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  1. Lethaface

    A long delayed update

    Ah yes, apple. It 'just works' like that I guess. 😁 Steam is quite handy for storing licenses, updates, etc. Basically it's very user friendly, at least to most users. 🤣 I don't see the point of discussing CM on steam though. People in the know decide what's best for the company. I'm no BF shareholder so I'm not even going to contemplate second guessing BF.C business decisions like these. Would I like CM on steam? Yes, why not would be easy for me. Does it really matter to me? Nah
  2. Lethaface

    What will the next CM be?

    The greatest challenge ever perhaps? Sounds like you have just the right man for the job! At least it would be a (great) chance to outdo Putin, something someone might consider of great importance. I see your green man, and raise you with these blue man! [Great tongue in greater cheek].
  3. Lethaface

    The state of CMSF2

    That's a nice one that I will gladly (ab)use in the near future. CHeers! 😉
  4. Lethaface

    What will the next CM be?

    Well in my country recently (and earlier) I've observed the exact opposite. It is all just anecdotal though, I don't know about any statistical facts and obviously this isn't a true/false thing that goes for all instances. Anyway I should probably digress about the subject since this is not the right forum for it, but I don't think that some form of xenophobic bias regarding Arabs/Muslims etc and terrorism is a myth in our societies.
  5. Lethaface

    A long delayed update

    Lol I was busy trying to formulate something more diplomatic but of similar nature. How can you live with (windows) computers or the internet, when a sudden popup on your screen ruins your day? 😅
  6. Lethaface

    What will the next CM be?

    Thanks for the .pdf. In your summary you have missed 'illegal state repression', which is mentioned in the .pdf. The .pdf also opens with the statement ''Terrorism is a contested concept", rightly so imo. To get back to the subject and why I agree with Kozlice: irregular forces supportive of the Iranian regime operating inside Iran against military forces of belligerent nations hostile to Iran, are not to be called terrorists. Whatever the tactics they use, be it kamikaze strikes etc. Besides, when a Syrian in The Netherlands cuts down a few people with a knife while under psychosis he's a terrorist. While if depressed Hendrik-Jan guns down a bunch of people at the mall with a semi-auto rifle, he's just a psycho. Find the differences! Anywayz, For the next CM I would like a modern(ish) ERA with Chinese forces simulated. For example a hypothetical invasion of Taiwan, and a chance for US 'vacationers' (among others) to show up.
  7. Lethaface

    The state of CMSF2

    And we still don't have a date... O wait this isn't this the patch thread ?!
  8. Lethaface

    unsing nearby radios

    I haven't played in a while but no I can't remember any issues with those. They have to be very close IIRC. Indeed isn't it! ;-) I meant to also imply that that's the only case where a dismounted vehicle's radio 'can be used' at least in my experience, but thought to look it up in the manual and forgot afterwards
  9. Lethaface

    The patch?

    Zo is het, rustaaaghhh man
  10. Lethaface

    The state of CMSF2

    Ok, thanks for the lightning quick answer . The sticker must have somehow come off the case after 10 years, I guess. It's funny, currently in the EU there is a new privacy law (GDPR) in effect, lots of people/companies interpreting it's meaning a bit too fundamentally in my opinion and advocating to never store any customer data any second longer than is absolutely strictly necessary. This here, given the service provided, is a very valid reason to store customer records for a long time!
  11. Lethaface

    The state of CMSF2

    Steve, (or anyone else): how did BF.C store license before 2008? I can find licenses in my BF.C account from June 2008 and onwards. All CMSF module license keys are there, but I don't see the CMSF license or order itself. Now I really can't remember how I bought/ordered CMSF way back then, although I presumed through BF.C or can it be that the license is stored on the CDROM itself? (hope not since I don't have a functioning drive in my pc atm). I do have the original casing, manual and cd-rom (map is lying around somewhere too), but there is no license in there as far as I can see.
  12. Lethaface

    unsing nearby radios

    In that exception it doesn't have to be crewed AFAIK.
  13. Lethaface

    unsing nearby radios

    I think this is by design: if a vehicle is in operation it serves as a working c2 node. When the vehicle is dismounted, it is not in operation and therefore not a functioning c2 node. Troops in vehicles can use the vehicle c2 equipment but if they dismount they have to do with what they carry. From the manual: "Exception: On-map support assets including mortars and howitzers can fire indirect even if they are out of command & control and lack a radio, provided that either the spotter is within 50m or the support asset is next to a vehicle equipped with a radio".
  14. Lethaface

    A long delayed update

    Great to hear that CMSF2 is nearing preorders! Can't wait to fire up some of the old campaigns, even if I feel old thinking of when I played those originally. Good fortunes!
  15. Lethaface

    What will the next CM be?

    Chaos has arrived!!! Now there will never be a patch