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  1. CharlieMike24

    HQS 3.0 SOUND MOD for CMSF2 (+)

    Failed for me just now...."Too many requests"
  2. "I damaged one PzIV, and I killed another" Maybe GaJ has only killed one? Congrats are due in any case.
  3. I think you might be starting to enjoy this!
  4. I'm going to hazard a guess that on the left he'll move up his Stuart to the zig-zag hedge to overwatch the field with the foxholes. If so, you might get a flank shot in. Good luck anyway.
  5. You need to make those Pzshreks count. Covered armour arcs at short range (50yds?). Ammo preservation. Let him come to you. And when the moment is right "smite him down! Make him pay for his folly!" (in the style of c3k....!)
  6. Now if those mines immobilise the Stuart, you'll be looking good. I wonder if the morale of his troops is low, and how many of then are/were green.
  7. Perhaps he couldn't feel the vibrations because he was quivering in fear...it's quite scary being deaf and blind on a battlefield.
  8. I may have missed it, but is there a time limit that you can work towards? I don't have this map, but presumably you don't have to hold all objectives to win on points. Have you any plan for withdrawing to a suitable defensive position where troops can be consolidated and still contest enough objective points? Or are you too heavily engaged?
  9. You appear to have made significant progress in reducing the enemy firepower. How are your remaining troops and how do you rate your chances now? Have you reached the crisis of the battle, do you think?
  10. Put it in view of Bil's PzIV and he'll check it for you!
  11. Perhaps, to represent the reliability issues, if one purchases three panthers for a QB, there should be a fair chance that only two enter the battle....
  12. CharlieMike24

    Defense of Monte Agnelli - DAR

    Just checking in to say I'm enjoying your DAR. it's the first I've seen with the potential for MOUT and a mobile defence. I say potential, as there may be no men or buildings standing in a few turns! Keep up the good work.
  13. CharlieMike24

    [Released] Trees & Bocage Mod

    Very realistic! Looks like all those years of rambling have rubbed off on you.
  14. They've broken with military tradition and had a cup of tea with the windmill owners! Once they've drunk up, perhaps they can resume to completion?