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  1. Napoleon has been romanticized to a great extent. In Britain, and most European countries, he was very much regarded then, as most regard Hitler now.
  2. Thanks for posting..................a very interesting article.
  3. Will the matches be played PBEM or TCP?
  4. We had snow yesterday in Ontario.
  5. Do you mean interior or exterior? We designed our kitchen using a program native to ikea where you can move from 3d to 2d. It was very easy to use and the Kithchen looks exectly as planned.
  6. Hi Bubba, I would not use any of those apps. You could end up with all kinds of bloatware and very often malware. First apply any outstanding updates from Microsoft. Then go to the company sites to get the newest drivers for your graphics and sound card. Speccy is a free and respected software that tells you exactly what your computer specs are if you don't know them. Free Download here https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy Just download Speccy.
  7. Not a particularly pleasant article, but one I found interesting. https://quillette.com/2020/03/28/social-distancing-during-the-black-death/
  8. https://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2020/04/22/sir_antony_beevors_the_battle_of_arnhem_115222.html
  9. I have been reading a fair bit about the 1918 pandemic concerning social distancing, and the economy. I eventually read the following article that seemed to sum up most of what I had read. The paragraph in italics below is the last in the article but I suggest you read the full article, link below. https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2020/3/31/21199874/coronavirus-spanish-flu-social-distancing VSL ( the value of a statistical life ) is sometimes attacked from the left as craven, a reductio ad absurdum of economistic reasoning trampling over everything, including the value of human life itself. But coronavirus helps illustrate how VSL can work in the opposite direction. Human life is so valuable in these terms that social distancing would have to force a 33 percent drop in US GDP before you could start to plausibly argue that the cure is worse than the disease. That social distancing likely won’t cause a reduction in GDP relative to a scenario where there’s a multimillion-person death toll, as indicated by the 1918 flu paper, makes the case for distancing policies that much stronger. I was thinking that considering the 1918 pandemic lasted 3 years, taking us to 1921, the Stock Market crash was only 8 years later. It has me wondering what the link may be, if there is any, from one to the other.
  10. Great Video................and just what this Thread needed........................yes this virus is serious business, but a little bit of humour is always helpful.
  11. Hi Kevin, It is usually a mistake to assume what another person's circumstances are without knowing them. In every way you are wrong. Our sole income is from a small business..........and it is not one that can be run from home. So yes we are in discomfort just like everyone else. We suspended our business since the last week in March to protect clients and workers. A few days later business closures were mandated by our Provincial Government. We live in Canada and there has been a reasonably good response from the various governments regarding Business and Individual circumstances. So while there are difficulties, there has been a financial and social cushion as well. The general population is observing social distancing and as far as I know there have been no demonstrations against it. I am one of those that fits into the high bracket of risk because of my age and pre-existing conditions. This is also a worry. So as you see can all your suppositions are incorrect. We are very, very anxious and eager to get back to work, but not until Science and Medical authorities think it reasonable to do so. This situation has obviously upset you a great deal.....................but be thoughtful...............in one way or another it is upsetting for everyone...and it will pass. Keep well Kevin and hopefully we can all go back to work soon.
  12. Herd Immunity works, unless you, or Family members are among those who die while trying to achieve it. In terms of social distancing, the idea is to immediately manage the level of contagion so hospitals will not be overwhelmed. Social distancing buys time to develop treatments and vaccines, while saving lives and lessening the burden of overworked health care workers and emergency responders. Social distancing also has us finding ways to deal with daily requirements in a responsible fashion that can be used when the general economy opens up. For instance at grocery stores, shields have been erected to protect cashiers and customers. People are allowed in only in smaller groups. People line up 6 feet apart. Regions are playing dice with the grim reaper should they prematurely abandon social distancing and Business closures. During the 1918 Flu epidemic those jurisdictions that mandated Social Distancing and Business closures suffered much less than those who did not. Those that lifted closures and other precautions earlier suffered greater casualties when the second wave arrived. These measures "generally" were instituted around the middle to end of March. It is now the April 22. So we have been dealing with this lockdown for about a Month. Have we really become so impatient and unprepared that we cannot bear some discomfort for the general good?
  13. The Gatling gun did not show up until June 1864. It seems it was used mostly in the trenches at Petersburg until the War ended in April. Again predictive of World War 1 tactics.
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