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  1. (Software) product development isn't like an assembly line. Of course, we all try to create assembly line teams with agile, scrum, kanban, scrum kanban, devops, They can quite work good too. Instead, imo, product development is more like inventing something. It's difficult to know the 'moment supreme' beforehand. It's conceptually like designing a scenario. How long does it take? Well, that depends. Probably your estimation beforehand will be quite different from the actual total elapsed time when it is ready and available on scenario depot. Doing things like that professionally doesn't magically change that process, so that you now do know beforehand exactly how long it will take. Of course, your estimations will get better with experience. But it will always remain a ballpark figure, and at times just plain wrong. So, if those communicated 'dates' aren't met, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a wise thing to actually focus on 'accelerating' the development process. Maybe that's just not a feasible thing, in the specific context (because of costs, complexity, whatever). It might also be possible that acceleration just takes a very long time before benefits can be seen. It all depends on the product, the team, the initial investment behind it, etc etc. I too would like to see more content quicker. Patch 4 took a long time. But most important is that they are still delivering and from what I can tell, will keep delivering in the future. That's the most important. 'Accelerating'?, well I guess i've said enough. 😜
  2. Without desiring to go into specifics of what chance-based actually means, I'd say almost everything in CM is chance based, but at the same time the end results stay similar. For example rushing a squad across the open observed my an MG. The squad will get cut down eventually (almost) all cases, but who get's shot when and where exactly, etc, will be different every time.
  3. FWIW I did receive some area fire in the town from the vehicles to the NE/E.
  4. Thanks! I just did a quick playthrough of the Tal Malah battle, as a sunday casual. Didn't give too many orders, just spread out the troops and hide them with short cover arcs. When the enemy came close (<200m), unhide and fire at will. Nice battle! A lot of mayhem. My forces held out, although I've taken quite some casualties. Mainly from enemy tank direct fires. The T-90 mopped them up though. Could have probably reduced casualties by moving my infantry out of LOS from the tanks. But I was having fun just ordering the T-90 and a couple BMPs around and watch the havoc unfold. Enemy surrender at 27min left. The AI attack was quite nice, if their artillery smoke could be more towards the front it could have been perfect.
  5. Not really an expert. Just figured the bitrate is something that is convertable, and since I was just playing some Red v Red battle I had some incentive. Downloaded Audacity tool, fiddled with it and voila some 44100 wav's. I did save them in 16bit, not sure if better quality etc can be achieved. However, they seem to work and that was all that I needed
  6. My pleasure, proost! 🍻 With regards to the troop experience: I actually enjoyed the fierce battle due to the quality troops. My troops were mostly around crack level, about which I don't know if that's fully realistic, I do enjoy their resilience. Decent AI troops are required to put up a fight against the players forces. BTW; Yes I know Syrian troops have a plenty experience over the last years, but I don't know about training and how good they are at retaining experienced soldiers. How do they compare to Spetznatz, for example? 😉 Anyway I think the scenario was quite well balanced and the quality troops provided some intense fighting, so I don't complain! Was just interested in the rationale behind it. I will add some screenshots, including Abu Aurelius, to show the points talked about (atgm pos & inf attack).
  7. I have converted them to 44100 with audacity. I know for sure at least one works, so I guess the rest does too. Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rlvbosi5qni2cep/AAATY4XOlG1jGbgCikcIq3Jga?dl=0
  8. Screens looking good! And for sure interested in the campaign! Last night I finished the Al Hamamiyat scenario with an enemy surrender. AAR: After I scouted towards the hill, a tough battle for the outskirts ensued. After preparatory strikes I moved up the Tiger infantry while taking positions on the hill. With all guns in support and the plenty of mortar/arty rounds I was able to smash the enemy defenses, although I didn't have much time left. My tanks were quite low on HE rounds too. My losses were minimal, half a dozen casualties and 1 bmp lost. Had some luck though, with the ATGM and arty. Probably another 10+ yellow base on my infantry. Took precautions after the preparatory enemy shelling at turn 1, and was expecting ATGMs. Firefights were intense, AI defense tight. Fell back a couple of times due to enemy mortars. Noticed most troops of veteran and above quality. Enemy defenses seemed stubborn and fanatic, nobody ran or surrendered even under extreme fires. The AI did mount an infantry offensive, but it just walked into my direct & indirect HE, topped of with MG fires. That's were I discovered an US m240 MG team and some Dutch infantry team. The AI offense was blunted and from there I moved slowly forwards. With 40 minutes left I just barely held the outskirts, so I worried a bit for time but after effective resistance was broken I could push easily towards the town objective upon which the AI surrendered @25min left. One thing I noticed after the battle is the TOW team and a AT-3 sagger were not in position to strike. It might be because I shelled the AT-4C team that uncovered itself, but I'm quite sure neither the TOW or AT-3 was able to get any shots off during the scenario. Another thing I noticed was the AI infantry attack towards the West Side; they sort of crawled towards me in the open, although that too might be because of shelling. I don't know the intention, but it seemed to me that had they chosen position in/around the outskirts, the strike force would been much more of a challenge. Although I still had 25 min left, I would probably be pretty short on time to methodically swipe the town towards east side. I think a little bit of extra time wouldn't hurt, especially if you up the challenge. On the other hand I probably could have been quicker, so it's not really short I think. Munition wise I didn't really have a problem (I used supply trucks for PKM rounds bug and some RPG rounds), only my tanks had low HE. I still had plenty of mortar/arty rounds left and I fired of a lot of rounds. the 5min call time on the 120mm mortars (3min with TRP) is great for supporting the infantry. Preparatory strikes with the 122mm and the hind. Ok, I just played a football match followed with 3rd half (beers), sorry if my AAR is a bit chaotic. lol. I will add some screens. Thanks for the nice scenario!
  9. BTW, thanks for the explanation. I haven't met the TOW's yet, although encountered one AT-4C. I seem to have blunted the infantry assault and the Hind has flown off after just 2 runs, so I guess it's time to prepare for the attack. Some scouts are just cresting the hill, so timing seems ok.
  10. Nice screens 😉 What's that kind of ordnance? My scouts came under fire and took a casualty. In the ensuing firefight I have now moved up the Tiger forces to the edges of town, with AFVs ooerating in support. The Hind has just started it's runs. I'm under some kind of directed mortar fire now, which caused another casualty among my scouts. But for the rest so far I have been lucky.
  11. @Aurelius, to my surprise I discovered some US and Dutch troops among the enemies in Al Hamamiyat scenario. Are they there to buff up the nusra front? 😜
  12. From Moscow, Texas right? I'll post some more info about my progress in the Tal Malah thread.
  13. Will do! ***SPOILER*** Seems that I have plenty of mortar/artillery ammo, but haven't entered the city yet. Just called the hind for some gunruns Plan is to scout the hill with scout platoon while I bombard spotting contacts around town, then move the 2 plt of special forces in, supported by tanks.
  14. Continued, in .png this time. I guess with todays internet 1-2 mb per pic isn't a problem anymore. Really enjoying the battle and with the reshade settings it looks very atmospheric imo.
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