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  1. Could be true, don't have it (yet). Although I do have Ziggo movies & series XL or something like that, which I also don't really watch much of.
  2. Well, I'm home at work on the forum. Does that count? Don't have honey do lists, there are some pro's to being divorced 😉 I was expecting some more activity on the forum too.
  3. I would like to see them on map. They would be useful for the assault on heavy fortified strongpoints (heavy buildings, bunkers, etc). The urban fighting in Berlin features, afaik, many battles for fortified buildings / streets. The B-4 seems authentic for this. With the 155mm SP long tom in CMFB, the Sturm Tiger and AVRE I think there is plenty of similar 'over powered' semi direct fire units in CMx2 game already. A scenario designer can always choose not to include them. Also, they probably won't be that useful apart from destruction of fortified positions because it would take a long time moving around. Like @BletchleyGeek , I think it is probable that direct fire usage of such things is more of a 'bottom up' thing than a 'top down' thing.
  4. Agreed, but here we are talking about the inclusion of a howitzer on map or off map. Not about the atrocitiesvcommitted by different parties. I don't think anyone here applauds what happened to german woman in 1945.
  5. Welcome to the club And if you suddenly lose sound, try alt S.
  6. I think the issue isn't that big, although i don't play much bocage anyway. I think V4 is certainly an improvement now. before latest patch there was a bigger issue imo, with troops fleeing cover when under fire. they changed the behavior. and they posted that they are aware of this bocage bug and working on it.
  7. I think that's expensive way of saying that a baker in an actual bakery baked the bread. What is true though is that they add a lot of sugar and other stuff in most 'factory' (white/brown) baked breads. If you eat a lot of bread, it doesn't hurt to buy better breads. There is actually well tasting (although, taste...) quality bread and it is indeed more expensive than the casino white or whatever it's called here. Although it won't kill you if you get some now and then, for toast & scrambled eggs or whatever. They are great with melted cheese in between too. If you're allowed out to the store (by wife and or government), go for it! 😜
  8. See all of them! Luckily 😉 That turret turning should have them wetted their pants.
  9. Don't worry bout me, I'll do as I please. I don't think Umlaut was offended, either. However, it takes two to tango and I guess you guys could probably both listen that song before reacting to each other. But than I don't really have a wish to get in between of it either. So, wish all a good weekend!
  10. Let it go, let it go, let it go
  11. Ik dacht dat je de ignore optie gebruikte 😉 Laat het gewoon gaan zou ik zeggen, tenzij je graag jullie haat-liefde verhouding etaleert voor ons allemaal
  12. 100MB is fine indeed, when I lived in KL I had fibre line so I didn't mean that the connection there are bad ;-). However, Malaysia is quite far away from USA and behind different internet exchanges compared to where I live, in Amsterdam there is a big internet exchange distributing traffic coming from over the atlantic. What I meant is because of corona crisis more people work from home and or use internet at home, so there will be bandwith caps in place to ensure it all remains working. The VPN giving better speeds could be an explanation for that. Anyway, I guess your VPN resolved your issue so enjoy CMBS
  13. Well all speculation that could explain it is welcome . In my memory, it's the optics of the commander's station which can't be used by just the crew (of BMP1 / 2 iirc). So, without commander in the vehicle they can't use the optics properly, but never knew/experienced that for radio's. It does seem a bit unlogical too I'd say, because they could just grab the headset from commander station and put it on 😉. However, it could be an explanation for this issue . So I tried it out as I made a save before, and it seems that crewing the BMP with half a squad (incl the leader) doesn't give them the ability to use the radio in the BMP. So, this doesn't seem to be the case I'd say: Edit: in the same screen the BMP doesn't have c2 either, although the screen just shows the halfsquad.
  14. In the screenshots provided, the Platoon HQ does have radio c2 with the Company HQ in a bmp. However, the Platoon's BMPs do have a radio, but don't have c2 with the platoon HQ. I tried moving the bmp within LOS, but c2 was only established when close unbuttoned visual c2. I think this shouldn't be happening, not sure if this is known already.
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