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  1. Happened to me in TCP/IP match game. It was exactly the same, the spoter died after the mission selection and I could not cancel the mission. br. Dr.Jones
  2. We still need players to sign into the tournament. Any takers, need another 4? http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CMFI/announcements/detail/1064226969436020704 br. Dr.Jones
  3. Ok, when can we start? There are 22 members already and counting. br. Dr.Jones
  4. Thx Steve, what I love about Slovenia are the trees (and i'm no tree huger), 50+% of the land is covered by trees, so lots of green color here, that's why the national color is green. br. Dr.Jones
  5. Mate, you are not alone in the extortion fee area. I have pre-ordered a few games from US (including BF) and I always get a 8 EUR charge + custom. No luck here, all packages from abroad (non EU) are opened and checked, so no Russian roulette for me. br. Dr.Jones
  6. Not happy. I'm not paying customs and administrative fee to post office, too bad. br. Dr.Jones
  7. Pre ordered physical copy on the fist day. br. Dr.Jones
  8. I had a programmer friend working for Slovenian customs office who said that they a bunch of lazy slackers, not working and doing other business but the business which were hired for. I guess he was wrong. br. Dr.Jones
  9. Try re-downloading the patch and installing the game again. br. Dr.Jones
  10. That's too much, auch :eek: br. Dr.Jones
  11. Mike, it would be best if you posted a screenie of the problem. About a book how about Panzer Commander: The Memoirs of Colonel Hans von Luck, he was regimental commander of the 21st panzer division. br. Dr.Jones
  12. Moon if i have had bought from UK, which i do a lot ( just recieved xbox game and i didn't even have to pay for postage ) i'm not charged the VAT (its called DDV in our country). One positive thing about this charge now was that they skimmed the postal cost which usually they include as product cost. br. Dr.Jones
  13. Got mine today, as i thought our customs office as always is very alert about these kind of packages. I got slaped with 20% Vat on 60 USD (They gratefully skimmed the 20 USD off), which is 11.02 EUR + admin fee of 3.96 EUR totaling 14.98 EUR :mad: I guess no preorders for me. br. Dr.Jones
  14. The best of the CM Murphy Law at work br. Dr.Jones
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