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  1. Mortarman, I'm not as far along as you - probably 10-15 hours so far. The creators have really come up with an outstanding piece of software in many areas. However, I have to agree with your perceptions. The AI cheats are pretty transparent in this game, taking away a lot of a sense of reality and even fun: The enemy can see you when you can't see them. It's virtually impossible to place your tank carefully and intelligently in order to evade detection or destruction. No real cover ever seems possible. When even the smallest segment of your tank comes into LOS of the enemy you are toast - instantly! Opponents show up in your vicinity, no matter where you go on the map, even when running the same scenario again and again, rendering the idea of trying to spring an ambush virtually impossible. Some software elements don't seem to work properly, contributing to the frustration. For example, the same terrain looks entirely different when viewing it from each of the four different positions. And, often, the indicated compass viewing position does not correspond to the view as seen from the tank - very disorienting. They have really done an outstanding job with the simulation itself, but I feel the game play is disappointing, unrealistic, and frustrating, which really drags this title down to a level it doesn't deserve.
  2. When I take the MG position, it sometimes seems I am fighting to get control of the AI gunner. There is sudden repositioning and jerking of the MG sights and a lack of control. There is also a shuddering effect that makes it impossible to aim the MG. Is this intentional? (vibration from the lower AI MG position as it fires?). I suspect this has something to do with defeating the AI when I jump to that MG position. I don't see this happening when I jump to the other positions. B-T-W, I love the graphics of the tumbling soldiers when you hit them with round from the main gun! I do think it would be an improvement to be able to locate targets and fire the upper co-ax from a general view atop the vehicle, instead of being forced to look through a magnified sight.
  3. Does grass/brush have a cover value? Or is it just eye candy? It blocks my line-of-sight, but doesn't seem to hide my T-34 from the enemy, regardless of range. What terrain objects in the game provide cover value?
  4. This was my first download of a major title. I saw nothing in the download area that warned of this. Usually the installer will notify you if you have the current version.
  5. If you have the downloaded-only version of T-72, DO NOT install the V1.3 patch! It will demand you insert the game disk (which you don't have) to startup the program. You will then have to uninstall and re-install the game. Gigabyte GA-M59SLI, AMD\A64x2-4600,2GB Corsair 6400C4,GS7900 256MB
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