at that time India wasn't as independent as it is now 😉.
  10. There are many types of bullets which are 'non full metal jacket', which are not permitted for military use. The name 'Dum Dum' comes from a British factory. Also it was actually Germany who originally pleaded for the banning of expanding bullets (long before WW2). At the same time for hunting expanding bullets are often mandatory.
  11. Nice updates! I wondered though, why is the loss of that single tank (from the SPW251/21) such a problem?
  12. Observe the lay of the land, before making plans Set your own goals, don't blindly drive/run towards objecives Make an actual plan how to achieve those goals Shoot up enemy positions before assaulting them. Attack when rounds are still falling, not when the enemy has had time to regain his posture. Hide your troops when they come under HE fires and cant retreat. Use covered arcs and hide for ambushes. You don't have to open fire on sight, pick the ideal range for your ambush. Separate enemy tanks and infantry asap.
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