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  1. Sign me up too - this is Fritz, (name from panzerliga and tourney). I'm hoping to get my forum name changed to Fritz too to avoid confusion...sent an email to admin.
  2. Did you get my email? I'd like to get in as well...maybe if there are enough of us you can add a new branch? oh, it's Fritz, i set up this account a long time ago... Fritz (John)
  3. Thanks Hubert, So just to be clear, if vichy is 0% but AXIS, then as long is i control London, I have a 50% chance of getting the event. Is that 50% every turn, until it is triggered, or only a 50% chance one time? And presumably, if I declare war on Vichy and invade, I get nothing? And as for DE 507, if the allies recognize Vichy Frnace (say no to the Free French), then the Germans do not get presented with DE 507 - is that why i did not see it one time? Then if the allies do that, how do I get the three battleships mentioned, and do I have to invade Algeria to get them, or is it via diplomacy or what? Thanks, Johan
  4. I am confused with this whole series of events. I know the Germans said no to DE 507 as I got a message about the Greenslade-Robert agreement. So when are my British presented with DE 108? Or, do I just declare war on Vichy France and invade Fort de France? In another game, my Germans took France, and were never presented with DE 507! Are these definite events, or is there the possibility they do not fire?
  5. I'm up for a Global game as Allied, can do a turn a day or so...expereinced SC2 and WAW player, but have not played a Global game through the end - hate playing the computer... Fritz
  6. Thanks, the carrier answer is great. As for DE 108, I just read in the manaual that "UK receives a cruiser and an aircraft carrier if it lands a unit at Fort de France, tile (30,30)". Is this a misprint? Otherwise, why would the UK ever say no to DE 108?
  7. I responded No to DE 108, and then moved a canadian corps next to tile 30 30, but it cannot land? I am not sure how I am supposed to occupy the tile to get cruiser and carrier and trigger DE 110? Also, I've used my full strength english carriers in two naval attacks for far, and while they supposedly have an naval attack strength of at least as high as the Italian cruiser they were attacking, they suffered heavy casualties (3 or 4sp), while the cruiser was undamaged. How is this possible? Finally, I read something about a 1.02 Global war patch, but cannot find it on the website. Thanks for your help! Johan
  8. Thanks Hubert, That worked! And sorry, I couldn't give you more detail as the microsoft box popped up very quickly, then went away and I was never able to capture the code in the bos, other than the runtime error... But I'm off again - thanks! Johan
  9. All of a sudden, when I try to "Load Multiplayer" (in SC2 WAW), I get a runtime error and the game won't load. I can still start a regular game against the computer, but cannot load an existing PBEM game. I don't want to upgrade to the latest path as I have a couple of games going. Any ideas? Has anyone experienced this? Johan (Fritz)
  10. Quick question on the Russian Winter. Does it only occur in 1941? Or every year? I'm into January in 1943 and it hasn't struck yet. Also, is there anything you can do to minimize the effects besides reedeploying to Poland? Does being closer to an HQ (and in better supply) help? I wasn't able to figure out how to find the script...
  11. Is it a one time event only or is there a chance that it will still happen in a future turn? Anything you can do to influence it?
  12. I just took London and Manchester in a Sealion, and Spain and Turkey did not bump up the typical 40%. Is there some requirement I am not aware of? Pre-invasion, the allied player had used diplo to knock Spain down to 23% pro axis, but I was unconcerned as I knew I was going to take london in a few turns - I did, but now Spain is still stuck at 23%? Can anyone explain this? :confused:
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