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  1. Agree on all counts. Thank you for your support John!
  2. sixb0nes

    My boxed copy arrived today!

    In hand in Ontario, Canada!
  3. sixb0nes

    Whats your favourite thing about TOW?

    For me it's the long range armour engagements. Watching the shell travel and impact (.. or more often, miss) the armour from large expanses of terrain makes me giggle each time.
  4. sixb0nes

    What other game is most like TOW

    I agree with Des, I wouldn't clump Soldiers in with this game. Sure it is amazing (individual unit control was pure bliss), but it simply isn't the same style of gameplay. If you love co-op play with your buddies though, you will have an absolute blast with it.
  5. That's cool. For those who confirmed, do they seek it out on their own, or only if they pass over fallen soldiers?
  6. sixb0nes

    What other game is most like TOW

    Squad Assault, maybe? [commercial link removed] Edit: Whoops! posted at the same time as the poster above. Hey, it has some UI issues, but it was still fun after you invest some time into it. [ May 09, 2007, 06:47 AM: Message edited by: Moon ]
  7. Thanks for the news Moon! I'm surprised it's going to be out so early. Kudos to all involved.
  8. sixb0nes

    Human fodder for the omnipotent AI.

    Shouldn't optics be included in this whole discussion? Let's not forget the tanks aren't "seeing" the field the same way you are. With simulated optics, most of the discussion here is moot, no? Taking my experience from WWIIOL, using my gunner's optics, I can see through many layers of trees and shrubbery. Without, I'd see what everyone is talking about here - not much!
  9. sixb0nes

    Camera control issues

    I would make two changes to the camera: 1) Remove the mousewheel as a means to change your height, 2) Allow the pitch of the camera to control the height (e.g., if you are looking at a 45o angle, the camera should move forward AND up or down respectively, not stay at the same height). Loving the game, and I've gotten used to the camera .. just my 2 cents.
  10. sixb0nes


    Thanks guys.
  11. sixb0nes


    Can anyone give me the exact file size on the setup executable? (right-click/properties/size) My install seems to be borked, want to know before I redownload. Thanks.
  12. sixb0nes


    Anyone want to check properties on the setup executable to confirm size before install? Size: 1.78 GB (1,912,698,679 bytes) Size on disk: 1.78 GB (1,912,700,928 bytes) Thanks!
  13. sixb0nes

    Screenshots from the demo

    Great screens man! Looks like you set yourself up for a massacre though =)
  14. sixb0nes

    eLicense Question

    Well 1.5k is a pretty small footprint! I was not asking if I could uninstall it completely, rather, if I could "unload" or disable the service when not needed. Cheers Moon, thanks for the hard work getting the demo out.
  15. sixb0nes

    eLicense Question

    Moon, any idea on this?