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  1. I've hoped to do this too, but how does one allow a unit to call in support? I've looked in the XML and just can't find any sort of tag.
  2. Imperial Grunt, those should all be easy to mod, but my question is what one would do with a sniper squad? You'd probably miss infantry and not even scratch an actual tank. Other than that, all your wishes should be simple. I think a couple of us already have ATGM squads we can post.
  3. And, Poesel, AT Towers would be great. I've been dabbling with trying this myself recently, but actually with modding the existing Ion Towers. I thought if I turned off <AntiAircraftOnly> it would become pretty devastating. I was wrong- it does nothing at all to ground units, anyway. If you can get an AT Tower to work, though, I'd definitely appreciate it.
  4. Another building that would be really useful is a repair station- I think the model is already ingame. It would be really nice to be able to take a building and use it to repair your damaged vehicle, esp. during a defensive battle. It would definitely help the defenders.
  5. This may have been checked already, but do the shrike and Paladin ATGM have subsystems that let them targetlock? Just an idea.
  6. Redcon, I've done snipers, just arming the specialist with a 90mm with upped speed so it can fire farther. This makes it rather too strong, though, and able to kill anything with one shot from the right angle. A 76mm might work better. The problem with snipers is they normally (I assume) are not supposed to work against tanks, so you really can't make a realistic sniper that can go up against a tank. An infantry killer would be nice, but this is still mainly a tank game...
  7. Thank you very much Poesel. It was, I suppose, a small thing to be afraid of, but being new to modding, I thought everyone who'd downloaded my map was unable to join the server.
  8. One question; I don't know if this has to do with the map or not, but right now, I can't log onto netgames. It says something along the lines of "This server is running a mod. Please install this mod before joining." Could this have to do with the map?
  9. That would be really cool if we could get it to work. At the moment, I;m working on adding towers, but the biggest problem is getting a cutter up on a hill to capture it. Your dropships often refuse to attempt to land you up there. Jby, I could change the texture near the objective; would that be good? And aittam, thanks, I will try that.
  10. Aittam, that sounds good, but does anyone know how to do that? I don't, but there are quite a few experienced modders here...
  11. I'm working on the buildings soon. The eye candy is a good point; though textures don't fit with the story, I could try something else, such as switching the planet and getting an impressive skybox.
  12. Thank you for the ideas. I'll work on that, especially the buildings. One big problem with the size, though, is AA coverage (try dropping a Bacchus,) so I'll have to use Ions. Any ideas for other textures to use?
  13. The scenario can be found here: The Labyrinth
  14. I've created a new scenario, "The Labyrinth." This takes place in a maze of canyons on Juda's Reach. It's rather small (my version of Terragen is unregistered,) but I hope everyone enjoys it. Any constructive criticism will be appreciated, as this is my first scenario.
  15. Along these lines, I am working on a scenario called "Labyrinth," and have all my files in the /data folder, but... nothing new in the scenario menu. Any ideas? *EDIT* I went back to my .scenario file and changed a couple mistakes, and it showed up in the menu. Any chance that this could have happened with Oberon? I did see Chilibird/Iceman's post, but a tiny mispelling would be excruciatingly hard to find. [ February 10, 2007, 06:07 PM: Message edited by: Phonan ]
  16. Well, maybe that balances it out. So far, the infantry have been underpowered. Even without a lock, an ATGM trooper is a huge jump in specialist firepower.
  17. I can post mine soon. I didn't model a new launcher, I just used the existing Ion beam specialist and gave him an ATGM. What should I put up? (sorry for the inexperience.) Just the .physicalobjectgroups & inventory file?
  18. Thank you for the welcome, Clay. Using the video in the campaign itself would definitely be cool; maybe an opening montage of the stage's scenery? An animated map screen would be harder, but workable.
  19. Redcon, I created a ATGM squad, just the normal 4 plus a specialist with an ATGM. If there's more interest I can probably put a download up here...
  20. Hey everybody. I just joined the forums, though I've been reading for a while. Iceman, I think either the background images or video would be nice to work on. Does anyone have any idea if video would be supported? I also liked that idea of posting our own ads, anyone else?
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