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  1. Wow Jmayer nice comment here! Developers should be proud when they get such comment.
  2. Thanks. The reason I was asking because in my head bells 800 metres because I know that my Tiger didn't wanted to shoot on IS122 on 800 metres. But maybe you are right maybe it was much less... Even so I was very suprised that Tiger found the target "too stark" lol so basically all those games are not quite realistic and we could find lot's of things if we try... But this could be interesting discussion... Anyway maybe I'll have to dig that book by Raus "panzer operations" etc... to see some tactical situations...
  3. Some good points for debate... but just a quick reply - I remember that tank in CC 3 was aiming at 800 metres and that was not all. Are you sure that 500x500 metres is the scale for Close Combat?
  4. I think that you are right... One of the main problems with RTS games around is making difficulty sliders right. While ToW is all around fun game the Russian developers as it seems still lack the finesse of Creative Assembly. Right now I am playing A THIRD campaign in MTW2!!! A third! I played with Turks, then with Moors and now with Byzant. All on Very Hard / Very Hard difficulty sliders!!!! But it all seems manageable if you do things logically! That is brilliant when developers actually get it right! Now, I don't know how it is now since I still didn't found time to play it. And don't know if they have change it... but playing ToW on EASY was really hard for me... When i got stuck in Dunkirk scenario in German campaign I simply deinstalled the game. So my suggestion to developers is like this: make those difficulty sliders logical please. So EASY should be EASY not HARD. Normal should be Normal and not SUPER HARD etc... Maybe attrociuos mission design has to do with this but knowledge of history goes well here. I don't remember that Germans had so many losses even during Kursk like they have it now. Post communistic propaganda had trupeted that Germans lost bigger numbers during Kursk but later I have found out that that was not true at all! Even at Stalingrad numerically Russians lost more men then Germans. Now we have battles where German can lose 90% of tanks and personnel. Even those bloody Napoleonic battles were not so bloody!!! Nor WW1. Did developers actually read real life stories of combat experience in WW2? So basically when designing a mission it has to have in mind what players get's and what are his means to achieve victory. Don't make a game where there is only possible solution to end the mission. Maybe he can use some other weapons or some imagination to achieve good results. Same on difficulties - if game is set on EASY then give bloody advantage on player. I don't know how... make AI has lesser weapons than player. Normal - put the same amount. And HARD put bigger number for AI. Now we have totally wrong concept of battle. I know that on focal points it was assumed that you as attacked must have advantage of 3:1 in number of forces to achive breakthrough and this game concept that you are Leonida at Thermophilae and you face swarms of enemys and when you end the battle you see that your 5 tanks has destroyeed 29 enemy tanks, 130 soldiers etc... so all are heroic victories lol not even battles with equal forces. Game is RTS and that add much to frustration of the player as he cannot be everywhere at the same time and he get's slaughtered. I didn't say that you should not have losses but... Of course game should be not too easy but developers obviously wanted to give challenge to the player and they thought "hey let's make it too easy that would be wrong in the start". But some balance is needed. Because it is just one step from fun to frustration. One question, what does sliders mean at all...? What EASY, NORMAL and HARD means? bonuses? forces?
  5. LOL OK I will have to sit and tweak those control a bit. No problem then
  6. I will try that again. But if I cannot configure this game to play it like MTW 2 don't know if I will play it at all anymore which would be shame
  7. I need that developers answer to me... First, congrats on this patch it sparked my interest to this game again! Second, I have asked this question before but need to ask it again and get PRECISE answer. I do play some other games and camera control should be much better. Mind you that will not turn this game into headless RTS just make it more accessible so question to developers: DID YOU GUYS PLAYED BY ANYCHANCE MEDIEVAL 2: TOTAL WAR OR HEROES 5???? I am asking this because that's the most intuitive way of using camera MTW 2 in tactical battles and Heroes 5 on a map! So, please can you tell me is it possible somehow to use camera this way. I found this way of using mouse and keyboard very non intuitive! I am playing MTW 2 a lot so when I load Theatre of War it is just plain wrong done and it is a real chore. If this is not possible now please make it in a next patch because I don't know if I will play this game at all on this non intuitive way. Thank you. EDIT: In MTW 2 for example you don't use keyboard at all!!! Just for pause. and ctrl for selecting more units nothing else. So mouse is used for rotating camera around, right click attak or move and left click jump on the map to the spot. wheel is used for watching elevation. And that's it. Why you opted to complicate this so much for Christ sake??? [ February 04, 2008, 03:15 AM: Message edited by: Bloodstar44 ]
