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  1. it doesn't matter any longer CMSF2 is around the corner. the error if you must know is #1000042 same error I have been getting since last October 2017, believe me I have tried everything. I have moved on......money lost...
  2. Well goodbye my old friend CMSF1...
  3. Wolfseven

    The state of CMSF2

    My Heroes!!!!
  4. yep it's not working either both those titles were killed by some code that's restricting its use after that big update back in November of 2017.
  5. unfortunately all the other BF games work just only this one Shock Force stopped work and still doesn't work. windows 10 killed it. So Im out a game that will not run on my machine.
  6. Like, previous responses, I uninstalled AVAST only had Windows Defender turned off. Same error when trying to install.
  7. Wolfseven

    CMA won't run on new laptop

    turn off FXAA and you should be good.
  8. Well, I guess I can always install it on my Windows 7 version.
  9. doesn't work! you think I didn't do that? of course, I tried this, I think the exclude add an exception is broken as its broken in AVAST also. I'm considered a Windows expert. I'm not a computer novice, I been working with computers since Commador 64, and Tandy days. Trust me I know what I'm doing, and the old version of CM, will not work on Windows 10 CE. The new CM versions work with no problem, as they have the new and improved license update 64 bit. I believe BF knows this and is trying to avoid the problem of not upgrading this older license software as they don't want to pay for it. (the majority of players are on windows 7) their not experiencing this issue.
  10. and still no go with Afghanistan or ShockForce. lol, this is really bad for my version of windows and the stupid Windows Defender lockdown. cant delete it either.
  11. yes I got it from another mirror.
  12. trying to download 1.02 cannot get, I this error.
  13. found this trying it out now. unfortunately, this didn't work either. this is so frustrating!!!! https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/886695/you-receive-an-error-1053-the-service-did-not-respond-to-the-start-or
  14. still can not run this anymore windows 10 CEFall update issue still continues today when can I play with what I paid for?
  15. yes, still cannot play Afghanistan or Shock Force 1.