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    Thanks, that's basically what my manual said. I just thought there would be a downside to it to even this out. I never considered the impact on the silhouette though.
  2. Excuse me if this was asked before, I checked the last 3 pages and couldn't find it. What effects does opening the hatches have? The Polish version of the manual doesn't really say much.
  3. It took me a gazillion tries but I finally did it yesterday. The funny thing is that the next few missions are SO easy after you've passed this one. I sniped all five tanks from the hills in the south. I didn't let them close within 1,5km. They only managed to hit me once, but nonetheless they did quite a bit of damage. Anyway, the most annoying thing that ever happened to me in this mission: I'm trying to approach the village from the south. The tank is moving slowly, commander looking for targets. All of a sudden - KABOOM, the tank is rolling around (track hit). The driver isn't responding to orders so I get down there, pull the brake, get back up (losing precious seconds) and realise that we're stuck on a big meadow and everybody's here and shooting at us. Somehow I manage to kill all five tanks, the RPG guy and the APC. And when it's practically over, there's nobody around to hurt us, the crew decide it's time to panic and leave the tank. Game over. Argh... Almost as bad as your freeze, Craq .
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