  8. @Igor I really don't know what is your position? First, CM: SF is not that bad product. I didn't bought the product because I don't like the historical setting but quality of the product is very good AND it is still improving. I can only applaud to Battlefront.com as it is one of the FEW developers (mind you IN HOUSE developers!!! AND PUBLISHERS!) - not just box shifters and merchants like some other publishers. Steve is being DEMOCRATIC and allow you to express your opinion but I am first for iron rule and banning all over if consumers start to abuse this democracy and start with pure abuse and very unpolite behaviour! I was before game journalist and can attest that Steve was really great to work with and one of best game publishers / developers I have worked with! Gamers are many times spoiled bunch. Battlefront.com will not send you Playboy miss April 1996. along with a game. If you don't like the game just move on. What we must realize here and what some other poster have realized is that BFC is company and it lives by selling it's products. Also, what is here at stake is not just your 50$ so that you can bitch on the moon and howl you are cheated. Battlefront.com invested 2 million $ into this product. So there is a lot more at stake here. Not just money but pride as well, vanity, call it however you please but they HAVE also right to defend THEIR labor of love. If this game was set to WW2 I would shell out my money right away. But I have no problem seeing that some people LIKE the game and some people DON'T. You are being not very democratic here. God forbid I really would not like to see Battlefront.com sink down and that wargaming scene depends only on Matrix Games. No, thank you. I would like to see a lot more companies. 10 more if nececary. This constant feud in wargaming public is not good at all. And there is also a matter of some good will and faith and some people seems to lack that. They would like to see BFC goes down. They would be really happy then. Blah. Even if CM: SF is below standards of BFC earlier releases hell is that really that important to justify so much anger here? Nonsense, really nonsense. Well, I will say again - Matrix Games can put 30 games a year but in my eyes real heroes of 2007. in wargaming business is Battlefront.com. They had the guts to put their money where their mouth is. It is rather easy to publish games what some 5 poor developers will make in their spare time, push the release few years. That is really easy - no big risk and no big money put at stake. But Battlefront.com invested BIG MONEY, put everything at stake and even if they FAIL - they have my respect. C'mon where are the other wargaming companies investing 2 million $ in making a wargame? Huh? Some put a Close Combat Modern Tacctics lol with graphics from 1997. (!!!) and that without CAMPAIGN! LOL! mind you campaign COMES with ADD ONS in todays world! Check new Heroes 5 campaign lol Not to say that Matrix Games owns Wargamer.com so you will see THEIR ADS there heavily promoting their games. That is unheard of in game business and I still don't see that EA owns Eurogamer, or IGN, or Gamespot (and guys at Usenet didn't beat that argument of mine). Of course such ILLOGICAL things are OK in wargaming world because some can easily make excuse saying thao our hobby is TOO SMALL. So when it is benefiting your arguments then wargaming is out of this space, blah! So cut the crap, boyo.
  9. http://www.gamestooge.com/2007/11/10/2007-gamestooge-award-nominations heh only on this gaming blog but hey... Your Bloodstar (clicking the heels) have proposed Theatre of War to guy who was writing this...so it was a little bit lobying from me... but I doubt it will be game of the year but better than nothing. Didn't played game long time. Stuck on second mission in German campaign LOL maybe I will play game later more. Mario
  10. LOL terra You must say Bitte! and maybe they will give you, pretend that you are German LOL
  11. You are right of course but I cannot know the answer. I agree that they must work on multiplayer more and be more agressive to advertise it. If it is goo as I don't play multiplayer
  12. Looks like Battlefront.com have started a big retail offensive in Europe I am glad... Links: http://www.cdv-shop.de/product_info.php?info=p2880_Strategic-Command-2---Blitzkrieg.html&XTCsid=ff84d84975c3fb0f99aff2fcd17acde7 Theatre at War will be published by Kalypso Media http://www.kalypsomedia.com/en/news/index.shtml They showed Theatre at War in Leipzig Messe. I wish that you will have success at retail in Europe.
  13. At last! Thank you bratjuska Evgeniy I am really looking forward to Rig'n'Roll!!! But Fantasy Wars and King's Bounty remake are also worth checking out. Akella is also fine company - I am quite enjoying Galactic Assault game from Wargaming.net. And Jagged Alliance 3 screenshots tells me that we may get a big hit in that game... there is also Disciples 3 etc... Nice games coming from Russia! All the best! Mario
  14. I've heard that Norm Koger is in fact coding all games but Fedex guy who takes code in and out is named "Charles" So it's just big set up
  15. There was an movie based on Charles http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085894/
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