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  1. Steve, Thanks for the reply. The fix I posted got it working, so I am thrilled to have access to everything. Thanks for the reply. ~John~
  2. Between reading Elvis' posts and doing a little searching, I'll see if disabling Gatekeeper will help this problem: https://cronotek.net/blog/how-to-disable-gatekeeper-on-macos-mojave-and-catalina ~John~
  3. So I am having some issues downloading the files from the preload to my IMac and am curious if anyone is seeing this. I first tried just downloading the patch and upgrade and then tried downloading the entire game again. In both cases, I am seeing this error: “CM Fortress Italy v210 Installer.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information. Chrome downloaded this file today at 9:06 PM from storage-ec2-947.sharefile.com. Any thoughts? Really looking forward to Rome to Victory. ~John~
  4. Sorry, I can't read reviews...Maybe you can include the Commonwealths with Italy in an expansion in the future. ~John~
  5. First off, this game looks beyond amazing and I will hope to have a computer to run it in the next couple of years (college student with little to no income). My question is whether or not the Commonwealths (primarily Canada) will be included along with the Brits. Don't get me wrong, the Brits are great, but why not include the hard charging Canadians or the Aussies and New Zealanders to the mix? If all else fails, I hope that Theatre of War will support more mod-a-bility for players (such as adding vehicles to the mix...who would want to leave out the wonderful Ram tank or the Churchill AVRE?). Keep up the good work because this game is going to be the standard for all WWII strategy games for a long time to come. ~John~
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