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  1. Its been six months since i tried this game .. Last time i played i got to the heuman lock bridge scenario but encountered the concrete bunker and went no futher . Now after an update the bunker was changed to a wooden bunker so i thought i would give it another go.. But now my troops refuse to cross the bridge. . they are not supressed or anything they will just not cross the bridge .It is like there is a wall in the way ... they are all bunched and refuse to move !!! Any ideas???
  2. Small update. I was playing 3.11 i have upgraded to 3.12 and this unbalance has been addressed according to the readme !! The concrete bunker has been changed to wood and German moral has been lowered.. All i have had time to do is reload this mission from the end of the previous mission and the bunker still appears to be concrete in appearance .
  3. The Heuman lock bridge mission is impossible now . I have tried about 40 times. Every time i am wiped out !!! which means i am stuck on progress. The German heavy machine guns are un suppressible and there is no way of dislodging the bunker .... In all my attempts i have never even got to the bridge .... I think since the game has been upgraded this mission has become too unbalanced!! would someone car to try it please . Also how is the campaign affected if i take a total defeat on this mission??
  4. OK guys,thanks for the replies... I guess an ssd does not make too much difference in this game. No biggie !!! It was still a very good upgrade,so not complaining ....
  5. Hi I have just upgraded my pc. A bit.. Still Have an i5 2500k@4.8 and 16 GB ram. But have added an r9 390x (8gb) and 1 TB ssd(Samsung evo).. After a complete fresh install of software on Windows 10 i installed fallout 4 and played for a while . Now i have installed CMBN V3.12 hopping for faster load times!!! Sorry to be blunt but my Kettle boils quicker !!! Literally!! is this just the way it is .. ???? Before you ask i have tested my ssd and it is running as expected ... I ran a stopwatch over the load process ... Remember fresh install with no mods . i loaded the Allied market garden campaign, made the first move and saved .. The reload of that first save took 2min 37 seconds .... Is this really right for an SSD ??? I would like to add that once loaded i have no issues with performance,it`s just the bloody load times!!!!!
  6. I am having issues with loading times,well saying having sounds like it's a resent thing. I know its not the fastest game to load,but with larger maps on market garden and my ever growing mod folder things are really slowing down. My ssd has sped things up a bit and the game itself runs flawlessly maxed out even on the biggest maps. So that's good! But is there anything i can do to speed load times up?
  7. Thanks for the advice,I shall give it another go this weekend and not worry to much about the results .
  8. Pm me with how they won the" Now We Fight" mission in Market Garden .. Or like to tell me here. I have tried numerous times .. And can't get anything but a total defeat. Over a dozen times now and not even close... Please help save a quickly failing relationship... Apparently my dinner is in the bin as it went cold and is now wasted ... Dinner is actually in the microwave,as apparently that's no better than the bin... DOH.....
  9. When will we get 3.00 as a standalone upgrade? Or will we have to buy red thunder?
  10. I'm working through the campaign slowly but have now got a pasting . I got all the way to Night fight winning all the missions . I was then sent straight to red sun rising were i got totally over run .. Thats ok but what happened to mission 10 papenberg ! has anybody else had this mission missing ???
  11. The code should be in your battlefront purchase history,from the "my account" tab.
  12. Sorry i didn't update this ! After restarting my pc all was fine. I don't know why or what happened . I did do a couple of clean installs each time i found the problem without a restart . maybe something got stuck somewhere and needed the restart to be completely removed? God knows! All is good now though .. Oh yeh just noticed i typed the wrong order and versions. Frustrated key bashing .... Stupid me!
  13. Right just did some testing . At each update i tested to see were the problem was introduced . CMBN v1 is fine CMBN v 1.11 is fine CMBN v2.00 IS not fine! Men totally missing(just guns) and square black floating icons randomly about.. So it seams the bug is introduced when the base game is patched from 1.11 to 2.00 .. This is very strange because i have been running this configuration for months trouble free.. So now i am verry confused !!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
  14. I have just purchase market garden so did a clean install. CMBN V1.11 V2.01 MG V2.11 In that order . Notice i do not own CF at the moment . All went fine with no problems . I fired up the game and went to Road To nijmegan first mission . All the us floatin icons are fine but all the german troop whereabouts are exposed with black square floating icons all over the map. Any ideas as its unplayable at the moment as i know where they are?? Thanks PS. On further investigation the floating black squares seem to be sound contacts! also helmets are black triangles. I took a couple of screenshots.Take no notice of the modded icons,i tried it to see if it would help. Things were the same without any mods..
  15. I already own Battle for Normandy and the 2.0 upgrade,i intend on purchasing the Market garden module for Christmas to myself but am unsure if i can just add it to my previous install . What is suggested as the best way to add Market Garden ?? Thanks.
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