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  1. In the past, I bought SF1, the original Marine Module and the original British Module but never bought the original NATO module so now I only have 3 of the 4 old activation codes and I now want to have the complete SF2 game with all three of the modules including the NATO module this time but how do I at this time acquire access to the NATO module with an activation code so I can apply an activation code when asked to enter one if I purchase the "big bundle" SF2 package with all the module upgrades? I see no reference to purchasing just a NATO module that does not require asking for an original activation code, Am I missing something here? I was expecting anywhere from $35-45 for me to obtain a completed upgraded package once SF2 was released and new modules were to be released. I am aware that new 4.0 The British Forces and Nato modules have not been released yet and are a work in progress and maybe that is why I am not seeing those being sold separately now
  2. Thanks for clearing away the mud for me. I thought that was the case....I recently had sought to purchase the old NATO module finally after hearing of this new upgrade package and to my surprise the entire old CMSF and modules were taken off the store shelves.....my wallet awaits to be used enthusiastically! I don't usually say that kind of stuff regarding my wallet......😃
  3. I am still a bit confused on what I will need to buy...I currently own CMSF base game, the Marine module and the British module but I do not own the NATO module. What will I need to buy to have all 3 modules in the new Shock Force game system that is going to be released? Is the full $35 UPGRADE PACKAGE include a stand alone NATO module as well as full stand alone modules for the US Marines and the British that are used for engine 4? From what I can tell it appears I may need to buy the full 3 module upgrade for $35 and then purchase the base game upgrade for Nato for $10 too but I also saw from Steve he said the full upgrade package with all 3 module updates for $35 is for those who have all modules previously loaded or have just 2 modules loaded but having only one previously owned/loaded the person needs to buy the individual upgrades of the base for $15, $10, $10 and $10 for the module upgrades. This is where my confusion lies of which way I need to go to have the complete new game system with all three modules.
  4. Not until now have I seen in my many CM battles that a tank could get a LOS through building windows and fire off rounds through this building and destroy a tank at the same level as he several meters away! It was a M4A3 U.S. tank that accomplished this feat on an unsuspecting German PZIV. Both vehicles were not moving. There were U.S. INF in the building that the tank fired through at the time that had just entered that building for the first time. CM Final Blitzkrieg 2017-09-15 17-39-29-75x.bmp
  5. Life with CMH version 1.7.6 alpha was working fine for me while in the middle of playing two PBEM battles until I allowed some pending WIN 10 downloads to download and install and when all was said and done my Helper program would not open but gave me this reason: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 6, in <module> File "__main__.py", line 128, in <module> File "__main__cmh__.py", line 125, in <module> File "controller.py", line 51, in __init__ File "appstate.py", line 52, in __init__ File "permadict.py", line 29, in __init__ File "permadict.py", line 79, in load ValueError: File not in a supported format I had seen someone else had posted this same issue but now I can't find that post. At the time I saw it there was no fix posted for that problem. I am hoping I can reconnect to that post and maybe see if there is a solution to this problem known now. I have redownload fresh copies of CMH versions 1.7.6 and even tried 1.7.5 and still got the same "trac3eback". I fortunately was able to open the "H2H" program and I am using it to continue my on-going PBEM games but there is no chat capability with that program and old game turn files have to be manually removed which makes me really miss my CM Helper even more.
  6. I agree with LiveNoMore. For battles where the attacker is making a surprise attack the defender should not already have artillery coming down on the first few turns especially when both sides do not begin the battle already in the LOS of each other. Custom scenario designers are denied that opportunity to truly have a "surprise attack" when they want to have the attacker be the only one to have artillery on the first turns under the current system. Opposing players shouldn't have to make side agreements before the battles begin to add this element of surprise to the battle for the attacker or to keep the defender from bombarding the set-up areas on the first couple of turns when hopefully this element can be added to the make-up of this already near-perfect-realistic wargame by the game designers. We will continue to make these agreements in FTF or PBEM battles until hopefully this feature can be added into the game so even the AI will eventually agree to this rule change!.
  7. Hey IAN L thanks for chiming in on our post regarding my bunkers dilemma and my truck that decided to drive into a building and stay without being told to do so.  I saw that you recommended I forward my truck incident on to the CMBN DEV team.  I have saved the game file that shows the truck first traveling from the road and into the nearby building but I do not know how to forward this now onto the CMBN DEV team.  I tried to email Battlefront Support via direct email and it came back to me undeliverable.  ROCKETMAN, who is a regular game opponent and friend of mine recommended I either open up a ticket or maybe just message you asking for your assistance in sending this off to the DEV team as you suggest.  I have a copy of game turn file 009 and a copy of the custom scenario "Die Amis Kommen" that we are playing ready to send off to the DEV team once I hope you can provide me info of how I can forward it to the DEV team for their perusal.


