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  1. Thanks guys for the info but.... While saving your support units or other "tricks" works to complete the mission, it just masks what is (at least it appears to me) a game issue/bug. As I mentioned, I just hate spending several hours keeping casualties to a min. (as any good general would do)just to get them killed by Uber AI and then have to do it all again just to save a support unit or two to finish it goes against my tactical sensibility's. If I want a puzzle war game I will play Company of Heros or World in Conflict. Sorry, some disappointment showing in my reply. Don't get me wrong, like I said when the next patch comes out TOW will go back on the HD for another look.
  2. In Avalanche (third allied camp. mission set on medium with the Uber patch installed). Last stage I guess, had to clean out the remaining German resistance...didn't win it due to Uber Pak 38's LOS. The two paks were held up on the edge of a village with 6-10 support troops. I had 3 Shermans (undamaged) left , about 20 soldiers with a captured pak and a diabled M-10 (which I stripped of crew for a Banzai charge after I got niffed). As I moved toward the village the German guns open up on my tanks. I can't get a LOS on them with the tanks even though the foot sloggers right beside them can see them just fine (yes, my tanks did have the LOS field facing the German guns). The Pak I had captured and hauled half way across the map could not see them either. Then just as the tanks got a bead on one of the guns...bam dead tank...same on second and third tanks. My troops beside my pak can see the german paks. My pak can see the German support troops right beside the German paks but not the paks themselves, ...till bam the pak I have dies. Then the Uber paks start killing my troops as I try to close the range and unlike my tank guns and the pak I had it didn't take 5-8 shots of HE to kill my troopers ...bam...dead...bam...dead...bam...dead etc. etc. etc. I have seen too much of this Super AI to enjoy this game, which is too bad because I really wanted to like it. You spend several hours nursing your resources and doing good till the game decides that you aren't going to win this one and kills you with what appears to be cheating. I am not a whiner just stating my game play encounters. I have been playing RTS since the first Combat Mission on the CoCo. An old monochrome semi-realistic (for the day..early 80's)..I ramble it;s late ...hope others have a better time with this one. Time to remove TOW from HD till next patch and back to SoaSE.
  3. Not you Panzer Boxb...just finished my d/l....sry about yours dude! I may call in sick to work ...cough...cough...weeze...weeze...
  4. Down to 4 min after this post.
  5. 20 min now but it was a 36 min d/l when I started. OH Yeah.....Thank you for the early forum notice!
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