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  1. Thanks man! it worked! Sorry for not using the search function
  2. Hi there! I just started combat mission red thunder after I bought a new monitor (Benq GL2450) and everything was okay...fonts were normal, but then after a few seconds they got EXTREMELY blurry...no matter what resolution and how I often I restart..always the same werid thing..after some seconds, I can't read anything!..anyone an idea? Game is unplayable cause I can't read anything! Also I do NOT have the file display size.txt... btw having the exact same problem with CM: Black sea, CM: Fortress italy and CM: Battle for Normandy
  3. Sendet mir ne PM wenn ihr spielen wollt...
  4. Hey Kane... schön zu hören..ich selbst würde gerne mal das CMRT spielen...
  5. Hey...freut mich! Bist du bei skype erreichbar?
  6. Hi there... I hope this is the right section of the forum to look for an opponent. I would like to play quick battles in real time. I am no tactical mastermind (god knows I am not ), but I really enjoy playing. I am 35 years old and live in Germany (so I apologize for my bad english ). So, feel free to post, if you are interested. DocMcJansen
  7. Uh uh....ummm well how embarrassing..sorry..I was talking about QBs...sorry...my fault...pls continue, gentlemen...go ahead...here is nothing to see.... P.s. so they are missing from the QB roster? what a shame
  8. Just tried it...nope...no leIG18 under specialist teams in June/July/August or September and no button to put it from off-map to on-map for the Regimental Cannon Regiment *sigh*
  9. I am sorry...just tried and I really can't find a button / an option to chose if the cannon is off or on map...where do I find that?
  10. Regimental Cannon Company is off-map support...I want to have the on-map gun
  11. Was just looking for the leIG18 75mm in QB...couldn't find it! Would like to get an answer too
  12. Yes it would... (I was talking about off-map elements of course..) Thanks for the answer...
  13. ahh so the mods work? great news! Need a sound mod for the russian guns asap...if someone would do that, it would be highly appreciated! thx
  14. Hi guys! Been playing CMRT and again I have to wonder: is there a way to figure out how much casualties certain support elements caused? Just played a quick battle (as I always do with all the CM titles) and I ordered a devastating 120 mm mortar strike against some russian infantry groups (YES! I am a strategically genius...when I play against the AI...and I am lucky...and the AI isn't very good...yeah, well you know what I mean). So after I annihilated the russian force (genius and so on...I don't speak of the first battle, where the AI managed to kick my a** so terribly) I wanted to know how much damage / man casualties this 120 mm mortar caused. So is there a way? Since CMBN I couldn't figure that out...(well maybe not a genius after all *sigh*). Thanks in advance! DocMcJansen P.s. sorry for my english..not my mother tongue... P.p.s. Someone has to do a sound mod! Game GREAT! Sound meeeh.....uhh..and a explosion mod...or can we use the old mods for that?
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