    Bob Willett 


  8. I am currently playing a PBM H2H CMBN custom scenario called "Die Amis Kommen" with another opponent. I am playing as the Germans and it is a large scale battle. I set-up a wooden bunker in front of two cement bridge entrances on the roads leading across each bridge. Once the battle began after the two set-up turns on turn 3, I noticed those two bunkers and the roadway they were on sank one level downwards with the bunkers roofs now even with the road above them. It is unknown if any INF or vehicles can ride across the roofs since we haven't had any enemy movement close to the bridges yet in this battle. During set-up the bunkers had plenty of clear LOS in front of them etc but now since the battle has begun and the bunkers have sunk down the bunkers no longer have any LOS. I have attached two FRAPS photos from our battle for your perusal. I tried having the INF leave the sunken bunkers and told them to dismount which now they show they are separate from the bunker but they remain inside the bunker. I then told them to move away from the bunker but they remain inside the bunker like they are stuck with nowhere to go! In the same battle I had a truck drive inside a 3 part single story building when told to drive upon an adjacent road and it now remains inside this building. I moved a squad inside the building and vehicle with him and got resupplied but now the truck will not respond to my command for it to leave the building and drive upon the adjacent nearby road and leave the area.
  9. This has happened now in two separate CMFB scenarios H2H PBM and using CM Helper...............During my turn after I have completed plotting my next game turn and when I press the finished button I get this message "Windows has stopped working for unknown reasons and the program needs to shut down" and then I am booted directly to the desktop! I have never had this happen in any of the other CM games and battles and actually this now has occurred in 2 of my last 3 battles in CMFB....and I have played prior battles in CMFB that did not have this occur and now it is occurring in my last two battles! Each time in the past two battles (which were different scenarios) this happened almost halfway through the game and it would occur when all of units were now visiable or present on the maps with burning wrecks scattered about etc. These battles have been on the large size too. The options setting for the graphics have been turned down to allow faster load times and the crashes still occur. I have even removed my "Z" folder from the game and the battle still crashes. I am operating under WIN 10 Pro with an AMD 6800 Graphics card and i7 CPU 2.8 GHZ 860@2.80 GHZ PC.
  10. Okay lets talk in laymen's language right now. I have downloaded all the 8 files including the readme file and the readme instructions say to place all the numeric files into the Z folder but then when I get to the "shader" file I put it into the "root" directory of the game? Where is that and what file is it under? Can you be more speciffic for we simpletons that are just used to dropping stuff into the Z folder and off we go to play the game? And then there is the final file which is called the "patch" file....How do we add this and where to have it patch all the above files placed into the Z file or the "root" directory. Usually "patch" files come with their own patching programs that when executed they will patch what needs to be patched. I just need to have more specific instructions for the final two files on where to put them etc and how to use them please. The results of this mod and what it is supposed to do for the graphics of this game has gotten everyone excited including myself and I want get on the bandwagon to enjoy this mod like everyone else I just need a bit more guidance on how to add it to my game......
  11. It appears Colonel Mosov has stopped marching............................................
  12. During a current PBEM CMBN battle I had the non-pleasure of accidentally depressing the "Bail-out" button instead of depressing the intended "deploy" button while moving a 75 MM ATG during a CMBN battle. I immediately realized I made a mistake and when I tried to push the bail-out button again to reverse that action I noticed I could not reverse this action. The button remained grayed-out. I elected to finish my command phase which I was near the end of a long pre-plotted turn and depressed the end of turn button in hopes of just re-entering the ATG at the command phase of my next turn but to my surprise this ATG was now permanently abandoned and no movement command was available to re-enter it thus leaving me with a useless ATG for the rest of the game! Per my PBEM opponent he said this has been a reported glitch before in the Forum and my only choice to "redo" that movement was to not hit the end of turn/play button but instead exit the battle without saving and replay the entire turn again! I initially thought that was an obvious alternative but I elected not to do so because I had already spent a lot of time and effort up to that point pre-plotting several units plus I assumed I could just "re-enter" that ATG with its inherent built-in crew the following turn. But, unfortunately, to my surprise that could not work. Can someone verify this for me that it is a known glitch and it has been addressed already with no solution or is there a known solution now or forth-coming other than me being more careful in what buttons I depress and to just boot-out of the battle without saving? In the beginning of first playing CMBN I found out the hard way that hitting the "confirm" button when plotting an artillery strike has no redo without having to boot out from the battle without saving and re-loading the turn/battle over again. I can understand in FTF real time battles there is no way to "redo" commands but I am playing a turn-based PBEM battle!
