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  1. Guys, what's the benefit in pre-ordering? Eventually I will get a license key that will activate the game on the same day as if I would order it on the release date. Am I missing something? Steven
  2. Just coming back to Combat Mission after being absent for a while. Would love to get my feet wet again with a turnbased PBEM game at Iron Level. At the Scenario Depot III I came across this little beauty: Combat Mission Battle for Normandy - Commonwealth - Contact Front (H2H version) http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/contact-front-h2h-version/ Brief Description: 1pm, 1hrs, clear, 29°C, Medium, Allied Attack, Rough This scenario is completely new to me. I consider myself as mid-level player with some experience in CM2. Will play either side. Any takers? Please send me a PM. Cheers Steven
  3. So...it is early March 2017. Are we still going to see the CMFI Engine 4 upgrade anytime soon? Cheers Steven
  4. Frequently looking for CMFI Internet/LAN turnbased opponents. PM me.

  5. I have some spare time this weekend. Would love to play CMFI (any module, latest update) in an Internet/LAN mode (turnbased). My suggestion would be a quick battle with a lot of randomness like this: Battle Type: Random Size: Medium Length: 1hrs Map: Automatic Map Size: Medium Environment: Random Year: 1944 Month: March Daylight: Random Weather: Random Rarity: Standard Service: Att-Random Allied, Def-Random Axis Combat Forces: Random Purchase: Human Map Preview: Allowed Force Adjustment: None 2 Player Internet/LAN turnbased Skill: Iron (or Elite) Please send me a PM if interested, we could start almost right away. I am somewhat experienced with CM, but would play any opponent. Your choice if you would like to be attacker or defender. Steven
  6. Yeah, but he played on a very low difficulty setting. I actually only won this one (on iron setting) only after about 30+ attempts. My strategy was focused on taking the farm first with 2 squads, then suppress and attack the station. I did use the offboard-artillery to harass the station, send some of my BARs to the right side of the wall. They continued the harassment of the station while in parallel I rushed 2 squads and the Bazooka along the right side of the map towards the farm. I then attacked the farm from it right angle and eventually cleaned it (with many casualties). The bazooka did help. Finally used my on-map mortar to smoke the LOS of the MGs in the station. Suppressed it from both the farm and the surviving BARs. Assaulted the station with the remaining squad and HQ. Timing is everything. There are some blind spots that you could us. Great scenario. Tough, tough nut to crack.
  7. I actually like the movie. Pretty entertaining. However you should not compare it with Full Metal Jacket. I think it is more directed towards the Rambo crowd. For what it is in that perspective it is pretty refreshing. Steven
  8. I would love to start a SC2-AoD game this very weekend. 1939 Campaign. Either side. My skills are rusty. never seriously played the game, but I do not mind loosing. Any takers? Please PM me. I am online as we speak. Steven482
  9. I like to use my snipers to kill crew exposed tank commanders. Typically I assign a sniper team to a specific tank or put an armored covered arc. However I struggle in keeping the Sniper Team from firing at a tank when the commander is buttoned up. Is there a way I can withhold the fire until the commander presents himself? Steven
  10. Fate has left me with a destroyed light mortar section, but the weapon is still around. I asked my Ammo Bearer Team to provide medical assistance. After saving theirs buddies lifes, I expected them to recover the mortar and use it (even if they are not really qualified). So far this has not happened. How can I motivate them to do so? I can see the weapon clearly standing right next to them. They did recover some of their buddies small arms ammo. Steven
  11. I confirm that upgrading to Windows 8 requires a re-activation of CMFI. Very annoying, again!
  12. With the imminent release of Windows 8 (and my plans to upgrade from Win 7 64bit) I would like to know if my current installation of CM:FI will support this? As I already had quite some issues with the license manager due to HW-Changes I am now wondering if the currently installed license will be somehow be effected when I change the OS. Steven
  13. I really enjoy playing CM2. The way I interpret my role is not only to lead my troops to victory, I also like to crunch down the numbers in statistics. Therefore I try to keep track of the Ammunition, Casualties, enemy sightings, C2-Links and other details of each turn. However this is quite a cumbersome job to manually collect all the data from the replays / game. Are there any tools existing that would allow for collecting the info from the Save-Files in an automated way? I am currently using my self-created Excel-Sheet to keep track of things. However it takes quite a bit of time doing so on the right level of precision. It is all manual work. How do you work the game? Or are most of you just playing along without too much effort for the details? And BTW, I also spend sometimes about 2 hrs just watching and analyzing the last turn from the perspective of each individual unit in my OOB in order not to miss out on events. This can be exciting, but also *very* boring if nothing happens. How do others manage this? Do you first watch the overall replay and then drill down to the interesting areas? Or do you walk through your OOB according to the Chain of Command? Just wondering... Steven
  14. Each unit in CM2 has an assigned leader with a rank. Does this rank play any role in the handling of the game or is it purely for the historic background? Steven
  15. I have never seen it. It sounds very unlikely that it ever happened in real life. However I can imagine how cool it must have looked in the game. :-)
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