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  1. John, I came from hardcore RTS roots before coming to CM. Grant it out of the box it is more WEGO friendly as that is where BF's focus has been, but I tell you controlling CM in a very fast efficient RTS fashion is certainly possible and I would say I like the control of it a lot. For the camera I prefer the default setting, but I agree it needs some getting used to as it is different to other games, Once you get used to it though, I think the camera controls are great and easy to control. I play pretty much only CM now so there is no muscle memory confusion, so trying the other camera control settings is a good idea, and see what feels most natural to you. For controlling this, and any other PC game/program to its fullest potential I suggest investing in two things which can be programmed any way you like. First, invest in a mouse with as many programmable buttons as possible. I have a Logitech g7 with 12 buttons. Great mouse for everything! Second, invest in a gaming keypad (not keyboard). I have an old school Nostromo N52 with all the buttons could possibly need. With these you can have more ways to control the camera and command all at your finger tips. Like any other sport/activity having the right equipment does really make the difference and can take frustration away.
  2. Vinnart

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Come on Baneman, saddle up! Go down swinging and take as many of the SOB's with you! It's just a game. Hope all is well with you in real life.
  3. All good sound advice in limiting exposure in the modern combat environment. The mind set needs to be more Mohammad Ali style stick and move, rather than Mike Tyson ground and pound especially when Javelins are on the field. I find though, that if I havn't played modern warfare in awhile I really do need time to re-acclimate to get back into the groove of how things are in regard to ranges and how deadly it is. Those Javelins are tough to tango with no matter who is yielding them. WW2 is so much more forgiving. Bil, when not testing a WW2 game would you say you play more modern combat as your preference?
  4. Vinnart

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Baneman, keep your chin up man. Even the most veteran player has some rough turns/games especially when Javelin missiles are concerned. It takes guts to put your ego on the line for the world to see knowing anything can happen in these games. So, at times like this take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice. Oh, and get yourself one of these....
  5. Excellent turn 15 for you there Bil. Poor Baneman though losing so many key units in a single turn. I could have sworn I heard him cursing all the way here in Florida. Perhaps he will stub his toe to forget about the pain of that one. The Javelin is one of the best units to have by far. That unit alone with enough missiles could wipe out an entire tank force and can be tough to kill if kept moving around. They remind me of snipers only with missiles. Is there any air power, and if not was it a conscious choice not to include in this AAR? What is new in the game as far as air assets are concerned?
  6. Yeah, tough break losing a piece to a pathfinding glitch like that Bil. I hate when that happens on occasion, but a real kick in the balls in a multiplayer. When these things happen in single player I will redo the turn and order to see if it happens again. The strange thing is with it wanting to reverse when not given that order often it will not when tested the same. Really is mystery as to why the engine will get an unexplained hiccup then not repeat on occasion. I'm sure these must be some of the more frustrating things for Charles to deal with in trying to figure out.
  7. Good to know! Always wondered if the arc made the eyes focus more on the area within the arc. Now the question is - If a sqaud is given a face move before the move (with the intent they will face that direction upon stopping) are they looking more that direction while moving? Amazing that those of us who have been playing for years are still learning new tidbits of the mysteries of how things work under the hood all the time. Understanding all the little intricate subtitles really does give an edge in effective commanding.
  8. Vinnart

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Yeah, that would throw me off a lot. I have to have my mods or it just doesn't "feel" right especially as many of mine are practical enhancement to the game. Good luck Baneman. I was wondering who was going to step up when I saw Bil's challenge post in Beta tester world. Glad you did as it has always been a good fight to watch between you two. Excellent presentation! Thanks for the time it takes to prepare it all. Glad we finally got one of these official DAR's going to follow along with. It's been awhile.
  9. Enjoying the excellent presentation as always Bil especial the Gifs to actual see the action. Strange seeing Syria and US as allies in the commentary as those units are so used to being on opposite sides. Cool though to now have the freedom to mix and match forces like that if one want to. Good luck and for God's sake get organized will ya 😉
  10. Trees are the main FPS killer especially for CMFB and CMRT. I always play with just show full tree far away. Map size also effect FPS much too. I stay away from anything large.
  11. Don't buy a monitor, buy a HD TV instead to use as your PC monitor. You can get a bigger screen for less money with same quality. I play on a Vizio 40" and the game looks great! They go for less than $200 these days.
  12. I want triple super master ultimate extreme guru grog quadruple reinforced titanium mode. SO there! Let's see who can be more groggy than that!
  13. Interesting little piece of history to see. Always wondered what was in a "K". I was probably one of the last troopers to experience "C" rations though as they were getting phased out being replaced by MRE when I first went into service. All of it is pretty nasty compared to real food, but i'll never forget my first MRE which had me wishing for a "C". Thrown off a supply truck at 4 o' clock in the morn. The ever dreaded "Dehydrated pork patty" eaten cold! Ah the nastyness! At least "C" were easier to heat and they always came with a a cool little P-38 can opener which I'm glad I kept one as a souvenir along with a few hemorrhoids. lol These were the ones I remember most, The worst thing was the toilet paper. Look at how little they gave. Not that you needed it much. These things would pug you up something awful, and when you finally went first time in a week it was like giving birth to a brick. This is it without the hot water. You have to watch this one for a good laugh.
  14. Vinnart

    Default names pool?

    I made a mod of soldier's names substituting the stock ones for more memorable easier to pronounce call signs and nicknames. The names text file is universal in that you can use the same file in all Cmx2 games. I not sure if this mod is at Cmmods, or if it was on the old Battlefront repository. I made it a long time ago and hard to keep up with all my mods out there.