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  1. Lethaface

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    My pleasure πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‚ Enjoy your well deserved retirement. I'm probably only half way there, although I hope to retire before I'm 70 it is still to be seen if I manage. Well, first get there than I'll see what's next. Retiring while playing some CMSF2 doesn't sound too bad at all.
  2. Lethaface

    IED Mechanics?

    Yes, just like normal vehicles iirc. Give them a target and than hit the gas with a fast move. Ive posted info from manual above.
  3. Lethaface

    IED Mechanics?

    From the manual page 93: IEDs: Improvised Explosive Devices (i.e. bombs). Three different types, in various sizes, are simulated in the game. The size determines the strength of the explosion and therefore ability to cause damage and casualties. The different types determine reliability as well as the distance at which the triggerman can be positioned. * Wire – shortest distance (about 100m), 10% failure chance * Radio – medium distance (about 300m), requires line of sight, 20% failure rate * Cell phone – long distance (about 600m), 10% failure chance IEDs typically consist of the bomb itself and the triggerman. The bomb is placed during the setup phase like any other unit. Once placed, it cannot be moved again. The triggerman, however, can be relocated. VBIEDs: vehicle based IEDs, or in other words, a civilian vehicle stuffed with explosive material. VBIEDs are driven by a suicide bomber with the intention to come close to an enemy unit and detonate the device. A VBIED team typically consists of one driver and one spy. The driver’s function is to drive the vehicle and trigger the explosion, while the spy is used to designate the desired target from a safe position outside of the vehicle. Using IEDs and VBIEDs In game terms there is very little difference between operating IEDs (i.e. roadside bombs) and VBIEDs (i.e. vehicle bombs). As you read this section consider everything you read about an IED applies to a VBIED unless specifically noted to the contrary. In order for an IED to detonate it must first be activated, otherwise it remains inert. To activate an IED, select it and choose the Target command from the Combat panel, then click on the map to arm it. If you want the IED to target the first unit that comes near it, click anywhere on the map. If you instead want to target a specific enemy unit, click on that unit and the IED will ignore other possible targets. You can re-designate the target at any time by repeating these steps. Activation is not just a matter of specifying a target, however. For activation to occur the triggerman, at the time the Target command is used, must be in good shape (e.g. not panicked), have an undamaged trigger device in its inventory, be within the maximum range (and/or LOS if required) of the IED, and pass a reliability check. The reliability check determines if the IED itself, or the ability to detonate it, has failed. IEDs that malfunction can’t be made to detonate no matter what. If there is a change to one of these factors, such as the triggerman being eliminated, then the IED remains activated but will not detonate until all requirements are fulfilled again. VBIEDs differ from IEDs mostly in terms of mobility. VBIEDs are driven by a suicide bomber with the intention to come close to an enemy unit and detonate the device. A VBIED team typically consists of one driver and one spy. The driver’s function is to drive the vehicle, select a target and trigger the explosion, while the spy is used to help the driver find possible targets from a safe position outside of the vehicle. The VBIED automatically detonates once in proximity to the first enemy unit that comes near it. No activation is needed like for IEDs. You can also select a specific target for the VBIED. In order to do this, select the VBIED, and choose the Target command. Next, click on the desired enemy unit to target. However, keep in mind that vehicles are generally viewed with suspicion so going after the first vehicle is generally the only practical thing to do. As long as the Target command remains active, the car will only detonate when the selected target unit comes into proximity. Other enemy units will cause no detonation. Targetting a specific unit allows you to let part of a column pass by and detonate the VBIED later. But keep in mind that this is increasing the chances of the enemy to spot you, as well.
  4. Lethaface

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    https://www.psychguides.com/guides/video-game-addiction-treatment-program-options/ I don't know, but if I google 'game addiction help', this website comes up with 6 causes. Salivating isn't one of them though, perhaps that's the 7th step? πŸ˜‚ PS. I am also impatiently awaiting the demo of CMSF2! Have even dived back into CM:BS in anticipation (after not playing CM for quite a while).
  5. Lethaface

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    Just to be 100% clear, I don't think you are a 'fanboi' in any sense. I think the term fanboi has become a sort of an easy argument to substantiate sophisms on this forum; I don't take it's usage seriously. Perhaps you are a little attached to CM and because of this attachment, sometimes defend CMx2 like it's your game. Is that too direct? Sorry, I'm dutch 😜 Apart from the whole fanboi thing which I wish I didn't mention at all (let alone inadvertently imply others), I think you're a very appreciated member of this forum. Even by some of the characters you, imo correctly, summarize above. At least by me. Respected old guard with a lot of knowledge about the game, rational and pleasant in communication (most of the times πŸ˜‰). Besides, we all fail at times. Failing is a healthy thing, as we learn from failing. At least, we can learn from it; not everyone does. Without failing it's hard to learn. I like to think that I have learned quite a lot in my life (but still don't know a lot), and boy did/do I make many mistakes!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Wow, looking like the real deal! I'm definitely interested in the Turkish mods (and Sgt. Squareheads Turkish scenario's). Besides, I too have warm memories of the King Copper mine scenario and the african mod pack. Would be great if someone could make it available for CMSF2.
  7. Lethaface

