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  1. Yes, that is a strange one for sure. Never seen that either in all my thousands of hours of play. That would be cool though if dudes fell from balconies and roofs now and then as a scripted hit animation.
  2. Vin Geometric Icons CMSF2.zipVin Geometric Icons CMSF2 I have been picking at making this for myself as I am going through the demo, and it should be complete enough to share now. First, special thanks to Juju, Wolf, and Bil for all their original contributions from which I have drawn from to create this mod, and it’s concepts. If you are familiar with my other Icon mods this one works the same in using different colors for spotted and FOW icons, along with different colors for fortifications icons making set up much more visually organized. Each unit class has a unique geometric shape making it easier to differentiate unit types while making icons smaller. Newest Feature: New HQ icons. HQ units stand out much better now using contrast for visual emphasis while having a more interesting distinctive look. Each force has it's own unique HQ floating icon available. Some have variation you can choose from as well. To change to a desired HQ go into the HQ folder where the icons are and cut and paste the "z" and add it to the beginning of the title of the folder you want to use. The default setting is USA white star, and Syria green star. I liked the green star as it felt more Syrian to me, but to use the Syria white star icon instead you would cut the "z" from the folder name and add it to the beginning of the folder name of the icon with the white star. Putting a "z" in front of any file folder name makes the game override to that. You can only use one Bluefor and one Redfor icon at a time. Switching HQ icons must be done manually. Also, The mod is set up so you can use all or piecemeal. If you do not want to use the special HQ icons , but the rest then take the HQ icon folder out and it will use the vanilla flag. Just want to use the FOW icons with another mod, or base game then just put that folder in and add a "z" to folder name. Enjoy! Vin BEFORE: AFTER: HQ's: Note the "z" at beggining of title. Cut and paste to different folder to change. DOWNLOAD: Vin Geometric Icons CMSF2.zip
  3. I think I will get motivated enough soon though to release my floating icons mod for CMSF2. At least that one doesn't require constant maintenance and part of the fun is the actual creative process of seeing what I can make and how it looks. Here is a preview of the HQ icons for the countries. Some have variations you can choose as you can see.
  4. Thanks CMFDR for administrating the mod for me. I made myself one for the demo but decided I didn't want to open another can of worms and release. No time or ambition to deal with the eventual updating .Please don't forget to include the light version which replaces the eye icon for spotting. I know many including myself prefer that version as the word "spotting" acts like a filter for the more important icons to pop out. Spotting is just regular non activity in my view. Marco did such a nice job though making the eye graphic for me which he preferred so we figured why not give the choice Heavy or Light. Mods are supposed to give options right? Oh, and for all you grogs out there that don't observe instructions - When your text gets all screwy when the the mod needs an update all bitching and moaning for an update should be directed to CMFDR as well for the fix πŸ˜€
  5. 96 Bravo , Admittedly I did skim the thread but I guess my experience and testing have been different and still leaves me with my conclusions. Try the reverse then slow for bogging next time. It works most time that way. OK, ok I do throw in a "Fonzie" too by hitting the desk top so maybe that's my trick πŸ˜‰ If you got any of the old Sgt. Rock comics they are worth $ today. I collected as a kid and glad I took care and kept them. Had one book I sold from 1960's "Our Army at War" (original Rock title) that was worth $400. The avitar is my favorite cover by Joe Kurbert who did much of the art for it. Very talented artist!
  6. My experience, and agree with similar comments, is to take it SLOW over obstacles or over rough/wet terrain to reduce chance of track damage and bogging leading to immobilization. I did a test map way back and found out good tips on the matter. Avoid wheeled vehicles like M8's too with obstacles as they fare much worse than tracked. Best tip to un-bogg works 90% time - Cancel move order, then give short REVERSE with waypoint to move SLOW forward.
  7. Cool! Downloading now. Thanks team Battlefront for all the effort I know that goes into the games.
  8. Amazing how you guys keep going on and on over such trivial life matters. Definitely unfollowing this one. My entire mailbox if full of this whining.
  9. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? ....... Yes, kids are annoying in the back seat on a long trip. When will it be finished? When will it be finished? When will it be finished? ..............Yes, popes are annoying to painters working on big job like the Sistine Chapel ceiling. And the best answer is...... by Michelangelo.... "It will be ready WHEN ITS FINISHED".
