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  1. What strikes me, just as in TOW1, is the wildly unbalanced and insanely difficult scenarious. It is NOT fun to try and beat 16 panzers including 3 tigers with 3 m10 with depleted ammo. Its frustrating. Gameengine itself is splendid. But trying to enhance the longevity of the game by making it over difficult instead of adding more and better mission is just...cheap.
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    US Kasserine pass on "Regular". Tried like 15 times I belive. After the 5-6th time it gets rather annoying. Are doing the campaign on easy now and Kasserine pass is playable. To me it seems "Regular" setting is pretty much 1 shot kill on my tanks and guns for the panzers. Pretty frustrating when you have 4 tanks against 12 Panzers, dont you think? Next mission im up against Tigers....hehe
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    do you insist on making the missons nearly impossible to beat? Is it a way to try making the game last longer? Playing this feels more like work than anything near fun.
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    Hi, So I just ordered TOW2 hardgoods only. When can i expect it in the mail? I live in Sweden.
  5. But is Battlefront looking at publishing Graviteam games? I have Steel Fury myself, and the game is really good. Seems that they dont have any publisher for the west. Personally think Graviteam deserves better than that crap that happend with lighthouse entertainment......
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    I want zeee Box! With zeee printed manual to read in bed You Baboon!
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    $75 is way too much. sorry.
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    55$, for box and download. Is that including or excluding postage? I live in sweden.
  9. Hehe , reading the manual is very needed for this game. Love it! Got TOW and liked it, TOW2 is one better in all ways. End of the month i gonna order it for sure.
  10. In the demo, I am dissapointed with the infantry behaviour. It really isnt possible to make them take cover is it? Neithet by their AI or by command. They are happy just standing around gettin slaughterd. Simply just not good enough for me to buy the game. The vehicle and gun AI seems work ok from what I seen though.
  11. Gonna correct myself; I have been playing the game some more with the "Uber patch" and apart the "equipment pick up" workings, it is a good game. The game is much more enjoyable than before the patch. I WILL buy the addon
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    Add on?

    Even better balanced scenarious for our enjoyment. This time 101 tanks split in 4 managable waves against a defence with a 20mm light pak and 5 at grenade equipt inf guys. It will be truly great. No need to use the pause button even once, I promise! [ February 16, 2008, 11:28 AM: Message edited by: chanss ]
  13. Dissapointed I am sorry to say. I have still to micromanage the "pickupp" of stuff thats been drop by kia soldiers, COMPLETE bore! Only played the addon russian campaign sofar, but its still way way too much micromanagement. The balancing of scenarious is still laughable. 20-25 geman tanks against 3 antitankable russian tank and 4 AT-guns that cant hit **** and gets wiped out real quick. Theyr building an addon I read, yeah....I wont buy it.
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    A clickylink please! I would like to see it.
  15. Hey, my norman antivirus just detected keylog.CJI in the full game download from Battlefront and also in tow_addon_patch.zip which i downloaded a while ago from battlefront. Is it something put there that is for copyprotection or what? Or can the file get infected from something else? Anyone else got this or similar?
  16. yeah pad152, make the loot ammo and items automatic or atleast much easier, its way to complicated now to find stuff.
  17. Random battle generator. Redo the scenario end criterias, no more last man standing battles. Rethink the scenario design, not many think its fun to try beating wawe after wawe of tigers with a knitting stick.
  18. When when and when will the patch be out? Can i beta test it or something?
  19. Nothing was moving, it completely froze from what i can see
  20. I just tried the DEMO and as soon as I press the red button, which i believe is for start battle, The game hangs and doesnt respond any further. It seems battlefront has a LOT work left.
  21. Maybe it isnt a bug, is the only way to use "ignore loss in campaign" to have ones units completely lost and therefore triggering lost scenario? I thought I could use it by chosse "end scenario" anytime i wanted and thereafter taking the next scenario in line. Understand what i mean?
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