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  1. So I have Strategic WWII Command Global Conflict do I need the Gold Version of the game to install the "Assault On Communism" expansion pack? Thanks
  2. I would love to see an IOS (IPAD) version of Strategic Command. Any chance we may see this?
  3. Thanks to all. You have given me much to think about. I may wait for the upgrade to combat mission normandy before buying it.
  4. Ok, I am looking at treating myself to either Combat Mission Italy or Normandy. Which one is smoother play and a more engrossing experience? Any critiques and comparisons would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have hoped for a long time that we could get the ability to have large multiplayer games where you could have 4 to 5 human players playing. This would really add some of the true feeling of the war in the affect if the mutual allies can work for a common goal or self interests.
  6. I was curious if each of the countries in both the allies and axis can be played by the human player. If I wanted to control the USA but not britain or USSR. Is that possible?
  7. I am curious why the IPAD 1 cannot run this game since your app is the only app i have ever seen that cannot run across Ipad 1, 2, and 3?
  8. Arado234, I think we could overthink the approach. However take the game Peoples General which was a ww3 war game and a blast to play. The fact is you take out nukes along with other WMD's. The fact is that WW3 will not be fought in the beginning with these nor end with them(more likely sticks and stones). The game could be Europe focused (germany). I think we would need to scale back how we approach in that it will not be a global war more of a regional focused game.
  9. Arado, I agree up to a point. However the fact is that a small ww3 war can be fought, case in point Korea today. You could have proxy fight between China and US in that one. They could utilize equipment ect.. of US and China along with actual units, ie DMZ US Units. Just an idea
  10. xworm, would really need no political influence. It would start with the idea of the conflict in europe (which was the most likely in the 80's) as the focus. It would be more regional battle focused versus world wide. Also the fact is that you can have a conventional war today (IRAQ) who had chemical and biological weapons that they did not use.
  11. I think nukes could be handled very easily in that their use could only be tactical nukes only and you have a very limited number of them.
  12. Hubert, Please Please fill in a gap of our strategy pc gaming collections with a WW3 version. There is a definite lapse in the strategy gaming business for this. If I seem one more WW2 game for sale or god help me on my computer(lol) I will blow a gasket. All who agree please chime in. Thanks
  13. circa cold war 1980's is what we need, a little modern warfare fresh blood and to be honest not very many games out there for this!
  14. xwormwood, yeah I have that. I was speaking from perhaps Hubert would do a 80's version perhaps.
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