  13. In ASL I liked two things not seen in CMBN that I wish could be added besides the fires that spread etc, and that was the process of dropping paratroopers and seeing where they land plus I liked seeing the planes on the board before and after they strafe or drop bombs etc. CMBN does include the shooting graphics and it is directional so that's pretty close. I, as well of others played ASL with a passion. My biggest problem was I had only a few opponents whom I played against and in time that available time for us to play ASL H2H diminished with our family and work/career priorities etc. The battles always took a lot of time to set-up and play. To speed up start times we'd pre-plan our set-ups at home and come to the battle with our set-ups written down or already in place if I were hosting the battle. We'd try and finish the battles on another day by first writing down all the units in their positions etc on a piece of paper in case the board had to be put away. If the board could remain up it had to survive little kids or family pets possibly disturbing the game in spite of being placed in what we thought was a secure area. Back in that day I was fortunate to have a small travel trailer stored in my side yard and I could put an in-progress board game on the table in my RV. Walking it carefully out and into my RV without knocking over piles of units on the folding map sections, was a big challenge always! But, always, my biggest obstacle was finding joint time with my few buds who played the game too. I had a few friends who tried to play but had never bought the game and I ended up spending too much time confusing them with the rules that it made it hard for them to follow and caused us to run out of time to finish the battles always. The rules were just too overwhelming for the non-owners and they were always at a disadvantage while playing the game too in spite of me giving them the easier side. Finding new opponents who had the time to play was very hard to do. There was no INTERNET back then but we did have the Avalon Hill "The General" magazine that would come out periodically and there you could try and find opponents on the back page, if you were lucky. I was fortunate the store where I purchased the ASL games and modules, had "opponents wanted" message boards but ASL players were hard to find on that board that lived nearby. I tried one time using the board but I had to travel to a nearby city to play that opponent. This was not convenient nor was it time efficient but it was fun to find some other ASL addict that wanted to play who knew the rules. Most of the time I spent several hours working on set-ups for the various battles and even tried doing some solitaire battles to test out my set-ups. In time, the games got stored in the garage along with the storage trays container that housed the game pieces. Unfortunately, after a few house moves they got left behind (shame on me) to make room for stuff my whole family used. Fortunately, PC games like the "Close Combat" series came about and eventually CMBO-CMBN and the spirit of ASL got resurrected all to be stored on a PC and in a pile of CDs with their instruction manuals in the drawer of my PC desk and we no longer need a human opponent to play against! And I can play against another human if I want who even lives several thousand miles away from me. Wargaming has only gotten better in time!
  14. Having recently finished this scenario with Rocketman and won with the Germans I found that the key to the success of the Germans is to get a kill of an Allied tank on the bridge because it will block the bridge from further British tanks from coming across "Joe's Bridge"..to help the Allies to hold that side of the bridge. As for the 88's, they are basically useless and just a target for the Allied forces early in the scenario. I was lucky and got a kill with one of the 88's having got a shot off under the bridge to an unsuspecting Allied tank diagonally away from the bridge. It took about 5 attempts of some shots hitting the bridge but one got between the bridge supports and killed the tank. Once that happened the Allies also began shooting under the bridge too to repay for their earlier loss! This battle starts heavily one-sided for the Allies and in the beginning the Germans only seem to be a target and get pushed back or eliminated from their side of the bridge and subsequently lose control of both sides of the bridge. But folks don't leave the theater yet! When German reinforcements start arriving, and eventually from both distant sides of the bridge they arrive, things start getting very interesting. With a few key kills the Germans can start regaining what they had originally lost to an eventual re-control of the bridge but not with a Helluva battle. The key for the German side is to be PATIENT and try not to get completely wiped out on your side of the bridge but try and retreat to a safe location away from the bridge and stay alive til your reinforcements arrive so you can get back what you first lost! I give this scenario a 5-Star rating!
  15. I thought that too. I haven't tried a "snow" scenario til now. The weather was set to "flurries" and "freezing". FORUM member "Live No More" and I are play-testing a CMFI scenario he designed and because of the high occurrence of bogging-immobilizing throughout the battle we have decided to change the initial ground conditions to light snow and there are no more problems now with this new scenario version. In the "snow" scenario I only had the one reinforcement edge entering tank get immobilized. The rest were in the open areas with snow of course. I even made all vehicles travel in the "slow" movement speed and bog-immobilizations still continued to occur. I threw this out there to see if others had experienced our bogging/immobilizing problem in "snow" ground conditions. It may have something to do with the custom designed map that "Live No More" designed for this scenario.
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