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  1. Lethaface

    AC-130 Spectre

    While I have read some about it, I don't know a whole lot. It is 'funny' to see the that some aspects of humanity didn't really change over all those years.
  2. Lethaface

    AC-130 Spectre

    Here I corrected that for you ;-). Regarding the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, it's a good point although I was referring to more recent endeavors. Before the Soviets I recall the English had some troubles with Afghanistan as well, although one must go back much further for that. Anyway, I think we (almost) all agree that just throwing money against it doesn't solve any problems. That is, unless you gave it all to me. Than all problems would go away. I promise!
  3. Lethaface

    AC-130 Spectre

    Emmmmm, no. They'll just demand more money. It might me more prudent to have a more realistic political vision coupled with a realistic military occupation plan before we do the invading part. One thing you'd have to give the Russians is that they have reached their political goals by applying military force (Georgia, Ukraine, Syria). At least more so than the US / West has. Just look at Iraq and Afghanistan, don't even mention Libya. Now about the ethics, that's a different question although one can debate the ethics of what we are achieving, or trying to achieve, in Afghanistan.
  4. Lethaface

    The state of CMSF2

    Yeah other forums are even worse. I don't really get the thing about people getting worked up about computer games or if a dev. tells a 'customer' something straight in his forum face. Of course there are bad (and good) apples in every category (companies, gamers, dev, etc). Funny anecdote: once had a customer threaten me over the phone because we shut down his websites since he didn't pay the bills. He said he'd come down with a baseball bat and I think he was serious. However he picked the wrong company/person as my reaction was something like 'hell yeah come over I'm waiting for you' (although in Dutch). We actually waited for him, but the coward didn't show up. Can't remember if he payed the bills and get his websites back. Anyway if a customer (or any other person) is reasonable, I threat them reasonable. If they are unreasonable, it's game over. So there are those (at least one but I guess more) that like the honesty in your approach to marketing/pr(opaganda). Especially the fact that you at times do engage in interesting geopolitical / military discussions on the forum, when some 'customers' feel entitled to updates about games. Of course I also am interested in bones about the future, but that doesn't mean I feel entitled to owning your/BF.C time expenditure. This exactly! It's that easy but I guess for some hearing it from the man himself is better/needed, even if it's about a forum post.
  5. Lethaface

    They meant september of next year!

    I'm not sure whether that's covered in their sales policy though.
  6. Strange, I can upload larger files without problem. max file size is few hundred MB.
  7. Lethaface

    They meant september of next year!

    Yeah that's a healthy way of looking at things. Accepting stuff is great, greater than Trump can ever accept. Anyhow I try to take things as lightly as possible, especially when it comes to updates to computer games. For the RL parts I like the improvise, adapt and overcome concept. And staying positive, it sure makes the days a lot nicer!
  8. Lethaface

    They meant september of next year!

    I look for excitement wherever I can get it, although not every thing excites me. It sure would make things easier lol.
  9. Lethaface

    They meant september of next year!

    Hehe I felt an urge to change the subject back to the sales policy . Now for the life of Brian I don't know why anyone would want to read any sales policy in his off-time. Hell I try to stay away from reading any legal texts professionally, that's what the legal persons are for isn't it?
  10. Lethaface

    They meant september of next year!

    Now how about that sales policy???
  11. Lethaface

    They meant september of next year!

    I'm not of that age yet, but I guess you enjoyed those? 😜 In case anyone got their hopes up; sorry I'm straight 😂
  12. Lethaface

    They meant september of next year!

    Yeah, keeps the doctor away
  13. Lethaface

    CM Sniper tactics

    True, that's what competent commanders do 😉 (assessing their assets and their capabilities compared to the enemies and then (ab)using those to their advantage. My point is that long range fire requires long range observation. Snipers 'excel' from positions with good LOS over the battlefield. A good LOS position is also a position with good LOS onto it. If there are a couple of BMP-2's aroung, or a T-72 or two, a couple of 30mm or a 125HE are easily expanded on a sniper team. The same goes for other infantry squads, but they don't generally require nice LOS/LOF positions to excel.
  14. Lethaface

    CM Sniper tactics

    I have had a lot of utility with snipers against the AI. However against human players I would be more cautious as any player can use area fire with heavy weapons upon your sniper position, after they have a hint of it's position.