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  1. I feel this way as well. Except the delay didn't bother me at all since there is so much content in the other games I have not played yet..............................the thing is I know will eventually buy it, if for no other reason but to have my collection complete.
  2. You cannot go wrong with any of the games. They are all excellent. I am playing an email CMFB scenario right now with a friend. The snow is falling and artillery too. Lots of immersion, tension, and fun.
  3. I just loaded a third party scenario that looked to be quite good. It was on a very small map and located in a city with lots of Multi-Floored buildings. When I started to play I experienced so many LOS problems that I gave up on it. I found it very odd as I had never came across such obvious and numerous LOS difficulties before. I have been playing CM for 19 years.
  4. Thanks. The last Battle was actually decided and playing it out would have not changed the outcome, so we started a new scenario.
  5. Lots of interesting posts. I am enjoying the information.
  6. I am curious. I have tried The Graviteam series quite a while ago but found they did not do a good job of handling smaller reduced company size engagements. I much prefer CMX2 as it you can craft very small scenarios that play well...............and that is mostly what I like. Has this changed now with Graviteam? Is it possible to arrange very small scenarios that actually play properly?
  7. Three titles have continued our PBEM's without a problem, using the save in Command phase as advised. However we are having a problem with CMRT. If it doesn't pan out....3 out of 4 is pretty good.
  8. Thank you. Replaying the last good turn is exactly what we will try.
  9. Hi, I just got around to applying the engine 4, and related version upgrades. If my Games Title screen shows the correct Engine and version numbers, can I presume the upgrades were installed properly? The reason I ask is that one of my opponents has also upgraded but I was not able to load his turn for one of the Games. Thanks for any information, John
  10. I find the replayability to be quite good. Often scenarios will have more than 1 plan for the A.I. and that certainly improves replay. There are so many scenarios, that should I revisit one, I can usually not remember the exact way it plays out. The way the TAC A.I. is arranged also improves replay. QB's are quite good.........however you will want to choose the opposing units as the computer choices are often not very good. What I do is make a dozen or so QB's and l save them on the first turn. After a while I forget which is which and what forces I picked for the A.I. So it becomes like a "new scenario". I imagine you can also have a friend design a few QB's for you, again, with the opposing forces chosen by a him/her, and then send them to you. That way they are completely blind.
  11. I agree with most of what has been said. Learning curve is something I consider as well. I try SB now and again but it seems to me the learning curve makes it difficult to enjoy. The Graviteam games don't appeal to me at all. It is not difficult to get started with and the graphics look very nice, but the style of gameplay lacks something I can't quite explain. It is also RT which is not my favourite type of play. CM is a game that makes sense to me in it's high level of detail, design, flexibilty and gameplay. I found it very reasonable to get up to speed and enjoy the scenarios. That you can choose RT, PBEM, or Online play is quite useful and unique. Yet there are problems to resolve and a new engine would be very welcome. One recent game that checks all the boxes for me, and oddly enough gives me the same feel as CM is an ancients game called Field of Glory 2. I think of it as Combat Mission in the Ancient era.
  12. There is a lot of back and forth about how bug reporting is done. It would be interesting to know what the process is once the report reaches Battlefront. The critical thing is perception. I am not sure if the majority feel bugs are being dealt with reasonably or not. However a dedicated process gives customers reassurance. Just like timely updates on what is happening with titles and new additions. Having worked as one who received and organized the resolution of problems, I found it critical to have reports delivered to one location where they could be prioritized and dealt with in an organized fashion. I should think this would be beneficial to Battlefront and not a hindrance. It would immediately give those responsible for looking at bugs an idea of the extent of a problem and if it affected more than one title. BFC already has the help desk. Perhaps bug reports could go there. If someone takes the time to offer an idea concerning a problem, no matter if it truly makes sense or not, they are doing so because they care about the game. Perhaps a more thoughtful response would be " I am not sure if that would work but lets kick it upstairs and see if it might be helpful ".
  13. When an individual or country abandons their desire, or will to defend themselves, then they abandon their freedom and their sovereignty. The countries of the EU will never be truly independent until they can properly defend themselves. However, whether Europe has a dedicated and unified military or not, the U.S.A. will always have an interest in the security of Europe, as it would prefer to keep any conflict as far from it's own territory as possible.
  14. You would think so. It is hard to imagine that an Italian squad leader would never say, " You 2, break off and take a look over there."
  15. This is a small program that allows you to slow down the time on any game. I thought it may be useful to those who play CM in RT, but who would like the time to be slowed a little for ease of play. It would also be very useful for slowing down the game while taking screenshots for posting pictures. I have not used it yet for CM but it works very well with other games I have tried it on. Here is the download link. Use the manual installer. I have installed it, then scanned my system and there is no malware or virus. https://www.cheatengine.org/downloads.php Using it is quite simple. There is a tutorial with the program and others on youtube. From Grogheads: A small cheat hack that sits outside the game and allows you to adjust the speed to your tastes P.S. Use without the automated installer to avoid any malware.This cheat let's you use 5 user defined speed settings with 5 hotkeys.
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