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  1. z1812

    PayPal order 'Process'

    Same here but coupled with my credit card. After CMSF1 and the Marines Module I have bought everything with PayPal.
  2. I have found that, depending on the situation smoke can be quite helpful. This is particularly the case if the enemy is degraded and/or suppressed. You can roll your APC's as close as you dare with the last vehicle command being to emit smoke.
  3. z1812

    Scenario Objectives and Time

    Sometimes I also feel the time allotment is to short. In my case it is probably bad tactics. You can open the scenario in the editor and change the length of time to what you would like.
  4. z1812

    How to install mods?

    Hi jpm224, Here are the steps. Go to Battlefront/Combat Mission Shock Force 2/Data. Open the Data folder, then mouse right click and choose from the box popup create a new folder. Name it z. When you download a mod just place it, or copy it to your z folder. Have fun!
  5. z1812

    PayPal order 'Process'

    Support is pretty good. The main thing is you have your receipts. Good luck. I hope you can enjoy it this weekend.
  6. z1812

    PayPal order 'Process'

    That's weird. I would get in touch with support. They are very good at helping with problems. Did you get an email receipt from PayPal?
  7. z1812

    PayPal order 'Process'

    I payed with PayPal and had no problems. After agreeing to payment on PayPal you go back to the Battlefront order screen where you complete the order. Then you get an email from Battlefront with the download link and a license key. Did you get it sorted out?
  8. z1812

    A Thank You to Battlefront

    Great game and quality work..................as usual. Thanks for the Big Bundle Upgrade Pricing. That was a very nice and thoughtful bonus for previous owners.
  9. z1812

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Thank you for the information!
  10. z1812

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Hi, good to know that CMSF2 is available. Strangely enough, I don't see an upgrade option on it's store page. I see everything else but for the upgrade. I just searched CMSF 2 upgrade and it took me to a page where I can order it. But it does not show on the games page.
  11. As I recall Kohlenklau used John Tillers Panzer Campaigns as the Master Maps that were then reduced to Tactical Engagements when opposing groups met. Here is link to the web Page. The last three games will be the ones that will interest you. http://www.johntillersoftware.com/WesternFrontPanzerCampaigns.html Since then a new class has been released called Panzer Battles. perhaps that would be a better model as it is at a reduced scale. http://www.johntillersoftware.com/PanzerBattles.html Demos for both from this page: http://www.johntillersoftware.com/Demos.php A link to
  12. Thanks!! I really appreciate all the scenarios and campaigns you have provided for download.
  13. I think there is logic in " the staff and owners" not becoming tied up in this type of discussion. A customer posts a comment. A staff member or one of the owners responds..........fine. Except that it can quickly become, with some customers, an expectation that there will be an ongoing dialogue about the issue. It can waste a lot of time when company members who would be ordinarily working on the product have to straighten out misunderstandings and misconceptions about posted information. Mind you, it would have been diplomatic for Battlefront to simply post, at the end of September, an acknowledgement that the date was regrettably missed for the full release and demo, and that work continues to finish the game as soon as possible. Please be patient there are more issues to resolve than we thought..... and We won't offer further comment as we must focus completely on producing the game.
  14. Thanks for doing this. It is nice to have so many resources in one location.
  15. CMA is quite underrated. A very interesting game. It would be great to see it updated.