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  1. And, I'm taking 152's word on this as I've never used TS before, the publicity it would bring could help with new players.
  2. You obviously had bad luck because of the curse placed on all those who play DT on Mother's Day. OOOOooOOooooOOOooo!
  3. Well, I guess that's your problem. I for one also don't have some of the old scenarios either. You can try to get them from some other people here.
  4. 152- I'll assume you have the .scenario files sitting somewhere. All you have to do is drag the .scenario files into the /data directory, where all the data files are. And that's it- supposedly next time you start DropTeam, after some searching, you'll find the scenarios in the list. If you're encountering a problem after this, there's probably something specifically wrong happening with you and your copy. Good luck!
  5. So just to make sure, 7:00 CST? Sorry you're sick, Jung, I hope you feel better soon and that you can come back and play. I just hope not on the enemy side!
  6. Oops, I actually started and ended my post at, I suppose the same time you did. We must have posted at the same time. I wasn't intending to correct you, but... well, I hope having two simultaneous responses helped more, tb87670. Also, yes, if something goes yellow it will function worse. This makes, often, little difference with ammo. However, a damaged engine can slow you to a crawl, so you can't rest easy just because it didn't get shot out entirely.
  7. And though this is Tech Support, I just wanted to say that the campaign does get rather uninteresting; online play is where it really gets fun; i hope you can joing us online!
  8. http://www.battlefront.com/products/dropteam/units.html Here you can find unit schematics, and they actually do show weak points. For example, hit where the fuel is, and with luck you'll be payed back with a huge explosion. Shoot the driver, and the vehicle will just keep going in a straight line. If you hit the engine, the vehicle can't keep going. Hit ammo, and no more shooting. This even works with advanced systems. For example, hit a Command Track's targeting computer and it can't track mortar fire. Hit a Hermes in the right spot and it will stop sensor jamming. That's one of the things I love about this game. For example, you can deny air drops with a Paladin SAM vehicle, but the AA turret on it is very exposed. To get back air superiority, you don't have to kill the Paladin; just take out the missile launcher on top. This can help a lot when you are driving a weak vehicle and need to accomplish such a task. Congrats on getting the game working!
  9. Really? That's truly strange... Clay? clay? claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay? I'll see if it happens on my computer as well... EDIT: Checked and it worked fine for me until registering/logging in for checkout (didn't want to buy it again, no offence...)
  10. Well, whenever one jumps in on a game, it certainly looks as though the bots have been fighting up to the point when you arrived...
  11. Of course, on today's hardware dropteam is very undemanding, and so I'm fairly sure what jby has is actually probably even overkill. The computer does not have to do large amounts of simulation, probably; on the other hand it would be nice to know the specs of DP to have a reference.
  12. I'd be willing, as longas we run the Dp scenarios for some reason I didn't have the one you wererunning last time
  13. So to add another modding question, how does one do bridges? I've been thinking about a few maps that work on 2 or more "layers." And jby- I actually haven't done too much with heightmaps involving anything other than two programs. For the simple stuff it's easy enough to just use Paint, but I really haven't used anything other than Terragen for the really cool stuff. I hear Nexus used a program called Geomorph for Linux- I had that installed on Ubuntu before I had to do a reinstall; maybe I'll try it again. In the meantime, maybe you could give that a shot- good luck!
  14. Well this got me interested. I've been following the whole story of Psystar and its Open computer a lot lately, and mostly I haven't heard many good things; however I think hardly anyone knows about Psystar. Have you tried or seen a Psystar computer? I'd be really interested if you have, because most news sites I've looked on know hardly anything about them. The idea of "Open OSX" is awesome, but I'm not really sure if what Psystar is doing is legal and that's what makes me wary of using their computers to run the DT server. If you have experience with them and think it's worth trying, maybe we should go for it. On the other hand, it should be possible to run a server on any cheap computer someone has without risking OS X EULA infringement. Perhaps a cheap computer and Ubuntu is the way to go here. What do you think, 152?
  15. Well Poesel used to host Creature Zoo, and that would probably be used for backup duty if it weren't for the fact that he's having technical problems. Certainly I suppose that someone could rent server space and I don't know too much about how that would work but we might be able to set up a DT server that way... it would be cheaper and easier though if someone were able to run their own; having it 24-7 would be hard for some people though. Also, it's completely possible, I'm sure, to run a standalone server on a laptop with integrated graphics- the server doesn't need to worry about rendering what's on-screen. It's likely running and playing that makes it very hard.
  16. Clay can easily mix it up if he sees this in time.
  17. Don't think I can make it this Wednesday; sorry but at least we'll have even teams.
  18. Phonan

    Status Icons

    True enough, though I doubt if your fuel goes red you'll be alive to see it.
  19. Phonan

    Status Icons

    Wow 152, thanks for doing that. I was going to help, but either I was going to have to give a woefully messed-up answer or actually look at the game. (I just sort of know when I look at it, couldn't recite from the top of my head.) So thanks 152. One thing I wanted to add is that some things are more important than others. For example, if your fuel gets hit to yellow, normally it won't affect you too much. You can keep going pretty easily without a gunnery computer. But if your gunner, driver, or engine dies you're in trouble.
  20. I was thinking today about a few things. First, it'd been way too long since someone posted in the mod forum. But in the way of real ideas, I did have a couple. First, new gametypes. These might be possible to use workarounds to create without code changes, but I think it would help if, say, Clay could help with how to do this. One thing I thought would make for a very interesting scenario was Escort, in which one has to, say, get a Thor to a certain point on the map. Of course, the game couldn't be very long but I think it would force group fighting, which would be very interesting. What if, say, we could "attach" the objective to a vehicle? Or maybe make it so just one vehicle could gain points at the objective? Or maybe we could give one team a single Cutter to get to the objective with and force them to keep it alive (no Dropships of course.) On the other hand, the enemy being able to just "camp" at the base would make this a rather bad gametype, so one could eliminate all dropships and perch the "defenders" on a steep slope above the escorters so that the defenders couldn't stay at the objective. Another thing I thought of was a new vehicle, which could require code changes as well. Could one, once again, "attach" a deployment zone to a vehicle? Then that vehicle could have allies deploy in and support it. Some problems come up: what if it moves? Perhaps we could have it stay still while acting as a deploy zone. On the topic of new vehicles, I thought along the lines of gunships and aerial attack, and that maybe it would be nice to arm say a Viper (or Dragonfly) with auto targeting weapons. Of course, now, autoguns only can target air units, but I think giving them air-to-ground abilities would make for Dropships that could easily attack and maneuver. Just an idea. Also, I'm starting to miss CZ. Poesel said a while ago that it outlived its use but now I'm starting to disagree. I know Poesel didn't decide to cut out CZ and just spite us all, but if anyone could host a server with mods, I think it would help. There's not much incentive to mod anymore if there's nowhere your mods will show up. And thank you to Poesel for doing it so long! I finally realize what a great thing you did with CZ. Thanks very much! And this brings me to the end of this admittedly long post. I myself think we should get some of the best CZ vehicles, and, if we have good enough ones, put them in the full game. Of course, many units lack polish, and if those are the ones we decide to put in, we can put some modding focus on prettying them up. I think a vote on putting some new vehicles in would be nice.
  21. I will both post again and check often at that time.
  22. Well um there'll be a couple people online about 4:30 to 6:00 or so EST. If you can, come get on!
  23. Yeah, read about your "drag mouse" in my own research, but actually it's impossible even to target with my mouse in this state. The problem happens all the time when i'm driving.
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