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  1. With all due respect, I think you're interpreting more in Frenchy's comments than intended. The thing about 'running towards us when we shoot them and sons of satan' does sound 'actionhero' like. While USMC combat troops and especially their elite force recon, are probably among the best trained soldiers on the world, they aren't superhuman. Not that I think that you think they are, but the text does sort of implicate something like it. Devildogs, sons of satan, etc.
  2. Interesting to read your experience! We send feedback to @Bil Hardenberger via PM. I did enjoy the experience not knowing objectives. As the US my idea was to aggressively take and hold the bridge area and hill. @BletchleyGeek made sure the holding part of this idea turned out to be quite a challenge :).
  3. While I did enjoy the dropbox/ google drive links, since my own install is sitting on a HD in a computer that hasn't been turned on for over a year, it seems obvious that the durability of such links are limited. If everyone that tries and uses a mod or has played a scenario/campaign successfully in CMSF2, checks whether it's on CMMODS/TFGM and uploads it if it isn't, it could already make a big difference. That's a little less daunting then uploading a whole collection of mods and scenario's, one at a time. Another thing: I guess we should upload such files under CMSF mods/scenario's, instead of CMSF2 mods/scenario's? I'm willing to 'request to become an author' and upload some scenario's / campaigns I have played from an author that doesn't seem to be around anymore. Edit: although it would be good to know whether any moves from the repository are still going to happen, since that might duplicate efforts. Edit 2: A sticky post with a template of how to go forth with something like this (with screens/description of an example upload) will perhaps make it probably stick better than 'just a comment' in the screenshot thread.
  4. Lethaface

    PayPal order 'Process'

    Enjoy! Now you can get working on that campaign 😜
  5. That's a good question, which does indeed depend on where you live. I think I should have been more clear. Now I will try to keep this as simple as possible but that's going to be difficult due to ambiguity: Debit card = a card used to spend your money with a bank. Credit card = a card used to spend the banks money, which they then loan to you at an interest rate. Both (common like VISA/Mastercard) credit and debit cards come with a Name, expiry date, 16digit number and a CVC code. With this information, you can make online transactions without needing anything else (although some now have the secureCode and or a PIN). The problem is that if someone else gets hold of that info, they can make online transactions with your card without needing anything else. Because (online) purchases on a credit card (contrary to debit cards) are almost always insured, it's more wise to use a credit card for such online transactions. The drawback is that you will have a credit with your bank over which they are entitled interest (if you don't pay them back directly). So, if you want to make an online transaction a credit card is usually preferable over a debit card, since you are insured in case the vendor doesn't deliver or your card is hijacked. The risk in using a debit card for online transactions is that in case of a fraud, you do lose your money (on your bank account). Where in case of a credit card, the purchase is insured anyway. I'm not 100% sure whether banks normally refund debit card frauds, but I'd expect a lot more hassle. And, like @BletchleyGeek explained about the way renting cars work (or hotel reservations) is more practical with a credit card. There are also other systems to make online transactions. One option that's often used in Netherlands is 'iDEAL'. With iDeal you don't use a debit or credit card, but instead a login from your bank and a two factor system such as a card reader (reading an ATM card) or a SMS service. It's coupled with your bank account and only allows 'debit' transactions; money you already have on your account. Unless I make an international online purchase from a vendor I don't really trust, I prefer using debit transactions. There is almost no risk of fraud, don't need the insurance, can't spend money I don't have/can't forget to reimburse the bank directly, don't have to pay interest. Since the system offers a two factor authentication, it is safe. If I need to do an online transaction for which I want the insurance my (mastercard) offers, I'll use my credit card. It rarely does happen though, because any purchases I make in The Netherlands are already subject to consumer law which offers enough protection for me and I don't need the credit card insurance.. Edit: the 'normal' bank card that my bank offers me, is an ATM (debit) card and isn't able to be used like a 'debit card' for online transactions. Edit2: Paypal is much more safe compared to entering your credit card details on any random site, as your credit card details aren't all over the pace. Just make sure your paypal account has a strong password.
  6. It's as safe as your account password. I'd consider PayPal itself quite safe, given their size and the services they offer. If 'we' think that PayPal isn't safe, they'll be out of business. Where I live (Netherlands) we have ATM cards and two-factor system for online debit transactions (or any other banking transaction). It usually involves a phone with sms / app service or a card reader. This system has been in place for at some 10 years now? I don't think any local banks offer debit cards that function like credit cards, but not sure. They might offer them, but it's not general use. The chances for fraud are much smaller with the two factor system. At the moment I have actually not even activated my credit card due to the fact that nowadays I'm able to use the online 2 factor system for almost anything (paypal, steam, etc). ATM card skimming has been a thing for quite a while, with banks taking action to prevent it. Every creditcard or ATM card has a chip on it; it almost always requires a pin nowadays. The latest thing is small payments using ATM card, without having to put in a pincode (+ wireless). I have a cardholder with some tinfoil in it, just to make sure it can't be skimmed wirelessly. Although I recently heard that that hasn't actually happened in practice yet, just in labatories. To say it differently; it seems anti fraud in the US is quite behind how it's handled here. At least in the financial sector.
  7. Lethaface

    PayPal order 'Process'

    Check your spam folder and or contact helpdesk.
  8. If it's something with the Battlefront website, I wouldn't typically expect your merchant account to be compromised but rather something wrong at the host or some standard app suite level. It's all speculation though. The top 10 web vulnerabilities of 2017: https://www.owasp.org/images/7/72/OWASP_Top_10-2017_%28en%29.pdf.pdf
  9. How I understand Steve is that they are being proactive about it. While the samples on the forum do indeed give the impression of a pattern, it is far from a scientific study. Given the amount of credit cards out there and the number of leaks, all could just be random. One thing I think is odd is @JulianJ having his supposed to be new, unused, card hijacked. Personally I used my paypal account, no problems.
  10. Funny because I did have some friendly fire in CMSF2. In one of the missions in the Marine campaign, I had one Abrams back and two up front. One of them exactly aligned with an enemy vehicle appearing and was shot in the back by his buddy (KO).
  11. Lethaface

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    My parents were born in 57/58 🙂. These days people don't know what communism is, let alone rotary phones 😂
  12. Lethaface

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    Doesn't sound that bad, at least you'd get some roast rabbit when the line is busy.
  13. @George MC, forgot to mention that while I didn't play the AI, you could also put a trigger on some RPG-29 teams to only advance on the compound after the tanks have crossed a certain line? Not 100% sure how triggers work, but that could be interesting. In our battle I did observe Sublime moving some of those when my tanks and bmp's were near the strongpoints, presumably hunting for my tanks. I tried targeting them with 125mm HE but I lost sight of them due to the smoke. There's a quite well known movie about such an incident, I was worried it gave him some inspiration ;-). Anyway, just thought it might be an interesting thing to put in (if possible) an AI plan.