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  1. I'm wondering if there's an optimization problem going on here with certain OS versions or hardware. I have a way lesser system in all aspects than the specs you provided above and it does run clean for me. Pity they don't do more testing to iron that out.
  2. Its over at the GAJ site http://towhouse.heroku.com/mods?game_type=1&show_all=true
  3. Has anybody tried this setting? I found it made textures hilighted by the sun almost blinding bright on my Nvida 230. Curious if anybody else tried it with favourable results.
  4. lucky you. Depending on security settings and whether one is logged as admin or user.( 64 bit is worse for this tho) When running a new exe for the first time right click run as adm. Also check the battle file in the mission folder mine was padlocked:confused:. you should only have to do this once it seems
  5. sorry if I am stating the obvious but is your vista set for full administrator rights for the generator .exe file. and maybe even the mission file itself? I had this happen too, and allowed adm control to both the mission file and generator, seemed to resolve it.
  6. Absolutely this strategic campaign concept would raise the bar. It really has not been done in the 3D game world since Medeval Total war. Two things could make TOW X reign supreme and that is the strategic campaign concept and a polished improved version of the quick battle generator. I for one will be getting AP K43 if made commercially accessable, and ofcourse TOW2K. Always room for 2 games.
  7. This map is completely divided in half by reservoir and canal. The only way across is by the 2 bridges and 1 foot bridge. TOW2 objects are limited to portrait a built up area and canal bridges compared to the european theatre. But at least we can enter the buildings and bunkers. Might be fun for multi player. Thanks for the bridge Mod
  8. I assume this forum is for TOW2 modding? Anyways.... I am having a problem modding an existing map. Certain areas I have changed are red for path finding. I tried the recalc pathfinding cells and recal and save option. No change Is there a way to actually recalculate pathfining to default without worrying about looking for cells that were user defined?
  9. Is there a mod installation tool that works without disturbing other installed mods? Part of the problems with mods for the TOW series is that if they involve a new unit, or new object, weapon etc, then various database files require to have a simple text edit update. Simply adding a new file from the modder doesn't work as it wipes out the pointers for the other mods.
  10. Is the map maker and scenario scripting compiler going to be made available with this game, as it was for TOW 1? If so, are these very familar in their appearance and mechnics to TOW 1 or is there a new learning curve
  11. Knokke Knokke.....I tried your Spree Bort. One thing, I noticed objects and units sink through to the ground. Is this typical or is there some way to adjust the Z axis? Thanks and I like the new objects and map templates you added to the game.
  12. Actually this was just an exercise at taming the Terrain plane tool as clunky as it is, its still possible to shave the terrain to form a canal complete with the water rise retaining wall (that doesn't fall over) as might be seen in the Alte Stadt. I quickly threw in some buildings to give it depth. I always wanted a built up area bridge fight. For ease of pathing I had to use a double tandem bridge which works. Is the new Kursk game complete with map maker utility? And is it similar to TOW 1? Sure would look forward to an old city bridge canal fight.
  13. Partisans can be added by using the mission editor. But can't be accessed by the quick battle generator for some reason.
  14. I think he left out detachment in the path error at line "4039 data/units/romanian/romania_solder_summer
  15. its pathing maybe can't locate what its pointing at, a detachment for selection menu 4039 data/units/"detachment"/romanian/romania_solder_summer
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