  10. That is EVERY major retailer. I have dealt with large companies with Spencer's Gifts being probably the biggest. True, one will make less profit with a heavy hitter with a lot of leverage over dealing with a Mom and Pop shop , BUT you will make it 1000 fold in volume big time which will allow one to develop their product, and the exposure will develop ones brand. Example of volume difference - "I'll take dozen" vs "I'll take 3,000, but i'll pay #" so I had no problem dealing with them making less profit per unit. It is just another line in the water, and a link is allowed on the store page on Steam to lead someone to buy it direct instead if someone wants. My 2 cents on the whole matter as a business man. Put as many lines in the water as possible and suck it up to catch as many fish both big and small as they all add up. In the end as long I got my CM i'll sleep good at night whether BF ever Steams or not. However, I do think they would make more money in the long run if they did though. Perhaps even enough to develop CM for 6v6 real time multiplayer Now to the original reason for the thread. In order to play REAL TIME multiplayer games one needs a message program to get it going unlike WEGO which email is surface. Battlefront does not have this here nor any support really for playing the game in real time, However Steam does. Hence the logic for the thread. I'll add you Aquilas and perhaps we will get a game sometime. I prefer my CM WEGO in it's present state, but dabble in real time to break it up sometimes and for the different experience. I really only like playing real time with a platoon or two of infantry only . Anything more is just too much to mange in a game like CM compared to other RTS.
  11. Those look good Mord. My only constructive criticism from someone who understands visual composition and eye flow movement directing is to have the portraits facing the other way In toward the panel instead of out since they are on the end of the panel. This creates a visual comfort in directing the eye in toward the panel to start the flow left to right where you want it rather than pointing out of the panel. Very easy to do just flip them horizontally.
  12. That is what I am getting at with the vid first post which was not to show off Squad per say as cool as it is as FPS, but rather the feeling of what it would be similar to in say a 5v5, 6v6 if Combat Mission offered this for real time play. Imagine the fun of team orientated tactical game play in CM! My belief is that when the developers first conceived "Iron" mode it was likely to be geared to the Multi-Multiplayer feature they were envisioning to someday implement with players controlling platoons with a force commander coordinating the team. I could envision 3 types of team FOW settings that are separate from "iron", warrior ect... Hardcore: This setting would be the hardest for the commander to direct the team given the game as it currently is. All they would have to go on are the FOW icons that his units get reports on, what his units actually spot, and reports from the platoon leaders. I can't help but think the commander will need to see more like the tac map the video showed to be able trac and make good decisions, or have some sort of map to track and mark on. Perhaps more frustrating than fun who knows, but there to try. Regular: This setting gives the commander the view of all the units just like when one plays single player now except they control the least. This simulates the tac map of the Squad video giving the commander the overview to direct the players who only see what their units see. I believe this would create a dynamic co dependency between the players who control more units and the one who sees the most, the commander. Team FOW off: This setting allows the entire team to see the entire force just as one plays single player now. This may be ideal for training, for more casual games, or for fewer players like a 2v2. Observers: Just as in the squad video when the dude dies and could just watch it would be cool to have slots for people who just want to watch the battle. And Lastly for Real Time single player to be much more fun and controlable and less frustrating so you know what is going on around while the camera is elsewhere THE ROSTER. This would be a hit game! Rarely does a game come forward with something truly original in a genre. Sudden Strike, Men of War, Company of Heroes ect... Are nothing like the game described here. None have a command structure, none have a dynamic FOW system, none really have that realism that there is a strong niche for. I could see lots of ARMA and Squad dudes getting into a RTS/RPG game like this. Real Time RTS offers that same type of rush one gets when playing FPS only less reliant on reflexes.
  13. Here is a very entertaining and realistic FPS cousin of Combat Mission experience that I can imagine being similar for multiplayer real time in Combat Mission only on a different scale with players controlling platoons instead. I do hope it is made some day as it would be so awesome to play and would fill a niche for those who want realism in a RTS like these guys are playing in this most realistic FPS called Squad. There would be nothing else like it out there from what I have seen. A command structure, team FOW as well as enemy FOW. Some good ideas in this game Squad to check out. I like how they can mark on a tactical map for the team to see the plan. This is a cool video showing the fun of team orientated realism first from the 1st person perspective then later from a RTS perspective. Pretty cool like watching a real live Combat Mission game with each soldier being controlled by a person with each player getting only one life. No spawning. When you die you get to watch it all unfold from RTS view.
  14. Well, if there is enough interest in these products I can make it happen. Of course Battlefront would have to give the ok and a licensing deal made.
  15. Good show and well played Ian. Congrats on the win! Good explanations too in understanding your thought process. Showing the orders given should help especially new players understand that you can't run your men ragged. It really is amazing the similarities between the game and the core of the martial arts when it comes to the principle of how important conserving energy is.
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