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    Fair points. My fanboi comment was a little tongue in cheek, had some beers too ;-). I think it has become a sort of tradition here that anyone not being critical is called a fanboi. At the same time, critics are sometimes met with a lot of defensive flak from other users. Both are imo pretty normal things to occur on discussion forums, given the human pscyhe. Anyway, I've certainly had my share of enjoyment with CM. And I'm certain there'll be more with CM:SF2!
  8. There sure are some nice screenshots in there!
  9. Lethaface

    game crashes after some time playing

    As an extra I have tried making a nvidia screen capture to show the performance and it worked. Very easy, first time. I uploaded it t youtube fwiw:
  10. Lethaface

    game crashes after some time playing

    I have been getting this issue for a while too. A week ago I found a thread on the forum which advised me to change my nvidia profile. It seemed to work at first, but didn't in the end. Yesterday I changed my profile again and specifically changed the 'pre-rendered frames' to '4', texture to 'quality' instead of 'high quality', and made sure MFAA was off. I can't remember who posted the profile, but credits to him. Until my change yesterday I was able to reproduce the crash in the sense that it happened quite often, see below. Since I changed my profile, no more crashes have ocurred. I really tried to make it crash. Faulting application name: CM Black Sea.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x58f8cbd6 Faulting module name: nvoglv32.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5b5f4df9 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00823f6b Faulting process id: 0x80c Faulting application start time: 0x01d42dcee2fbcffe Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Battlefront\Combat Mission Black Sea\CM Black Sea.exe Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_52ac7eb8f32780d5\nvoglv32.dll Report Id: ef9feb22-61d5-4495-b7bd-786a6d24df31 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: I have provided some screenshots of my Nvidia profile. System: * I7-7700K (msi z270) * Nvidia GTX 1080 with GSYNC monitor 2560x1440 @165hz (hence no vsync) * 16GB DDR4 * SSD Samsung EVO 960 * 3TB Toshiba SATA for (win10) /users/documents etc (so CMx2 game files are on SATA disk) * Latest NVIDIA Drivers: 398.82 EDIT: I have experienced the crashes both with WEGO and RT. After my latest change I have approx played an hour of RT and 2 hours WEGO. The latter with a lot of alt tabbing, and both with some extensive clicking (except for the scenario loading screen, I left that alone). So far it survived. I wanted to share this before I leave my game for a couple of weeks and forget about the whole issue. In game settings: everything maxed and shadows & shaders on. I'm playing 'Debaltseve Devils' scenario now. Performance feels great, although fps is all over the place from 15 till over 100. I guess because of the GSYNC I don't notice the changes too much. @Schrullenhaft fyi sir πŸ˜‡.
  11. Lethaface

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    This combined with the fact that I respect the challenge of taking on a full blown wargame simulator with 'one and a half man plus a horsehead' (dutch proverb) as a small business, makes me sort of auto buy BF.C titles. Apart from the buggy CMSF release and the relatively long wait for the upcoming patch&content, I think BF.C has always performed great on the 'customer delivery' scale. I haven't needed support a lot, but if I needed it they wuz there. This is now sounding like a fanboi praise, which isn't. I guess it at least fits in with the thread's progress so far, topics be darned.
  12. Lethaface

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    Interesting insight! Here's someone that got into CM through CM:SF. The deep detailed and realistic modeled modern setting and the realtime option got my specific attention and interest at the time. CMx1's 'slow' turn based WW2 system with 'clunky graphics' never really appealed to me - I was 17 when CMBO released, think I tried a demo once. Although CMSF started buggy I liked it from the get go. It only got better, with modules and user created content. From there all other CMx2 releases have been a must buy. I too was and am really 'excited' (in sofar as one can/should be for the release of a computer game) that CMSF is getting updated. I'd love to revisit the old content and sandbox setting in the up-to-date engine. The $35,- big upgrade is a great price imo. I hope the new release attracts a lot of new customers into CMSF2 and from there CMx2 too! PS. Of course I would also be interested in more content / features for uncons in CMSF2. I hope in the future there will be enough perceived business value for you in it to release a pack or something the like. TO&E and visual (mod) pack(s) featuring some scenario's / campaigns? Of course in the fictional CMSF world, a few years after the invasion and the subsequent occupation, it's not unlikely that the ex-soldiers of the regime get organised into a new belligerent: syssi's. I original read this thread as a wish for such DLC content. I'd think it be interesting from a commercial point of view, but I'm not in the know really. I can just share my 'desires'. πŸ™‚
  13. Lethaface

    The state of CMSF2

    That all depends on the precise definition of the function 'completed' and requires a declaration of 'the game' 😜
  14. Lethaface

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    Don't worry too much about it. It might spoil your party, while neither your parents nor the visitors will remember this instance of the somewhat regularly recurring parties after a couple of months. Just worry about the drinks. πŸ™‚
  15. Lethaface

    New Website status update

    Icon is showing for me too now.