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  1. I do this and it keeps telling me "the game requires 800 x 600 video display"
  2. I do this and it keeps telling me "the game requires 800 x 600 video display"
  3. Hi, yes my version of CMBB is 1.03. My graphics driver version is 307.83 I'm having a lot of trouble with logging on to this forum so do you mind sending me an email. Thanks johnc709@yahoo.com
  4. This is what the screen looks like. It doesn't seem to be reading the text. Notice the plain white in the bottom menu.
  5. It is moving very slow plus I'm getting some funny blue lines on the screen and in the bottom menu. I get this same strange line when the scenario is loading. I've changed affinity as has been suggested, and compatibility mode to windows XP. Still no difference. Help please?
  6. ...or are there similar games (WW2-Russian vs Germans) in the works? What is next for Strategic Command?
  7. Ok thanks Hubert. There's one question I must know if anyone can answer. When the Americans take the passage "To North Atlantic".....what part of the Atlantic are they appearing in?
  8. New to this scenario and have a few questions: What is the best general strategy for the Axis navy? How do I lay sea mines? Thanks
  9. Looking for a game of Combat Mission - AOC as the Germans. I can do 3-6 turns a day about 5 days a week. I'm a slightly above average player. thanks, John johnc709@yahoo.com
  10. I'd like to have a PBEM game of The Great War - Call to Arms...me being the central powers. I'm an okay player. Can do a good amount of turns. If interested contact me (John) at - johnc709@yahoo.com thanks
  11. Oh okay thanks...I was clicking on the wrong thing. Wonder if there will be a v1.04.
  12. Just loaded onto a new PC and can't find the v1.03 patch anywhere. Someone have a link please?
  13. I just switched my operating system from XP to Mozilla. How can I reinstall my games?
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